Weekend Recap 12.17.17 Family Time and A Holiday Party for a Cause

Good morning!! How is your week going so far? I am a little tired after a long road trip yesterday for work, but hey, it is almost Christmas so I am feeling great!  Last weekend was one for the books so I will tell you all about it!

On Friday night my little brother had a sleepover at our house!  The boys played video games, we made pizza, ate cookies and stayed up too late!  They had a blast!! Jon is going to be the BEST dad one day.  He is one of a kind.  


Saturday morning I got a much needed haircut then rushed home to set up for our Holiday Party for a Cause!  Jon and I were wanting to have a Christmas party this year since we have a lot of family and friends in Nashville, but my heart was calling me to do more.  I have had the idea of filling backpacks for the homeless in my head for awhile and I thought that the idea to combine the Christmas party and charity event was perfect!  

We invited all our friends and family and gave them a list of items that needed fulfilled.  We bought 50 backpacks, but we needed some help filling them for distribution to the homeless around Nashville.  Our friends brought crackers, chapsticks, gum, lotion, wash cloths, sausage, cookies, muffins, granola bars, floss, toothbrushes and toothpaste.  


They also brought McDonalds giftcards, wet wipes, muffins, waters, deodorant, tissues, scarves, pens, and notepads.  


They brought socks, hand warmers and combs. 


I literally get tears in my eyes when I think about how amazing our friends are.  They all showed up to contribute to our event.  Even the ones who couldn’t make it, dropped off items beforehand so that they could be a part of giving back to those in need.  


We ended up with a LOT of stuff.  I was worried it wouldn’t all fit in the bags.  🙂 


After everyone arrived, my mom had us play a little icebreaker game.  She made us all stand in a circle and passed out scratch off lottery tickets randomly.  She read the Christmas Story out loud and when she would read the word “right” we all passed the cards to the person to our right and then she would read “left” and we all passed the cards to the left.  At the end of the story, the people with the lottery cards in their hands were the winners! 🙂 


Who’s gonna win!?!?!?

After the game, we all got in line and grabbed a bag to walk around the room and start filling! 


Around and around we went to fill the bags!

With all the people who showed up to help, the bags were filled in no time!

Little Cooper was exhausted from watching all the bags get filled! 😉 

We have the most generous and sweet friends ever!


After we finishing filling 60 50 bags we had some drinks and munchies!


Jon and I plan to hand out the bags on Christmas eve and Christmas day around Nashville with my sister and her boyfriend.  I know there will be some very happy people around town!  My heart is so full and so happy knowing how many people were willing to help us with our little idea.  Jon and I have already discussed how we want to do this again next year and make it an even bigger event and fill even more bags!  


We plan to document the distribution of all the bags around Nashville so stay tuned for another post coming your way!  Thank you to all our friends for helping us give back to those less fortunate this holiday season.  Your generosity will never be forgotten.  xoxo




A Quick Catch Up: Long Time No Talk

Hi friends!! I have missed you all in these past few weeks!! We officially have internet in our new house so expect to see me poppin in a little more regularly from now on!  I still haven’t quite figured out a blogging schedule yet, but hopefully I will get into a grove these next couple weeks.  

I need to take a minute to say Happy Belated Mother’s Day to all you fabulous momma’s and momma’s to be!  My mom has spent the last two weeks getting our new house organized and furnishing it with all kinds of new stuff we needed.  My mom event went shopping with us on mother’s day for our house.  She is truly one of a kind.  My mother-in-law visited us for a week (she left on Friday) and helped us get together a few rooms in our new house too.  If it weren’t for my mom and MIL we would seriously be living out of boxes for at least the next 6 months.  Mary and Cathy, we owe you our firstborn. 😉

See, here’s the proof that it took a village to get through these boxes…. this was probably 1/4 of them! 


This is what our kitchen looked like during the move… I can’t even count the hours my mom spent measuring and cutting shelf liner to line all 253 shelves and drawers in our kitchen and bathrooms.  😉


I have to show you guys this picture for a couple of reasons.  1. I told you about how one of my dogs was putting my shoes on the bed while I was away when we were staying at my dad’s house… well I found the official culprit!  My husband took our other dog, Riley, to work last week and Callie was home alone for the day.  I came home to a few of my clothes (dirty workout clothes) pulled out of my hamper and strewn about on my bed along with a few of my shoes.  I went looking for Callie and found one in the basement and when I went into the guest room, I found Callie along with my other running shoe right next to her.  My husband keeps telling me to close our bedroom door when I leave, but I kinda think it is really funny to see what she has moved each day when I get home. 2. This is our old second guest bedroom set and we found a great deal for new sheets at Bed Bath and Beyond this weekend so we decided to give our guest bedroom a makeover.  


Here is the new look! I am loving whites and grays and anything neutral for this new house.   


We aren’t quite done organizing yet, but we did get our bedroom put together finally!


We may still need a couch or two, but don’t worry, my husband came home with a ping pong table the other day…. men… We went to Southeastern Salvage on Saturday and got 4 new rugs!  I just love the color of this outdoor rug for our deck!


Since our new yard is fenced from the front to the back, we can now just let the dogs out and not worry about them.  The other day I couldn’t find Riley and went looking for him and found him just lounging in the grass in the backyard.  It is safe to say he is loving the new house  yard.  


I have lots more to show you guys, but I have to wrap up this post now.  I talk to you all soon!! Thank you so much for sticking around through this crazy hectic time right now.   I truly appreciate each and every one of you. 🙂 


  1. Favorite place to shop?
  2. Any trips coming up?
  3. What is new in your life? 

Nashville Trip Recap

Good morning!!  How is your week going?  I had all intentions of blogging yesterday, but the day just got away from me so here we are… starting the week on a Tuesday… not unusual around here. 🙂 My husband and I just got back from our annual biometric screenings for money back on our health insurance plan so that was fun. 😉 We did reward ourselves with some Starbucks afterwards so I suppose the blood draw was worth it. 

Yesterday was spent running lots of errands and getting ready for the photographer to come over to take pictures of our house for when it goes on the market.  You should see our closets right now. 😉 The pictures came out great so I am glad to check that off the to-do list.  You would think we would be pros at moving since we have done it so much, but every time it seems like there is so much more to do than the last time. 

Anyway.. let’s back up to last week in Nashville.  I went to Nashville for a couple job interviews and stayed an extra day to hang out with my mom and sister (she was in Nashville for her Christmas break from law school).  My dad picked me up from the airport on Wednesday morning and I headed to my first interview.  After that my dad suggested we go to Mere Bulles for lunch and I never turn down a good meal.  

We both got salads and they were yummy!! 

Wednesday night I met my best friend Rachael and one of her good friends for dinner at Virago.  I forgot to snap any pictures, but the sushi was phenomenal!

 Thursday morning I had another interview and followed that with a workout from Julie over at PBFingers.com.  It was a good one!


Then we had some champagne while I braided my sister’s hair.  

My sister got this puzzle for my mom for Christmas. We started it, but 1000 pieces is a lot!


My mom and stepdad made us some fish, rice, and roasted squash for dinner at home. 


Friday morning my mom treated my sister and I to facials at a local spa.  They were amazing and so relaxing.  And then we spent some time watching Gilmore girls.  My mom is watching from the beginning.  Have you guys seen the new season?  I haven’t watched it yet, but need to get on that!


My sister and I grabbed a quick lunch from Zoes to eat at home.  Have you guys tried their quinoa salad?  It was really good!


Friday afternoon we had to pick up bags of donated clothing and toys from a house to take to church.  My mom is in charge of a charity at her church and they collected toys and clothing for 80 families this year.  


There are going to be some happy kids on Christmas morning!  My sister and I got the job of organizing the toys.  


Friday evening I flew back to Dallas and we had a quite night in.  I was exhausted.  I don’t have any pictures to show for this past weekend because it was spent cleaning and napping. 🙂  

I hope you all have a wonderful week!


  1. How was your weekend?
  2. Are you ready for the holidays?
  3. Is it cold where you live?  It is supposed to get up to 50 today in Dallas.   

Exciting News and A Thanksgiving Week Recap Part 1!

Hi guys!  I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving and had some time to relax and eat yummy food with loved ones.  We sure did.  I actually just got back to Dallas yesterday afternoon so I am slowly getting back into the swing of things.  I made the 10 hour car ride with the 3 pups and boy was it a long one!  

Before I start recapping last week in Nashville with my family, I have some very exciting news to share!  If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you may have seen my announcement this afternoon.  We are officially moving to Nashville, TN in early 2017!  We are so excited!!!  As I have mentioned before, our long term plan was to hopefully end up in Nashville one day, but this day came a lot sooner than we expected.  We had been anticipating a move early next year (for my husband’s career), but we were fully expecting to end up in a different state.  In mid October, my husband was presented with an opportunity to move to Nashville and we were both in shock!  We started getting excited, but realistically we didn’t think it would really end up happening.  Fast forward a couple weeks… and it is official!  We are not expecting this move to be permanent, but we are happy to take what time we can get to live near friends and family in Nashville. The one downside is leaving my sister, her boyfriend, and their pup in Dallas.  I get teared up just thinking about it.  It has been so so so nice getting to spend so much time with them these last two years.  

So I hope that helps explain my sporadic blogging these last few weeks… life has been a little hectic. 😉  This also explains my mom deep cleaning our house and my mother-in-law visiting (she helped us paint a lot of our house).  Thank the lord for our mommas!  We don’t have an exact moving date yet as we will wait for our house to sell in Dallas (in 2017) and then start really looking in Nashville.  I will be sure to update you guys along the way!!

Let’s rewind back to a week ago at 4am.  This was my view as we began our 10 hour car ride from Dallas to Nashville.  The pups were very curious why we woke them up so early.


We arrived early afternoon and my dad and I took the pups to the park for a long walk.  We all needed to move after that car ride!  At least Riley was looking at the camera… 


After our walk we headed to a new-to-me restaurant called Wild Iris.  We ran into my dad’s friends and grabbed a drink at the bar with them before sitting down for dinner.

I got the salmon and I can’t even explain how good it was.  It came with this kale pesto and a bunch of roasted veggies.  Mmmm mmm mmm!


Tuesday morning I headed to the grocery store bright and early to shop for Thanksgiving dinner and avoid the crowds before picking up my husband at the airport.  He had to work that day, but later on we headed to the park for another walk with the doggies.  


Then we met up with my favorite french fry loving little brother and dad for a quick dinner.  


The dogs made themselves right at home.  🙂

Wednesday was spent baking and lounging around before heading to dinner and the Predators (hockey) game!!

How hilarious is my brother’s face in this picture?  The guy next to us told him, “Someday soon you will like that!” 😉  We love this boy so much!! 


My husband went to grab a drink and came back and said to my brother, “The cameraman wants you to dance for him!!”  (Side note: my little brother LOVES to get on the Jumbo-tron at the games so he was SO excited!)  They ran up the stairs and waited for the whistle to blow. 


The cutest!!!


Thursday morning, Jacob and I woke up super early to get ready for the annual Boulevard Bolt (Thanksgiving Day 5 mile race).  We sported our Santa hats for the race too. 🙂

My husband and best friend, Lissa, made signs and cheered us on throughout the race!  So fun to see them!

We had a blast, but we were happy when we finally saw the finish line!!! So proud of this boy!


If you made it this far, thank you for reading. 🙂 I will finished up my Thanksgiving week recap tomorrow!!!  Have a great night!


  1. How was your Thanksgiving?
  2. Did you run a race on Thanksgiving?
  3. What is your favorite Thanksgiving side dish?


Nashville Trip… Food, Family & Fun

Hi ya’ll!  Long time no talk!  On Tuesday, my husband and I headed to Nashville for a couple days.  He had some work to do there so I decided to tag along so I could spend some time with my family and friends.  

Shortly after we arrived we headed to California Pizza Kitchen for a late lunch.  I had the best salad! Yum!

Tuesday evening my dad and I surprised my little brother at his hockey practice.  He was so happy to see us.  He is such a good skater; I am so jealous of his skills. 🙂 


After practice, my dad and I grabbed takeout to eat at home during the Indians/Cubs game.  I can’t believe the Indians lost. 😦


Riley was very invested in the game too. 😉


Wednesday morning my dad, Riley, Jon and I headed to the park for a nice long hike. 


We saw an owl!


And a turtle!  Riley wasn’t sure what to think of it.


Such a beautiful day to be in nature.  


I can’t believe we are still wearing shorts in November!


Wednesday afternoon my dad and I grabbed some lunch at McAlisters before some shopping at home goods. The squash soup was to die for!


Then it was more playtime for Riley.  He thought all my brother’s toys were his new toys.  🙂

Wednesday night my dad and I met my bestie, Rachael, at Mere Bulles for an early dinner before game 7 of the World Series.  


I got the ahi tuna, which was absolutely incredible!!!

After dinner, we headed home to root for the Indians…. 

And Rach got some cuddling in with her nephew. 🙂


Shortly after, he was wiped!! That hike did him in. 😉


Thursday morning I met my mom at Target for a little shopping.  We grabbed a coffee and did a little more shopping before lunch at Avo.  Avo is a vegan restaurant I have been wanting to try for a while now! 


I got the Nashville salad, which was full of fresh, local ingredients and my mom got the avocado toast that came with a salad too.  We both loved our meals!! So fresh and healthy!

Yesterday afternoon we caught a flight back to Dallas and now it’s back to the grind!  Looking forward to a fun dinner tonight with Jon, my sister, and her boyfriend to celebrate my birthday that was on Tuesday.  It’s official ya’ll, I am in my late 20s now… ahh!!! 🙂

Enjoy your weekend!!!


  1. What are your plans for the weekend?
  2. Do you like avocado toast?
  3. Did you watch the World Series?

Amber’s Bachelorette Bash in Nashville

Hi ya’ll!!  Sorry for the lack of posting yesterday, but I have been so busy getting ready for my cousin’s bachelorette party that is taking place at my house in Dallas this weekend! I probably won’t have time to post until early next week as we have a LOT planned for this long weekend, but I may pop in sometime!  Before the next bachelorette party begins, let’s back up to last weekend’s bachelorette party in Nashville for one of my best college girlfriend’s, Amber.  Amber and I were roommates freshman year of college (Miami University in Ohio) and have been friends ever since.  Fun fact: One of our other freshman year roommate’s (it was 4 of us together in a quad room in the dorm), Katie, is Amber’s maid of honor!  I am so glad we have all kept in touch over the years as it is so fun to see our friendships go from college students, to working adults, to marriage, etc.  Another fun fact: Nashville is now the number one spot for bachelorette parties!  At one point in the weekend, a band leader asked all the brides-to-be to come up on stage and there were about 15… in ONE out of the MANY bars in on Broadway.  Too fun! 

Late Friday afternoon my dad dropped me off downtown at the hotel to meet up with all the girls!  We had plans to do the Pedal Tavern bike at 6pm.  I am so glad we did it late in the day as it was hot!  We brought our wine and beer and pedaled along while the tour guides blasted country music and we waved to everyone.  It was a blast!!!  We had a couple stops at local bars along the way too.  There are SO many different bike companies in Nashville so it was so fun to wave to all the other peddlers along the way.  We even saw one a truck that was painted like a John Deer tractor and had people drinking and singing in the back.  Nashville is a crazy town these days, but in a fun way!  At every red light, our tour guides would say “red light cheers!!!” and we would cheers and take a sip.  The only problem was that we moved so slowly that we cheers at every red light about 3 times! 🙂 

The maid of honor got us all tank tops that said “Last Call for Miss Yaw” (the bride-to-be’s last name is Yaw).  


The first bar we stopped at was known for their moonshine shots and the second bar had a mechanical bull.  (I did not partake in either of those activities… you are welcome, mom.)  

We got a really late dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe before hitting the town!  

A few of the girls headed back to the hotel after dinner, but the bride and a few of us rallied and stayed out a bit longer.  Hey, you only have one bachelorette party so you have to make the most of it!  And I only see these girls a couple times a year so we weren’t about to waste our time sleeping. 😉 


Saturday morning we had a little bit of a slow start before grabbing breakfast at the hotel.  We walked around town for some coffee and a late lunch at The Slider House.  I had a salad and it was so good!

Saturday afternoon was spent playing games and getting dolled up with the girls.


We took the shuttle from our hotel, which was so convenient!


 We had plans for dinner at Prime 108 located inside of Union Station.  Love these sweet girls! 


We had the place to ourselves, which was so nice.  The food was delicious, but the company was better!

After dinner we ventured out for a second night of dancing and singing to all the live music on Broadway.  


My favorite thing about Nashville is that every bar has live music and the live music is amazing 95% of the time.  


And we completed a few dares too like Tori taking a picture with the cops. 🙂 They were SO nice!


And ofcourse, the bride and maid of honor couldn’t leave without giving Elvis a little kiss! 😉


Overall, it was such a fun weekend with some of my besties!!!  I am always so grateful for our friendships and that we have stayed in touch over the years.  Life is short so it’s important to make time for the ones you love! 🙂  Amber, thanks for inviting me to be part of this special weekend and I can’t wait for the wedding!! 


  1. If you are married, did you have a bachelorette/bachelor party?
  2. If you are not married, where would you go if you were to spend a weekend with your friends?
  3. Have you ever been in a wedding?


Family Time in Nashville

Hi guys, I am back from Nashville and trying to catch up.  It was such a fun trip that went by way too fast.  Today I have some pictures from more family time at home.  I’m working on a post for tomorrow from a bachelorette party for one of my best friends from college so check back in tomorrow for that one!  

Friday morning my dad and I went hiking in a nearby park for a little less than 2 hours.  It was a hilly hike, but not too bad! It was nice to get moving.


Radnor lake.


After our hike, I got cleaned up to head to my haircut appointment at Bishop’s Salon.  I know you can’t really tell, but I got about 5 inches cut off.  It feels so fresh!  Fun Fact: My sister and I both worked at Bishop’s Salon during the summer in high school.  Always fun to go back and see everyone!


After my hair appointment, my dad took me to lunch at Amerigo, a Nashville favorite.  I got a salad with grilled salmon and it was SO good!  After lunch, my dad dropped me off downtown at our hotel for the weekend with my girlfriends!  

I’ll show you the rest of my Friday and Saturday tomorrow, but here is the rest of my Sunday! My dad and little brother picked me up on Sunday morning for a day of hanging with the family.  I didn’t leave Nashville until later Sunday evening so it was nice to have time to catch up with my favorite little dude.  We went on another walk in the nearby park,  watched 10 espisodes of “Guys Grocery Games” (my little brother LOVES it), and just chatted the day away.  


Love this not-so-little brother of mine! 


How beautiful is this picture my dad took from our walk?  Nature sure is amazing.  


I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  Can’t wait to share more of mine tomorrow!  Have a great week!


  1. Did you do anything fun this weekend?
  2. How many siblings do you have?
  3. Did you get to spend a lot of time in nature this weekend?

Hi From Nashville, TN and a Happy Birthday!

Hi guys! Just wanted to pop in really quickly to say hi!  Sorry for the lack of posting, but I have been traveling and have been go go go since I landed Wednesday morning in Nashville!!  

I will catch you up on what I have been up to! My momma picked me up from the airport Wednesday morning and we went straight to a few stores for a little shopping.  Then we headed to the spa.  My mom and I got facials and they were amazing.  It was so relaxing and my skin felt amazing. 


After our facials, we headed back to my mom’s house and made big salads for lunch!! yum!


The rest of the afternoon was spent lounging by the pool and reading my book.  It was wonderful. 


Wednesday night my husband and I went to Antonios for dinner with my mom and stepdad.  We all really enjoyed our meals.  I got the salmon (are you surprised?). 😉

Thursday morning we met some family friends for breakfast at Le Peep.  I got the veggie omelette and it was so good! 


After breakfast, my mom and I headed to the nail salon for a mani/pedi.  Thanks for all the pampering, momma!


I got this color on my nails and toes!


After we got our nails done, we had to run into Kroger for a couple things and ran into this cutie!!!  My mom was her favorite!! Ah, those baby blue eyes kill me. 🙂 


Once we arrive home, one of my mom’s friends stopped by so I could give them a class on “spiralizing.”  They both have one but hadn’t used it yet.  We spiralized sweet potatoes and yellow zucchini from my mom’s garden.  

We cooked the sweet potatoes in the oven with coconut oil, salt and pepper and we sauteed the zucchini with fresh tomatoes from the garden and topped it all with pesto (my mom and stepdad make fresh pesto, too).  It was amazing!!!

Thursday night my dad took me and my best friend, Rachael, out to dinner last night at The Yellow Porch.  It was so hard to decide between all the yummy options.  


I ended up choosing the scallops, a special of the night, and they were so so so good!! 

Me and my daddy!


Me and Rach!


After dinner we all met up with one of my other best girlfriends for a drink at Greenhouse.  A very special HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my bestie, Lissa!! We have been friends since grade school and I couldn’t be luckier to have a friend like her! 


Love these two girls so much!!!! 


Me and my sweet daddy!  We had a blast!


I just got back from a long hike with my dad and now I am off to get my haircut (it’s been ONE year!!!) before joining my college girlfriends for a weekend of bachelorette shenanigans! Have a wonderful weekend!!!


  1. What are you up to this weekend?
  2. How often do you get to see your parents?
  3. Have you ever had a facial?


A View From Above

Good morning!  Happy Friday!! Yay! The weekend is in sight!  We have a couple fun things on the agenda and there is a possibility we might put our boat in the water with the temperatures in the 80s this weekend!  We shall see! 


As I was organizing my pictures, I found a bunch that we took from our drone over the last couple months and thought it would be fun to show you guys!  

This was taken in Nashville over the holidays at my dad’s house.


Hi dad!




My husband and his brother on our roof top.


These pictures were taken from the beach at Gasparilla Island.  


I was the picture taker (the drone connects to your ipad or iphone so you can take pictures from above) and my husband controlled the drone. 


For some reason, he won’t let me control the drone… 


The beach!


You can see how narrow the island is with water surrounding both sides.


I just love the beach!


Take me back!


It was too cold to get in the water, but we enjoyed looking at it. 🙂


The pilot and the photographer. 😉




Flying the drone over the island to the other side.


Can’t wait to see the beach again in May (not the same one)! 


The title of my post really makes me think about the importance of seeing a situation from different perspectives and other peoples’ eyes.   Sometimes it is important to take a step back to be able to really see the whole situation without a narrow view.  I am definitely guilty of seeing things as black or white instead of somewhere in the middle.  Does that make sense?  I think it is all about the perspective you take and the more you open your eyes (and heart), the more you can understand others and where they are coming from.  This thought is not related to a particular situation, just something that came to mind when I titled this blog post.  

Time to get to work!  I hope you guys have a fantastic Friday and an amazing weekend!! 


  1. What are you doing this weekend?
  2. What is the weather like where you are right now?
  3. Any plans to go to the beach soon? 

Happy New Years Eve!

It’s Thursday!! Woo!! Definitely feels like a Friday to me with no work tomorrow!  I like it!  


Let’s get to it!  More fun from Nashville because I just can’t get over how much fun we had and I like to pretend I am still there just hanging with the fam 🙂  I promise I will post present day pictures in the near future 😉

My husband sent me this picture that he took from his new drone the other day… okay now I think the thing is pretty cool 🙂


So my dad just renovated his house this year and it is gorgeous.  His house has a large finished basement that was not really being used a lot.  Well, that has changed.  He separated the basement a bit and created a makeshift hockey rink for my little brother (he is obsessed with all things hockey) so needless to say, there were a lot of hockey games played over the last week! SO many laughs and good times!! 

Riley and I like to spectate 😉  He gets bored easily.

We also got in a few games of pool… let’s just say, Jon and I need to work on our pool skills 🙂

I even got a few workouts in on my dad’s elliptical machine… with my body guard by my side at all times 🙂

Yeah…. don’t think that calorie count is quite accurate… 


My little brother wanted to show me that he could do it too. So strong! 

Another yummy smoothie made by my dad (spinach, orange juice, frozen berries, banana, and pineapple) and chopped pineapple and melon!

Riley waiting for me to drop some crumbs for him 😉



He just couldn’t hang.

Sweaty spikey hair after a lot of dancing.  Fun fact: my brother knows the whole “whip nae nae” dance and is amazing at it.  He gave us all lessons.  I am still lost.  


We all needed a nap after the dance lesson 🙂


Tuesday my mom took us out to lunch at Taco Mamacita and it was soo yummy!  We split and appetizer platter first then all had small entrees (So good!).  Forgot to take pictures, but give this place a try if you are in the Nashville area.  

Saying goodbye to my sweet Rayray. 


Can’t you just move to Dallas? 😉


Okay, I think that actually wraps up my time in Nashville.  Until next time…

Have a very fun and safe new year’s eve and a very happy new year!!  I will see you all in 2016!! 


  1. Do you workout on vacation/during the holidays?
  2. Are you good at pool?  
  3. What are your plans tonight?!?