All the Holiday Activities

Hi guys!!  Can’t believe it is Monday already!  Do you all have to work today?  Jon has the day off, but I don’t.  Oh that reminds me… I am still working on a post of our new dining room table he made.  He actually just recently made me a new bench for our front porch with the help of his brother and once it is stained I will show you all that too!  It sure is nice having a husband that loves projects and is good at them!

While my sister and her boyfriend were in town, we made sure to fit in as many outings and adventures as possible!  Our family friends, Harry and Jeanne, invited us out to breakfast one morning at Le Peep, but ofcourse I forgot to take a picture.  We also took about 100 walks and trips to the dog park, but it was just too cold to document. 🙂

On Tuesday we all decided to go see the movie  Downsizing. Have any of you guys seen it?  We all thought it was horrible, but hey, we enjoyed the popcorn and comfy recliner seats. 🙂


On Wednesday night, my sister, her boyfriend, Jon and I went out to dinner at Park Cafe and it sure did not disappoint.  We all thoroughly enjoyed our meals, which were devoured before I could take any pictures.  We then headed over to Neighbors for an evening of bar trivia with some friends!  We ended up coming in 2nd place!  


On Thursday night, Jon and I had plans with his old boss (from when we lived in Cincinnati) and his wife for dinner.  We suggested Sea Salt and it was soo yummy!  We all got fish dishes and loved them!  


Such a fun night!


On Friday night we had dinner plans again (do you see a common theme food with a lot of our activities?).  We met my mom and stepdad at Sperrys for an amazing meal!  Love my momma! 


The whole crew!


After dinner my friend Rachael came over with her pup, Cooper, for game night!  We played a few games and my mom requested a picture with all the doggies lined up in a row.  This was as close as we got.  🙂 


Murphy, my sister and her boyfriend’s puppy used Riley’s old crate while they were at our house.  While we were playing games, we kept noticing Callie sneaking into the crate (probably to hide from the small, crazy dogs who wanted to play with her).  She’s the cutest.  


My sister and her boyfriend had plans on Saturday night to attend a wedding so I opted for a girls night with my bestie, Lissa.  We decided on Tavern for dinner and got a seat where we could watch the Predators game too!  


Jon’s brother, Ryan, came to town for the game.  They had a blast! 


I should have titled this blog post “the most times dining out in one week.” 🙂  Sunday around lunchtime we headed to the Gulch for brunch at Biscuit Love before the Titans game. We all really loved our meals!  This place is a must if you are in the area!




After brunch we headed downtown to see the Titans play!  Thankfully we were able to snag tickets in a suite through my husband’s work.  Otherwise, I think I would have been watching from my couch.  I couldn’t believe how many people sat out in the freezing cold to watch the game.  I enjoy a good sporting event, but I don’t like any sport THAT much. 😉 


Me and my sistaaa!


and Max!!


Lots and lots of games were played throughout the holidays.  Notice Otis’ eyes in the first picture and then the second picture.  And….he’s out! 🙂 

We had a few ideas for plans on NYE, but after the Titans game, we were all wiped!  We headed to bed early for a good night’s rest.  My sister, her boyfriend, and their pups hit the road bright and early for their long drive back to Dallas.  Jon and I spent New Year’s day cleaning the house, organizing, and cooking before deciding to head to the mall for Dillard’s New Year’s Day sale.  We really love this sale and try to stock up each year.  I got a few things, but my husband really cleaned up.  He got 2 new suits, 6 pairs of pants and 4 new shirts!  It was a major deal!  He really needed a new suit after I put his nice one through the wash a while ago and ruined it.  Whoops. 🙂 

There was one more activity we did over the holidays, but that deserves it’s own post so that will be up soon!  I hope you all really enjoyed the holidays this year too!  We sure did!  I was tired from all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, but I certainly had a case of the post holiday blues when they were over.  Until next year!


  1. Did you travel for the holidays?
  2. What was your favorite activity you did this holiday season?
  3. Did you eat at any yummy restaurants over the holidays? 

Better Late Than Never… Halloween Weekend Recap

Hi friends!!!

I hope you all are doing well!  I am pretty happy it is the weekend as this week has been a long one.  I have been dealing with an especially painful back/neck alongside some debilitating migraines all while trying to figure out the best dosage of some new meds for my current issues.  It has been very exhausting and I have been traveling a lot for work on top of all of it.  Whew… I know that was a mouthful.  Sometimes we all just need to vent a little, right?  I am keeping my head held high in hopes that this new doctor I am seeing will be able to figure out how to fix my pain instead of just coat it.  I think I will do another recap of whats going on with all my back/neck pain in a later post.  

Onto happy things… how was your Halloween?  I just love seeing all the pictures of everyone dressed up!  You guys… guess what?  We had 2 trick-or-treaters!  2!!!!! What the heck!! I was looking forward to seeing a bunch of kiddos in their costumes, but I guess our street just isn’t the place to be.  I also think next year I will prop open our front gate so that more people know we are home!  

So last weekend we had a special visitor.  My bestie Erin from Cincinnati came to town on Friday night for a weekend full of fun.  On Friday night we had plans for dinner at Park Cafe with some friends!  

The girls!


A few of us got the grouper.  It was delicious!


The whole gang!


We had a fun time eating, drinking and chatting the night away at a local bar after dinner.  Such a fun night!


Saturday morning we went on a run in the park with the pups, crafted for our halloween costumes and took some naps.  My husband caught me sleeping with my pups and shoes on. 🙂  I rarely take naps, but love when I get the chance to. 

Erin and I got super crafty and made some homemade costumes for Saturday evening.  


On Saturday evening we headed over to my friend Rachael’s house for a drink with friends.  I just had to get a picture with sweet little baby Cooper.  (My mom was so jealous… she tells Rachael she is going to steal him all the time.) 


I copied my sister’s costume idea from a few years ago and decided to go as a stoplight to keep it super simple.  Well that turned into suggesting everyone should be a different road sign.  Well then somehow my clean, simple idea turned into making the traffic signs naughty.  😉 


Traffic signs in the dark!




A few of us stopped by a friends Halloween house party before heading to the main event of the evening.  


The crew!

WGMN0156 (1)

We had a blast dancing the night away to some new and old toons.  The next day we grabbed a quick lunch before Erin had to get on the road and I had to get some chores done!  This salad was everything!! 


I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!!