Weekend Recap 8.16.16 … Girls weekend with wayyyy too many pups!

Hi guys!  How was your weekend?  yesterday was a busy one for me so I am just now getting around to recapping the weekend!  My husband was out of town for a bachelor party and my mom came to town for the long weekend.  We didn’t have too many plans, but as always, ended up running around all weekend long. 🙂 Yesterday my dad and little brother got to town to visit for a couple days so I will keep this short and sweet as we are off to the Texas Rangers game tonight (praying for no more rain)!! 

So I have told you guys before that I dogsit on Rover.com and I am still doing that occassionally.  We have been traveling so much that I have been trying to dog sit as much as I can when we are in town and I may or may not have a little problem with saying no.  I tend to overcommit and this past weekend showed that I really need to stop that.  We had 4 extra dogs (plus our two and my sister’s dog was over too) for about 4 days.  It was total chaos.  One of those dogs happened to be a new little puppy so that was fun. 😉 

We had some pool time, lots of walks with the pups, and more puzzling!  We finished two 1000 piece puzzles in a few days… 


Saturday afternoon we went to get our nails done!  This is a fun treat when my momma comes in town! 

Saturday night, we tried a new-to-us restaurant called Paul Martin’s.  It was soo soo soo good!  We started with the calamari and spinach dip and I got the warm quinoa salad with grilled salmon on top.  My leftovers were especially good the next day! 

My sister, mom, and I after dinner.  


Sunday morning we had a little brunch at my house before taking my mom to the airport.  My sister and her boyfriend supplied the doughnuts…


The rest of Sunday was spent running, grocery shopping, cleaning and washing sheets for our next guests to arrive!  I hope you all have a fabulous week and I’ll be back soon!  


  1. Do you have visitors often?
  2. What was the highlight of your weekend?
  3. Do you usually order an appetizer when you dine out?


Home for the holidays

Hi guys!  We are still celebrating over here for Christmas round 2!  It is so great to be home with family and have time to just relax.  


Christmas started out bright and early opening presents with my mom, stepdad, sister, and husband.  The pictures don’t do these pretty trees justice.  

Another one of their trees and their pretty nativity scene.  

Christmas morning at our house always includes mimosas or champagne and cranberry juice! So festive!

Someone else wanted a little bubbly, too 😉 (This is the elf at my mom’s house… her name is Ina.. don’t ask how she got that name…)


And a yummy breakfast of gluten free blueberry muffins, chopped fruit, and a veggie frittata (eggs, asparagus, mushrooms, and cheese on half). 


My sister and I got these softy, robe-like sweatshirt gowns that are so comfy!  I got these really cute slippers too!

My cute husband was SO excited to get a drone!  He was like a 5 year old on Christmas morning 🙂

Some yummy chocolate strawberries sent from my sister’s boyfriend’s family.  So sweet of them!

My momma got this BEAUTIFUL necklace from her husband.  So pretty!

Guys, we finally finished this puzzle…

My mom was so proud!  We seriously worked on this for way too many hours to count 🙂


The pretty tree at my dad’s house.  


Sweet Riley just doing some stretching.


James, the elf is back.  This time we found him shaving.

Yummy appetizers at my daddy’s house.


Guys, I roasted a turkey… I have never done this before so it was a huge accomplishment that I did not ruin the turkey or burn the house down.  


I am more of a side dish type of girl 🙂

Someone got to open a present tonight! 

Catchphrase!! A favorite game of ours.  We played a few rounds and had a blast.  

We are off to open presents, take a walk and go watch some hockey tonight!! Enjoy the rest of your Saturday!!


  1. What did you get for Christmas?
  2. What is your favorite appetizer?
  3. Do you have any Christmas morning traditions?