Weekend Recap 2.20.18 …. A Late Valentines Day Celebration, Hockey Games, and Fun Night With Friends

Good morning friends!!!  I hope you all had a great weekend and are feeling ready for the week ahead!  I got to bed later than normal last night, but I am still feeling pretty good this morning!  I know a lot of people hate Mondays (I do sometimes too), but usually they are a fresh start for me and I like that feeling.  Mondays are good days for me when I have completed my weekend to-do list and I feel prepared for the week.  I spent some time meal prepping, cleaning, and getting a few items checked off the to-do this yesterday so this Monday has started out great! 

This weekend was a mix of relation and fun.  We didn’t have many plans and I was a-okay with that.  It is nice to not have committed to something and be able to make a last minute decision if I am feeling up to doing something on the weekend.  On Friday night though, I did have plans for a low key dinner out with my husband to celebrate Valentine’s Day since I was out of town for work on the actual day.  We had reservations for dinner at City Fire in the Gulch.  But before we left I was surprised with some flowers, a sweet card, and a new candle.  I am currently obsessed with candles!  

We realized our reservation was during happy hour so I opted for a glass of wine and my hubby got a girly cocktail. 🙂

I got the ahi tuna salad and it was fantastic.  My husband got the trout with cheesy grits and polished his entire plate.  Needless to say, we were both so happy with our meals!  After dinner we headed home to watch a movie before bed.  It was the perfect date night. 

On Saturday afternoon we went to watch my little brother play in a hockey tournament.  


He is so precious and I just love watching him celebrate when his team scores.  It is SO cute.  He turns 11 next month and I am going to cry just thinking about it.  #nevergrowup 

They won their game on Saturday!!!!!!! 


Such a cute group of kiddos! 


After the game, my husband had plans with his little brother from Big Brothers Big Sisters to attend a sporting event so I took the time to relax at home with my pups.  Riley wanted to play fetch all evening.  His toy got stuff underneath this table and he just sat their whining and whining until I got it out.  They always want the toy they can’t get to. 🙂 


My husband went out to dinner with his little brother so I opted for a quick, easy meal of mahi and roasted sweet potatoes and asparagus.  We get the frozen mahi filets from Costco that have a yummy marinade on them.  We love them!


After a walk with the dogs and a quick workout on Sunday morning, we headed back to the ice rink to watch my little brother’s team compete in the championship.  They tied, then went into over time and then lost in a shootout.  It was intense, but such a great game.  I like ice skating, but I am not the best (to say the least), but I can’t imagine having to control a puck and skate at the same time.  I can’t multitask like that. 😉 


After his game, my husband and I took my daddy out to lunch at Jacksons in Hillsboro Village.  I had the ahi tuna bowl with veggies and it was really good!  I just realized I ate a lot of tuna this weekend.  🙂 


After lunch my husband and I popped into a couple of the cute shops in Hillsboro Village before running some errands at Target and World Market.  After a little bit of shopping, we put  down the roof on our convertible and took it for a spin on the back roads of Tennessee.  It was a beautiful day for a joy ride!


After we got home, we ate a quick dinner before heading out around 7pm to meet a few of our friends for some drinks and games at Clydes. We spent most of the evening playing shuffleboard, which was super fun.  It was nice to get out on a Sunday for once!  

That about wraps up my weekend!!  I hope you all have a great week!!


  1. What was the highlight of your weekend?
  2. Do you have work today on Presidents Day? I do, but my husband has off.
  3. Get anything accomplished off your to-do list this weekend?

Weekend Recap 2.15.16 Part 2!

Good morning!  How are you doing today?  I am a little tired from the long weekend… does that ever happen to you?  I know I should be more rested since I had a longer weekend, but sometimes that just means I do more and end up starting the week a little tired.  Hopefully my coffee will kick in soon. 🙂


Since my post yesterday only covered part of my fun weekend, I will share the rest with you today!  

I found this on my phone from Saturday afternoon and couldn’t stop laughing.  Otis is such a hoot!


Saturday night we had some friends over and started the night off with some champagne and a fire!


Followed by a delicious dinner of grilled salmon, chicken, tempeh, asparagus, salad and roasted butternut squash and apples (chili powder, cinnamon, olive oil, pecans).  SO yummy! We followed dinner by playing Cards Against Humanity.  So many laughs.


And ofcourse we had to have dessert!  Brownies and this amazing chocolate pie with a pretzel crust (my sister brought and her bf brought it)!



My momma is the cutest! 


Call me crazy, but I LOVE mango skins.  More than the actual mango.  The skin actually has a ton of nutrients! 


Our friends that were visiting love Trader Joes so they made sure to stock up before driving home.  I stocked up on some goodies too! Pecans, shredded coconut, dates, and dried mangoes! 


And these delicious brown rice tortillas.


Stocked up on lots of fruits and veggies!  The pineapple at my grocery store has been on sale (.99c) from the usual price of $3.99 so I have been buying in bulk, chopping, and freezing for smoothies.  This is a great way to save money for smoothies as frozen fruit can be expensive!


Can’t get enough!


Sunday, my husband surprised me with red roses (my favorite!).

With this really nice card. 😉  (I call my husband “Bunny” and I have no idea why, but I have for years.)

Then we begun the really fun part of our Valentines Day. 😉  We cleaned all the carpets and rugs in our house…. twice.

Riley and Callie were not happy with the noise from the carpet cleaner. 

We took a quick break to make some lunch.  I used the brown rice tortillas from Trader Joes to make a wrap!  I added avocado, tempeh, and kale salad with craisins, pecans, quinoa and raspberry vinaigrette.  


Dinner was so simple with lots of leftovers. We are huge leftover fans! So easy.


That just about concludes our long weekend.  Off to get lots of work done before heading out tonight on a little getaway!  See you all tomorrow!  


  1. Favorite type of pie?
  2. Do you like wraps or do you prefer sandwiches?
  3. Do you freeze your own fruit?  Tell me your favorite way to save money at the grocery store!