Lake Burton Weekend With Friends

Hi friends!! How was your weekend?  Mine was pretty low key with a girls night, a date night and a pool day at my moms.  My husband spent the majority of the weekend working on building us a new dining room table.  I will show you guys pictures once it is complete!  I am soo excited!  

Last weekend we headed down to lake Burton on Thursday once our friends arrived from Boston.  We met a few of our other friends there for a long weekend in the sunshine!  We did a lot of boating.  

And played a lot of hillbilly golf. 

The pups were pretty darn happy the whole weekend.  


We played games in the boathouse and floated in the water.  We got so lucky with great weather for most of the weekend.  

I have the best friends!  We had friends fly from Boston and Iowa, and drive from Ohio, Tennessee, and Georgia.  It was such a great group!

Thursday and Friday night we just grilled out at the house.  Saturday night we had dinner at the restaurant at the marina.  The girls before boating to dinner.  We had a group picture with the boys, but that phone took a tumble into the lake. 😉 


My and my bestie Rachael!  

I got the salmon at dinner and it was amazing!!  


On our boat ride home from dinner some neighbors were shooting off fireworks so we got our own little show.  It was awesome!  


Isn’t nature just so beautiful?  

Most of the crew left Sunday, but we stayed an extra day with our friends from Boston.  We spent most of the day at the marina (we got caught in a rainstorm) and on the boat.  

After cleaning up and packing up on Monday morning, we made the drive back to Nashville.  Somebody was exhausted!! 


When we got home I got a call from my florist mom that she was making a delivery to our house.  She has the prettiest hydrangeas at her house and often brings me some.  I just LOVE having fresh flowers in my house.  


Well it took all last week to recover from lots of fun at the lake, but I am feeling well-rested and ready to tackle this week!  Who’s with me?!  I hope to pop in later this week, but until then, have a great one!!


  1. What was the highlight of your weekend?
  2. Do you take an annual trip with friends?  
  3. What are you having for breakfast today?  

Memorial Day Weekend… Only a Week Late :)

Hi friends!! I hope you all had a great weekend!  Mine was amazing and I will share it with you later this week, but first I need to back up to last weekend.  On Friday afternoon we packed up the car and the pups and headed south to Georgia for a long weekend with family.  Memorial Day weekend has been our annual family reunion with my husband’s side of the family.  We were so grateful they let us bring the pups since we could drive this year! 

We took a boat cruise when we arrived and were so happy to be back on the lake.  My husband and I both agree that the lake is our happy place.  Between our families we have quite a few lakehouses to visit so we are making the rounds this summer.  One of the benefits of living in Tennessee versus Dallas is that we can drive to all of them!


Can you spy Riley in this picture?  This was probably 10 minutes after arriving. 😉  This doggie LOVES the water.  


And this doggie loves me.  She never left my side the whole trip.  She is such a homebody and does not like to be out of her comfort zone… unless she is with her momma.  


Riley playing on the duck!


I just had to show you all this picture.  I think Riley wanted off the duck and saw my husband’s head as his way off.  🙂


We had so much fun just relaxing with family at the lake.  It is so beautiful!


This is where I spent most of my time… Life has been quite crazy and busy lately that I haven’t had much time for reading so I allowed myself some downtime to just lay in the sun and read.  It was glorious!


We had lots of yummy food thanks to my mother-in-law and aunts!


Love my people!! 


I hope you all have a fantastic week!! I will be back soon to recap this weekend (I went to the Stanley Cup game :)).  


  1. How was your weekend?
  2. Are you a lake/beach person or a mountain person?
  3. Have you tried any new recipes lately?

Lake Burton… we have arrived!

Good morning and happy Friday!! woo! Are you guys excited for the long weekend?  I have to admit, I have been on vacation since Wednesday so I just had to ask my husband what day it was… that is when you know that your vacation is going well!  Riley and I just got back from a run and had some breakfast and now we are just hanging out talking to you fine people before we head into town to go to the Farmers Market (love!!!)! 

Let’s back up a little bit to Wednesday afternoon.

We headed to the airport with our favorite little travel buddy.  He loves to fly.

After a quick flight, we arrived in Atlanta and grabbed our rental car before making the 2 hour drive to my in-laws lake house.  My mother-in-law had dinner ready for us when we arrived, which was so nice!  We had a salad, roasted cauliflower, and halibut.  So yummy!


Thursday morning, I headed out for a run with my husband and pup.  They ditched me halfway so I finished up by myself.  So humid here.  


After cooling off and relaxing for a bit, I cooked up some breakfast for my husband and I.  This little guy was hoping for some droppings.

Fresh berries, egg scramble with veggies, and ofcourse, avocado on our festive plates!


After breakfast we spent lots of time outside playing fetch.  Riley is obsessed with water and would swim all day if he could.  Sometimes I have to go in there to get him because he refuses to listen to me.  🙂 

His happy place.  Notice the big stick to the right of him… yep, the LARGE sticks (branches) are his favorite.  


My mother-in-law painted these chairs red for the boathouse.  Aren’t they so pretty? 


Even Riley approves! 


Thursday afternoon was spent relaxing with my sidekick and reading this book.  Have any of you guys read it?  Remember on our trip to the Cayman Islands I told you about the airport book rental… well I actually exchanged the book I got for that trip at the Atlanta airport when we arrived on Wednesday and got 50% back and then purchased this one!  Just love the concept of “read and return.”

Thursday evening we got ready to head into town (about 30 minutes) for dinner.  Kisses for my baby, first! 🙂


We went to one of our favorite restaurants for dinner.  Fortify has a farm to table concept and is always delicious! 

Fresh bread and fried green tomatoes! 

I got the Halibut for my entree and my husband got the Grouper and we both raved about our meals!  

Me and my hubby!


Us and my brother-in-law!


My in-laws are the best!  So cute!!


I am off to the Farmers Market with my mother-in-law before the rest of the family arrives tonight!  Can’t wait!!  Have an amazing day and weekend and I will talk to you all soon! 


  1. Do you have a Farmers Market near you?
  2. Do you have any plans for the long weekend?
  3. What is your favorite summer holiday food?