Weekend Recap 3.7.16

Good Morning!!! How was your weekend?  My weekend was really great with lots of relaxation, puppies, and yummy food!  So let’s get right to it, shall we?

So this happened… these are 3 different doggies.  Simmonds, Benjie, and Scotch.  My husband and I LOVE labs.. they are just the sweetest dogs.  

As you may have read on my post from Saturday, Friday night was spent binge watching the new season of House of Cards.  We decided to keep dinner really simple and just throw some salmon and veggies on the grill with a simple salad.  It did the job! 


Saturday morning started bright and early with a body pump class and some green smoothies! 

And this sweet pup got a haircut.  As did her brother.  Less shedding = yes!!!


Saturday we packed a lunch and headed out to our boat with our pups.  The weather was so beautiful in the low 80s. 


We cruised around then rested in the sunshine!  My idea of a perfect day!


I resisted a sugary beverage in exchange for my green juice! 


My hubby took this snapchat.  It is pretty amazing to be on the lake in March! 


Saturday night, my husband and I went out to dinner at Origin Kitchen and Bar.  We started with some beverages.


I got the Warm Brussel Salad with salmon and my husband got the Bison Burger and we both raved about our meals.  I really want to try to recreate this salad at home.  It was unbelievable.  

After dinner we headed to a local bar – High Fives – to grab one more drink.  We enjoyed our drinks outside by the fire pit and it was so nice to just relax with my husband.  

Sunday started with a big green smoothie and coffee ofcourse! 


We took a long walk with the pups to tire them out.  My sister and her boyfriend came over and we grabbed salads from Crisp to eat on our rooftop while the pups played.  Clearly the long walk did not make them tired… 




Dinner Sunday night consisted of a big salad and spiralized zucchini and carrots with pesto. A random, but tasty combination! 


Last night my hubby and I were craving a sweet treat so we headed out for some froyo.  I got peanut butter and vanilla (I ALWAYS pick chocolate over vanilla so this craving was strange!) with shredded coconut and non dairy dark chocolate chunks on top!  It hit the spot! 

We came home to see this scene. Simmonds was not thrilled that Rhodes wanted to share the bed.  



And to balance out the sweets and alcoholic beverages this weekend, I started my Monday morning with none other than a BIG green smoothie. 😉 


That about wraps up our weekend!!  Let’s hope this week flies by because we’ve got a visitor coming to town later this week and we can’t wait!  Have a great week everyone!


  1. What did you do this weekend?
  2. Chocolate or vanilla?
  3. Coffee or tea? 

Weekend Recap 1.25.16

Happy Monday everyone!  I hope your week is off to a great start!  I just got back from an early morning body pump class followed by a long walk with the pups!  


Here’s a little look at our weekend.  

A new favorite smoothie combination: spinach, flaxseed, banana, pineapple, mango, kiwi and coconut water.  It is seriously so so so good. 

Fill it up! 

Some of my favorite snacks: fresh fruit, Think Thin bars, and celery with peanut butter!

I saw this on snapchat the other day… too funny…and true!


My sister came over for take out food and a movie on Friday night.  3 pups! We watched The Intern with Robert de Niro and Anne Hathaway.  It was pretty good. 

My nephew, Otis, sitting on my lap. 🙂

Kale salad for lunch at work on Friday.


Leftover brown rice and veggies make for a perfect brunch topped with avocado and 2 eggs and a side salad! Yum!

Leftover quinoa with the same concept, different day.  Can’t get enough!


Sunday morning started bright and early with a 5 miles treadmill run while watching Fixer Upper… love this show! 


Coffee and green smoothies were regulars this weekend.

Cuddle bug Riley.


Isn’t this crazy? I definitely contribute to that number! I love my peanut butter. 🙂


My favorite meal was repeated a couple times this past week.  I never get sick of it.


I love this instagram page.  The houses are so unreal!  


That’s all I’ve got for today!  Have a great week ya’ll!!


  1. What is your favorite brunch food?
  2. Do you like peanut butter?
  3. Did you get any workouts in this weekend?   

Saturday talks

Hi guys! I hope you are all enjoying your weekend and staying warm!  To my friends that got hit with lots of snow, I hope you are enjoying it!  I have to admit, I kind of miss the snow a little bit since we moved to Dallas, but I don’t miss having to drive in it.  I prefer watching the snow from inside my house bundled up on the couch with lots of blankets, a toasty fire, and a cup of warm hot chocolate. 🙂


I am off to a body pump class at the gym and then I have to get ready for Riley’s Therapy Dog exam today (Riley and I are training to be a Dog Therapy team). Let’s hope he passes 😉

Some snow pictures from my mom, dad, and best friend in Nashville.  So pretty!

I love the pretty birds in the snow.

This is the lovely site I came home to the other day… I thought someone had broken into our house… nope.  The dog we were watching knocked this big picture (with the glass and frame) off of the ledge (that most dogs are scared of going near) and it fell down the stairs.  It was not fun to clean up, but I am just happy that no dogs were injured in the process.  After lots of vacuuming and mopping, I will still be wearing shoes in my house for a while 🙂 

IMG_7668 - Copy

Smoothie with spinach, flaxseed, banana, coconut water and frozen mango.  Yum!

And another smoothie with the same ingredients as the previous one plus some frozen berries! 

My go-to easy dinner when the hubs is out of town.  Chopped salad topped with a veggie burger (I buy them frozen) topped with avocado.  SO easy and never gets old!

Another yummy meal with red quinoa (cooked in vegetable broth), corn, black beans, onions, mushrooms, and tossed with fresh cilantro!  

But don’t forget the homemade guacamole (avocado, onion, garlic, salt, pepper, lime juice, and fresh cilantro)!!


It’s so yummy, you will go back for seconds!  I sure did!


I always make a lot of any dish so we have leftovers for simple meals the following days!


A few other healthy dessert options that I took pictures of from the tastemade snapchat story.  They all look so easy and yummy! 

You may have seen my chia seed pudding recipe on the blog a while ago, and this is why I love chia seeds!  16 grams of protein for every 3.5 ounces!  So good for you!

I am off to the Dog Therapy exam with Riley!  Wish us luck!! Have a great rest of the weekend!


  1. Do you like chia seeds? Favorite recipe?
  2. How much snow did you get?
  3. Do you like quinoa?  Favorite recipe?  

Weekend Recap 1.11.16

Happy Monday everyone!  We had a really nice weekend over here with fun, relaxation, and some productivity so it’s a win in my book!  And here Monday is again.. it always comes way too fast.  I managed to pull myself out of bed this morning to take a 6am body pump class so my week is off to a great start already!


Here’s a look at the rest of our weekend.

Saturday omelette after the gym.  I really should branch out a bit with my breakfasts.

But hey, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it ;).


Sweet cuddling siblings.

We watched this sweet boy for the weekend.  He is a sweetheart.

Saturday smoothie making with a side of Riley.

This one had spinach, flaxseed, pineapple, banana, mango, peach and coconut water.  Loving this combo right now. 

New friends.

Making himself right at home…

Don’t worry buddy, no one is going to steal your ball while you sleep 😉


Easy dinner with spiralized zucchini with pesto, grilled salmon, and a spinach salad.  Delicious.

Sunday morning breakfast while planning a big trip we have coming up in a couple months!


Riley wanted to be held like a little baby the entire time.  So tired.

Sweet Callie girl just hanging out.


So for our wedding we had guests sign flat tree rounds (made by my stepdad) instead of a guest book, and I have been wanting to display them.  I showed my husband the kind of shelves I wanted to put them on and he said he could make them so we headed to his favorite store. 


So excited about going to Lowes 😉


We got home and he got to work… shelves in progress.  I will show you a completed picture when they are hung with the guest logs on them. 


I used this stain and might do one more coat.  


The hubs and sweet siblings.

After lots of walks and games of fetch, they finally decided to rest. 

This is Bennie.  Don’t be fooled by his sweet face… he is a whiner.  Like all day and night…. 

As I was making my coffee this morning, I looked over and saw this.  Callie is guarding her food so Bennie can’t have any (Bennie has no interest in her food at all).  She would not move from this spot.  She has been known to “block out” Riley from the food as well.  We are still learning how to share over here.


Monday morning smoothie after body pump at 6am!  This is the same smoothie as the one up top, but with strawberries added to the mix!  


I hope everyone has a great Monday and an awesome week!!  Let’s make it a good one!


  1. What did you do this weekend?
  2. Do you like DIY projects?
  3. Do you have any upcoming trips planned?