My husband and I share a huge passion for traveling and seeing new places.  This page is dedicated to our love of travel and the exciting new adventures we have planned!  

2015 Travel

California Trip (12/9/15-12/13/15)

San Diego Days 1 & 2

San Diego & Orange County Days 3 & 4

California Days 4 & 5

2016 Travel 

Florida Trip (1/30/16-2/3/16)

Hi From Florida

Florida Day 2

Florida Day 3

Florida Day 4

Last Night in Florida

London and Amsterdam Trip (3/23/16-4/3/16)

London Day 1

London Day 2

London Day 3

London Day 4

Amsterdam Days 1 & 2

Amsterdam Day 3

Back to London

London.. Windsor Castle and Foxhills Country Club

Last Day in London… Hampton Court Palace and Harlequins Rugby Game

Cayman Islands Trip (5/7/16-5/14/16)

Cayman Islands Day 1

Cayman Islands Day 2 on the Pirate Ship

Cayman Islands Day 3 Over the Edge

Cayman Islands Days 4 & 5

Lake Burton Trip (5/25/16-5/30/16) 

Lake Burton Part 1

Lake Burton Part 2

Boston Trip (6/16/16-6/19/16) 

Boston Days 1 & 2

Boston Days 3 & 4

Lake Burton Trip (6/29/16-7/5/16)

Lake Burton Part 1

Lake Burton Part 2

Nashville, TN Trip (7/13/16-7/17/16)

Nashville Days 1-3

Nashville.. Family Time

Amber’s Bachelorette Party in Nashville

Lake Burton Trip (7/27/16-7/31/16)

Lake Burton Trip With Friends Part 1

Lake Burton Trip With Friends Part 2

Cincinnati & Indianapolis Trip (9/7/16-9/11/16)

The Kohn Wedding

Pennsylvania Trip (9/23/16-9/25/16)

The Bent Wedding Part 1

The Bent Wedding Part 2

St. Louis and Des Moines Trip (9/26/16-9/30/16)

St. Louis and Des Moines

Kent, Ohio Trip (10/7/16-10/9/16)

Family Visit and Holung Wedding

Denver and Breckenridge Trip (10/13/16-10/16/16)

Denver Day 1

Denver Day 2

Golden Colorado, Coors Tour, & Red Rocks Concert

Cleveland, Ohio Trip (10/28/16-10/30/16)

Bray Wedding

Nashville, TN Trip (11/1/16-11/3/16)

Nashville Birthday Trip

Nashville, TN Trip (11/21/16-11/28/16)

Thanksgiving Recap Part 1

Thanksgiving Recap Part 2

Cancun, Mexico Trip (12/7/16-12/11/16)

Cancun Mexico Part 1 

Cancun Mexico Part 2

Nashville, TN Trip (12/14/16-12/16/16)

Nashville Trip

Indianapolis, Indiana Trip (12/22/16-12/26/16)

Christmas in Indiana Part 1

Christmas in Indiana Part 2

2017 Travel

Maui Trip (8/12/17-8/20/17)

Maui Part 1

The Road to Hana

Ziplining & Snorkeling

Ocean Center and Haleakala Crater

Traditional Luau

Mama’s Fish House & Sunset Cruise

Hiking in Maui

Lake Burton Trip (9/1/17-9/4/17)

Family Fun at the Lake

Captiva Island Trip (11/8/17-11/12/17)

Marcum Wedding

2018 Travel

Vero Beach Trip (1/18/18-1/21/18)

Vero Beach Trip

Dallas, TX Trip (2/8/18-2/11/18) 

Dallas Weekend with My Mom 

Cancun, Mexico Trip (3/7/18-3/12/18

Cancun Part 1

Cancun Part 2

Cancun Part 3

Lake Burton Trip (6/21/18-6/24/18)

Family Reunion at the Lake

Lake Burton Trip (7/4/18-7/8/18)

4th of July Celebrations Part 1

4th of July Celebrations Part 2

San Antonio Trip (8/12/18-8/14/18)

SA Trip

Lake Burton Trip (8/29/18-9/3/18)

Labor Day Weekend at the Lake with Friends

Vero Beach Trip (9/8/18-9/14/18)

Beach Vacation with the Girls Part 1

Girls Beach Trip Part 2

Girls Beach Trip Part 3

Cincinnati, OH Trip (9/15/18-9/16/18)

Mary & Luke’s Wedding

San Antonio, TX Trip (9/17/18-9/19/18)

San Antonio With my MIL

Nashville, TN Trip (11/29/18-12/2/18)

Russ and Lauren Wedding

Indianapolis, IN Trip (12/21/18-12/24/18)

Holidays in Indy

Christmas in Indy

2019 Travel 

Houston, TX Trip (1/5/19-1/6/19)

Colts Playoff Game 

Miami, FL Trip (3/21/19-3/24/19)

Rachael’s Bachelorette Party Part 1

Rachael’s Bachelorette Party Part 2 

Rachael’s Bachelorette Party Part 3!

Nashville, TN Trip (4/11/19-4/14/19)

Rachael and Eric Wedding Part 1

Wedding Part 2

Wedding Part 3

Atlanta, Georgia Trip (5/24/19-5/27/19)

Plump Family Reunion Part 1

Plump Family Reunion Part 2

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Trip (6/14/19-6/17/19)

Girls Trip Part 1

Girls Trip Part 2

Cleveland, OH Trip (6/22/19-6/23/19)

Paul and Christina’s Wedding

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico Trip (10/30/19-11/4/19)

Part 1 

Part 2 

Part 3

Part 4

Indianapolis, Indiana (11/26/19-11/30/19)

Thanksgiving in Indy with the Fam

Dallas, Texas and Nashville, TN (12/16//19-12/27/19)

Holidays with Family In Dallas and Nashville

Europe – Munich, Germany, Innsbruck, Austria and Prague, Czech Republic (1/17/20-1/25/20)

Munich, Austria and Prague Video Recap

Scottsdale, Arizona (1/30/20-2/3/20)

Visiting Friends in Scottsdale

Vegas, Nevada (2/20/20-2/23/20)