Consistency in Sleep Patterns and Popsicle Testing in Progress


Hi ya’ll!  Happy Tuesday! How is your week going so far? Yesterday was very productive for me… until I hit the 3pm slump… do you ever hit that point where you either need a lot of caffeine or a long nap?  The latter won yesterday.  I’m not usually much of a nap person, but ever since I started my job that requires me to be at work at 6am, I have been a nap person.  Like I really need a nap after that early wake up call.  I started getting used to the early mornings for a while, but for whatever reason, I am really struggling lately to stay awake come mid afternoon.  

A few months ago my doctor advised me to develop consistent sleep patterns.  She said it was important to go to sleep and wake up around the same time every day.  While I see the importance in this, it is very hard for me to want to wake up around 5 am on the weekend days.  During the week, on the days I don’t work, I do attend an early morning Body Pump class at the gym to maintain my normal early morning wake up time.  I don’t sleep in late on the weekends, but sometimes 7 or 8am sounds realllllllly nice compared to 5am.  I also am guilty of staying up later on the weekends, which definitely doesn’t help my case.  I truly believe sleep is one of, if not the most important aspect of health.  When we are tired, we crave sugar to help us stay awake.  When we haven’t had enough sleep, our workouts suffer.  When we are exhausted, we over-compensate with caffeine, which can interfere with sleep, starting the vicious cycle over once again.  

Tell me, how many hours of sleep do you get per night?  Are your sleep patterns similar on the weekends to what they are during the week?  What are your tips for getting a good night’s rest?

Watermelon popsicles in the making!!  I love making my own popsicles for hot summer days when I need a refreshing, cool snack.  I am experimenting with a few different combinations so I will report back when I have a winner (or two!). Have you ever made home-made popsicles?  Favorite recipe?



Can’t get over this picture of this sweet pup.  How cute is he? 


Another cute picture I found on my phone from this weekend.  Riley is really loving my husband lately.  🙂


Cuddling pups on the couch. (Don’t make fun of our tray tables… I know, we are getting old…) 😉 


This is my go-to easy lunch when I am at home.  A big salad with sweet potato fries.  This salad had kale, romaine, chopped almonds, hard boiled egg whites, avocado and lite raspberry dressing.  Yum!!


I hope you all have a wonderful day!!  See you tomorrow!! 


  1. How many hours (on average) do you sleep each night?
  2. Do you wake up/go to sleep around the same time on the weekends as the weekdays?
  3. Ever made home-made popsicles? Recipe?

Sleep, new friends, and warm food

Good morning!  I hope you are having a great week so far!  My week is going well so far as it has been super productive and not too stressful.  On Monday I deep cleaned my entire house (think window washing and baseboard scrubbing) for hours and hours.  I got in 14,000 steps (tracked by my fitbit) from that alone.  I love a clean house. 


Truth be told, I have never been a good sleeper.  It used to take me hours to fall asleep only to wake up in the middle of the night to not be able to go back to sleep.  I would try reading, sleepy tea, taking a bath, melatonin, and even sleep medicine from my doctor.  My mind just would not shut off.  These days, my sleep has been so great.  When my head hits the pillow, I am out in seconds.  It is so wonderful.  I have also been making a point to get to bed earlier, shut off my phone and the tv, and go straight to bed.  Here is a picture from the sleep tracker on my fitbit for the last few days!


As a wellness coach, two major things I stress to my clients are hydration and sleep.  Without both of them, our bodies cannot function correctly.  You can workout for two hours a day and eat perfectly, but if you aren’t drinking enough water and getting enough sleep, your body will start to shut down.  Our workouts are more productive when we feel well rested and have enough energy to sustain us and our eating habits are better when we do not feel lethargic and feel the need to reach for a quick sugar rush.  I can immediately tell when I have not had enough sleep or water.  It is amazing how great you can feel when you invest the time in yourself to replenish your body.  


Little Riley.


We are watching this little guy for a couple days.


He and Callie were helping me with some laundry 😉


I could not find Riley last night and after searching the whole house, I found him hiding halfway under the treadmill… he is a fan of hide and seek 🙂




New friends.




Riley loves to take all of his toys out of the toy basket.  Then he stares at me until I put them all back in just so he can pull out each one again.  This “game” can go on for quite a while.  

I saw this on my snapchat yesterday and thought it was so crazy.  I am a huge contributor to that statistic.  I love my popcorn.


Made a big salad with kale, lettuce, and arugula with toasted (coconut oil and stevia) almonds and craisins to have on hand for the week.  


Zucchini noodles with sauteed mushrooms, broccoli and pesto.


And a little balsamic on my salad.


It was so cold when I took out the dogs this morning that I just couldn’t do my usual green smoothie for breakfast.  Hot oatmeal it is!  Oats, flaxseeds, water, banana, peanut butter, and honey.  So good and totally hit the spot and warmed me up! 


Stay warm today!


  1. Do you have trouble falling asleep?  How many hours do you sleep each night?
  2. How much water do you drink throughout the day?
  3. Did you have a warm or cold breakfast today?