Benefit Concert, Is Spring Here Yet, An Engagement, and A Visit to the ER

Hey friends!  Wow, it has been quite a week.  I apologize for the lack of posting this week, but once I finish this post you will understand why I have been absent.  Let’s start off with the good news first…. 

My mother-in-law came into town last week for a quick visit and we had plans for dinner at The Southern. I wasn’t feeling super hungry so I opted for a salad and added shrimp to it.  It hit the spot. 


Afterwards we had plans to attend a benefit concert at the Ryman hosted by Trace Atkins.  


My mother-in-law and me.


We got to see quite a few different artists including Dierks Bentley (with surprise guest Gavin Degraw).  


And BLAKE SHELTON!!!!  We love his music.  


We had a blast listening to music all night and singing along. 


Yall, this photo is terrible, but have you guys had grilled romaine?  We love it in our house and love topping it with balsamic glaze.  Try it and thank me later. 😉 


Along with lots of grilling when the weather gets nice is spring clothes!  I am ready to trade in my boots for sandals and sweaters for light dresses.  The weather in Nashville has been teasing up lately so I got in a couple days of skirts and dresses… and I am hoping more are in the near future. 🙂 


Speaking of nicer weather, my husband took his little brother (from Big Brothers Big Sisters) to the Nashville soccer game this past weekend.  Nashville is getting a pro team in 2020 so that is pretty exciting.  I would have preferred baseball or basketball, but hey, we will take it.  


Here comes the not-so-good news.  Last Thursday night I was out of town for work when I started not feeling well (think stomach bug and throwing up), but I decided to just sleep it off.  I woke up last Friday feeling terrible so after a couple hours of work in the morning, I headed back to Nashville.  Late Friday afternoon my stomach hurt so bad that I was literally screaming and my husband agreed that I needed to go to the ER. We got in the car and headed to the ER.  Thankfully we only waited about an hour (I was literally dry heaving in the waiting room so that was fun) before they took me back, I saw the doctor and got wheeled away to get a CT scan.  We got the results back shortly and it showed major inflammation in my stomach/colon (colitis).  What the heck!  It was so bad they ended up admitting me to the hospital Friday night. 

The only reason I had a smile was because they gave me a dose of morphine for the pain. 😉


They ran tests all night so it was a long one for sure.  My husband stayed with me until my mom came to relieve him in the morning.  I was still in a ton of pain on Saturday morning, but I was improving so they ended up releasing me in the late morning.  I was so relieved to go home and sleep in my own bed, but I was still very sore (my stomach hurt to touch and it was very painful to walk) so I kept it easy the next few days.  They think I got an infection while abroad and it caused the couple weeks of stomach pains/throwing up.  I got some antibiotics and have been on the mend since.  I am still on a very bland diet… I tried to sway and that was a BAD idea.  I am just hoping I will be able to eat a salad again soon :), but ultimately I am so grateful for my health and that it was not anything more serious.  

My sweet friends, Rachael and Eric, and my dad and little brother sent me flowers and it made me so happy.  It is so nice to have such great friends and family that care about me after having such a crappy weekend.  

I never want to end a post on a bad note so here is the BEST part of last weekend.  I got the most exciting news this past Sunday!  My best friend, Rachael, got engaged to her boyfriend, Eric!  I couldn’t be more happy for them!!  Fun Fact: I actually introduced them to each other in HIGH SCHOOL and Eric called my wedding “Cupid’s wedding” because I was the matchmaker.  🙂 I just love these two and cannot wait for all the festivities to come this next year!!!!! It is so amazing to see friends so happy.  


That is all I have for today, friends.  I am hoping for a less eventful weekend than last weekend with more highs than lows and no hospital visits. 😉  I hope you all have a greta weekend!!


  1.  What do you have planned for this weekend?
  2. Have you ever been hospitalized?
  3. What is your favorite type of music?


Weekend Recap 11.14.16 … Friendsgiving, Painting, and a Special Visitor

Good morning!!  How was your weekend?  Mine was wonderful!  It was filled with a lot of productivity and relaxation, which is the best combo in my opinion.  

First I would like to apologize for my lacking of regular blogging lately.  There has been a lot going on over here lately, which has taken time away from blogging.  I hate to be so ambiguous, but I will update you all as soon as I am able.  

Anyways.. back to the recap!  Last Wednesday evening, my mother-in-law arrived in Dallas for a long weekend.  We had plans to re-paint some of the walls in our house and the baseboards since they have suffered a bit of damage due to the 500 dogs we always have in our house. 🙂  My mother-in-law loves to paint so we tricked her into helping us. 😉


By the end of the weekend, we finished the job and had a couple dogs covered in paint… 

On Friday I made a batch of butternut squash soup and boy, it hit the spot.  I am still perfecting the recipe a bit so once it is finalized (soon) I will share it with you! 


I made a batch of gluten free chocolate chip brownies (Trader Joe’s brand) for dessert on Friday night.  My sister and her boyfriend joined us for some soup and salmon and veggies on the grill. 

Saturday morning we took the pups on a walk to get coffee and bagels.  We currently have 3 extra pups with us right now.  I am in doggie heaven.  My husband wants to kill me. 😉 

The rest of Saturday was spent food prepping for a Friendsgiving we were invited to that evening.  I found this recipe while browsing pinterest and knew I had to try it.  


It sure was good!  And a big crowd pleaser!  


We had tons of delicious food at Friendsgiving!


And some yummy drinks too!  Okay.. I am not a whiskey drinker, but my husband enjoys one every once in a while.  So I know you guys have heard of Blue Apron… but did you know there is a company that does the same thing, but for drinks instead of food?  I didn’t either! 🙂  Our friends were telling us that you can tell them what kind of alcoholic drink you want and how many people you will be hosting.  They send you glasses and all the ingredients and you mix your own drinks.  You can order bartenders too, if you want.  I thought this concept was so neat especially with drinks where you use special simple syrups or bitters that you only need a little bit of each.  This way you don’t have to buy a whole bottle of something you will only use once or twice.  


Okay, how cute is my friend?  She had all the guests (probably around 30 people) play this bingo get-to-know-you game.  You had to find the person in the room that each fact belonged to and get them to sign the specific square.  Once you got them all signed, you won.  It was such a fun ice breaker and forced you to interact with everyone and meet new people.  I loved it!



This piece of art had me laughing. 🙂 


I thought my friend couldn’t get any cuter… but then she did.  She made these nutella cake pops with the cutest note on them. I just love personal touches at a party.  

Then my husband found the hats. 😉


We had such a blast at Friendsgiving!!  


Sunday morning we headed to church then Home Depot for a couple more painting supplies.  We spent the day painting and walking the pups.  

We drove to The Rustic for dinner, but then quickly realized the Dallas Cowboys game was on and the place was sooo loud so we opted to head to another restaurant to enjoy a more peaceful dinner. 🙂


We headed to Fernandos for some tex mex! 


I got the shrimp tacos and completely devoured them!  

Such a great end to a fantastic weekend! 


Off to go drink my second cup of coffee this morning!  Have a great day friends!


  1. How was your weekend?
  2. What is your favorite side dish on Thanksgiving?
  3. What do you order at a Mexican restaurant?

Lake Burton Part 2

Good morning!  I hope your week is going well! Can’t believe tomorrow is Friday already!  I love a short week! 

Today I am going to (hopefully) finish up the recap of our trip to Lake Burton last week.  So let’s see…I will pick up right where I left off.

Saturday evening we took a boat ride (or two) to get my mother-in-law out of the house for a bit.  My father-in-law planned to have her two best friends come to the lake for the week to surprise her.  (They both live out of town.)  Getting her out of the house around dinner time was a bit of a challenge (she likes to prep for dinner ahead of time).  Her friends were bringing dinner with them for everyone too.  She had an idea something was up, but she had no idea what it was.  

This is as we were driving back to the house on the boat. (My husband took a video.)


She realized two people were on the boathouse, but she couldn’t figure out who they were….


Until we got closer…. and then this sequence of excitement occurred.  

It was the best reaction EVER!!!! She saw her two best friends marching along…

She is a hard one to surprise so it was really fun to see her so happy! 


My mother-in-law let me borrow one of her festive shirts for the occasion! 


We spent some time hanging out with everyone before the next surprise came along! 

Over the last couple months, I put together this box with envelopes number 1-60 for my mother-in-law’s birthday.  Inside each card was a note that read, “I love Cathy because….” from 60 of her friends and family.  She was shocked.  It was so fun for her to read them all out loud and discuss how she knew each person.  We all love her very much and were so glad we could make her birthday so special this year.  


The birthday girl with all her friends!


Saturday night was the firework show on the lake.  We headed out around 9pm to the middle of the lake with all the other boats.  


Then the show began.  It was beautiful as always. 

Sunday included more fun…. like the boys jumping off the boathouse! 


Then my husband, brother-in-law, Riley and I headed out on the jetskis to the marina for a drink and some corn hole.  (Yes, Riley loves to ride on the jetski.)  We had a fun afternoon just chatting and relaxing in the sun. 

We made it home in time for dinner.  Every night we had a TON of food options (my mother-in-law’s friends brought enough food to feed an army :)).  This night I had grilled shrimp, corn, and a sun dried tomato bean and arugula salad.  It was all sooo tasty!  


Then we sang to the birthday girl and cut this massive chocolate cake her other friends from Atlanta brought!  It was almost too pretty to cut….almost. 


(Sorry for the bad lighting.) 

Sunday night we went out for a night boat cruise.  The boat at night is so peaceful.


And we wore our festive glow sticks (I forgot to pull them out of my bag for Saturday night.). Even Riley got some. 😉 

I spent Monday and Tuesday reading, walking, jetskiing, boating, napping, and puzzling before heading home on Tuesday evening.  It was the most wonderful week at the lake and it always seems to go by SO fast.  Until next time… 


  1. What is your favorite cake flavor?
  2. Have you ever been jetskiing?
  3. Do you like surprises?

Weekend Recap 3.15.16 Part 2

Good morning!!! How is your day going so far?  Good, I hope!  This time change has made me SO tired.  It is crazy to think one hour could make that much of a difference, but I am chugging my coffee today to try to stay awake. 🙂 

My Sunday started off bright and early with a 6 mile treadmill run while catching up on my “trashy” TV shows.  It was nice to have 13,000 steps before 9AM.. might be a record for me (I ended the day with around 23,000)!

Late Sunday morning we headed out to the boat for a little cruise on the lake!  Ofcourse, the pups had to join. 🙂 


It was such a beautiful day, but a little too windy. Our pups sure do love the boat! 

Sunday afternoon we headed out to the Stockyards in Fort Worth to walk around a bit before our dinner plans.  


We had never been to the Stockyards before so this was a fun experience for us!  The street is filled with shops and restaurants and horses and real cowboys.  It feels like you are in another country.  SO fun! 

My husband had to wear his cowboy boots so he would fit in. 😉

Me and the hubs before dinner in Fort Worth! 


We met my husband’s aunt and uncle for dinner at Del Friscos Grille and it was so fun!  I got the kale and brussels sprout salad with salmon… ahh it was so good! I could eat this meal every day (yes, I had salmon 3 nights in a row and might have had leftovers last night for dinner too… I could eat salmon every night).  

After dinner we walked around a bit.  Aren’t the angels so pretty? 

Family picture 🙂


Downtown Fort Worth is really neat as all the buildings are outlined in lights!  

That wraps up our fun weekend!! Between our busy weekend and the time change, I am exhausted, but so grateful that my mother-in-law came to visit us!  We always have a blast when we are together and this weekend was no different!!  Have an awesome week everyone! 


  1. Have you ever been to Fort Worth, Texas?
  2. Do you own cowboy/girl boots?
  3. What meal could you eat every day? 

Saturday musings

Hi ya’ll!!  How are you guys doing today?  I want to say thank you so much for all the love from my blog post yesterday about my grandma.  I really appreciate it.

Today I thought I would keep it light and show you what has been going on in my world the last couple days.  Here we go…

This was my view outside at work the other day.  A huge storm came shortly after.  It has been raining in Dallas all week.  😦

My momma is the sweetest.  She sent my husband and I this card to celebrate our 6 month anniversary.  She also sent us a giftcard to our favorite restaurant.  She is the best!

My husband picked up this popcorn from Trader Joes the other day… I may have eaten almost the whole bag in one sitting.  Oops.


An easy omelette dinner while my husband was on a business trip.  So good!

This is Rhodes.  He has so much energy.  Never stops.


He sat like this with my husband for about .0005 seconds.


Bought my first few watermelons of the season.  Not the best, but makes me so excited for summer watermelon!!


While we were waiting for my mother-in-law at the airport in the cellphone lot, Riley wanted to look out the sunroof.  🙂

And Callie wanted to drive.  😉

My mother-in-law and I made these breakfast cookies yesterday and they are amazing.


I had two this morning with a smoothie and was full until lunch.


They are full of healthy ingredients like walnuts, coconut oil, carrots and quinoa!


Kale salad for lunch with walnuts, craisins, strawberries, quinoa, and avocado.


Have you guys tried this dressing?  I saw it at the grocery store and had to try!


The verdict? I LOVE it.  So creamy and delicious.


So our dining room chairs needed some work.  We decided to recover them while I continue to convince my husband to build me a new table and chairs.  The old covers were dirty and worn out.


My mother-in-law and I headed to the store on Friday to look for new fabric.  Dallas has a huge fabric district with lots of stores close by with tons of fabric options.   We looked at a few and ultimately decided on the beige to keep it simple.

My mother-in-law was the project leader and made our idea happen.  She is so great at all projects.

The end result.  I know it doesn’t look much different than the before, but trust me, in person it makes a huge difference.

The dogs were not fans of the staple gun.


My husband really loves to use his drill. Men love their tools.  🙂

Last night we went to Bistro 31 for dinner and it was amazing as always.


We got the tuna tartar for an appetizer and did not disappoint.  It had spicy mango and avocado alongside the tuna… to die for!!


I am so predictable and got the grilled salmon and veggies, but it was delicious!!  I love perfectly grilled salmon.


My husband got some sort of pear mascarpone pie for dessert and loved it.


I have the best mother-in-law in the world! So blessed!


Today started bright and early with a 5 mile run, but somebody did not want me to run…

I wasn’t really feeling a run today, but knew I would feel better if I did.  So I turned on a show (How to Get Away With Murder) and ended up running 5 miles and watching the whole thing.  Love when that happens!! 


My run was followed by a large smoothie with spinach, flaxseed, banana, mango, kiwi, strawberries, and orange juice and a couple of the breakfast cookies we made yesterday!  

That is all for today!!  Enjoy the rest of your weekend and I will be back on Monday for a recap of our fun adventure we had this morning!!  


  1. Do you order the same things when you dine out or switch it up?
  2. Tell me what you had for lunch today! 
  3. What are your Saturday night plans?