Flashback Friday via Rayandtaynutrition

Morning ya’ll!! Happy Friday!! How are you doing today?  Are you guys ready for the weekend?  We don’t have much on the agenda over here, but that is just fine by me! 


You may or may not know that my friend Rachael and I started an Instagram account (rayandtaynutrition) a while ago following our yummy and nutritious eats!  We both kind of let it slip a bit with my wedding and Rachael starting a health coaching business with her sister and life just got crazy busy!

I still post on our page occasionally and still love connecting with other like-minded individuals (which I love doing through my blog as well), but wanted to show you some of my favorite recipes and food pictures from the past year on our Instagram page!  Sometimes I lose track of my recipes and forget about them so this way I can bring them out of hiding and share them with all of you! I hope you enjoy!  

Smoothies definitely taste better out of champagne glasses 😉


Fill it to the top!


I’m so ready for summer’s warm weather and cold smoothies!


Love this combination of 3 layers of flavors! 

Smoothies at the lake are the best! 


One of my favorite juice recipes!

This is another favorite!  I really need to get out the old juicer more often… it is just quite the pain to clean.  

I always have fresh cut up fruit on hand in my fridge.


As soon as I get home from the grocery store, I wash my fruit so it is ready to go when I need a snack!


This watermelon is making me crave summertime.  I can eat a whole watermelon by myself in one day.  🙂


We hosted a challenge for everyone to go vegan for 1 month.  Although I eat this way often, it was a challenge and definitely made me more aware of the non-vegan choices I make.  Today, I am all about moderation.  🙂

Then we hosted a 3 day raw vegan challenge.  Now that was hard.. mostly because I like to “cook” dinner.  It is always fun to have a challenge to try to  test your will power though! 


I will be posting more recipes including homemade veggie burgers, snacks, and delicious salads from our instagram soon!  Have a happy and healthy weekend ya’ll!  


  1. Do you have a juicer? 
  2. Have you ever done a food challenge before?
  3. What is one food you could not live without?

Weekend Recap 2.15.16 Part 2!

Good morning!  How are you doing today?  I am a little tired from the long weekend… does that ever happen to you?  I know I should be more rested since I had a longer weekend, but sometimes that just means I do more and end up starting the week a little tired.  Hopefully my coffee will kick in soon. 🙂


Since my post yesterday only covered part of my fun weekend, I will share the rest with you today!  

I found this on my phone from Saturday afternoon and couldn’t stop laughing.  Otis is such a hoot!


Saturday night we had some friends over and started the night off with some champagne and a fire!


Followed by a delicious dinner of grilled salmon, chicken, tempeh, asparagus, salad and roasted butternut squash and apples (chili powder, cinnamon, olive oil, pecans).  SO yummy! We followed dinner by playing Cards Against Humanity.  So many laughs.


And ofcourse we had to have dessert!  Brownies and this amazing chocolate pie with a pretzel crust (my sister brought and her bf brought it)!



My momma is the cutest! 


Call me crazy, but I LOVE mango skins.  More than the actual mango.  The skin actually has a ton of nutrients! 


Our friends that were visiting love Trader Joes so they made sure to stock up before driving home.  I stocked up on some goodies too! Pecans, shredded coconut, dates, and dried mangoes! 


And these delicious brown rice tortillas.


Stocked up on lots of fruits and veggies!  The pineapple at my grocery store has been on sale (.99c) from the usual price of $3.99 so I have been buying in bulk, chopping, and freezing for smoothies.  This is a great way to save money for smoothies as frozen fruit can be expensive!


Can’t get enough!


Sunday, my husband surprised me with red roses (my favorite!).

With this really nice card. 😉  (I call my husband “Bunny” and I have no idea why, but I have for years.)

Then we begun the really fun part of our Valentines Day. 😉  We cleaned all the carpets and rugs in our house…. twice.

Riley and Callie were not happy with the noise from the carpet cleaner. 

We took a quick break to make some lunch.  I used the brown rice tortillas from Trader Joes to make a wrap!  I added avocado, tempeh, and kale salad with craisins, pecans, quinoa and raspberry vinaigrette.  


Dinner was so simple with lots of leftovers. We are huge leftover fans! So easy.


That just about concludes our long weekend.  Off to get lots of work done before heading out tonight on a little getaway!  See you all tomorrow!  


  1. Favorite type of pie?
  2. Do you like wraps or do you prefer sandwiches?
  3. Do you freeze your own fruit?  Tell me your favorite way to save money at the grocery store!


Weekend Recap 2.15.16

Happy Presidents’ Day to you all!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and that you have a nice day off today (if you don’t have to work).  My husband and I are both working around the house today as yesterday we began the rather large task of cleaning all of the carpet and our rugs in our house.  


I apologize for being MIA this weekend as I was off enjoying the sunshine with my hubby and our friends that were in town!  We had such a nice weekend so I will share some photos with you today! 

Waiting for our friends to arrive Friday night with some appetizers and some pups!


My husband was trimming up a plant outside and Riley was patiently waiting for him to come back inside…

Friday night we had reservations at a restaurant called Remedy.  First we started with some drinks!

For dinner I got an arugula salad with grilled salmon on top.  It was delicious! 


Saturday started bright and early with a treadmill run followed by a big breakfast!


We had lots of fruit and a frittata with eggs, garlic, onions, asparagus, mushrooms, cheese, salt and pepper. 


Shortly after breakfast, we packed up the dogs (5 dogs including my sister’s dog, Otis) and headed to the dog park to run off some energy.  


We took a short walk when we arrived before heading into the dog park.

The dogs were all so happy.

Zoey playing fetch!

I’ve never met another little dog that loves the water as much as Riley.  Riley LOVES to swim and play fetch in the water.  

Callie and Otis were a little worried about Riley (they both don’t like the water) so they stayed close and kept a good eye on him. 😉

After lots of swimming and playing at the park, we headed home.  We picked up salads from Crisp

And then there was a lot of lounging on the rooftop soaking up the sun with the tired pups.

Otis tried really hard to stay awake.




Always laying in the sun.


My husband sent me this snapchat of me and the pups.  So relaxed. 🙂


And another of me and my nephew, Otis. 😉


I’ve got some more carpet to clean before we have to return the machine!  Have a great day, ya’ll! I will see you tomorrow for some more of our weekend fun!!  


  1. What did you do this weekend?
  2. Did you go out or stay in for Valentines Day?
  3. How do you keep your carpets clean?  Do you clean them regularly?


Snacks, treats, dogs, diy projects, and dinner

Happy Saturday guys!!! How’s that for a blog post title?  Lots to talk about today!  I hope your weekend is off to a fantastic start!  Mine started off bright and early with a walk with the pups and a packed body pump class at the gym!  Just the way I like it!  


Here’s a little look at a few happenings the last couple of days…

Washed and cut up fruit right after I got home from the grocery store so it was all ready to eat when I got hungry!


Topped some plan greek yogurt with my fresh fruit and a little drizzle of honey.


Then I made my favorite granola bars.  Link to the recipe can be found in this blog post.



In the making…

Ready to go in the freezer to set up before slicing and individually wrapping!


Then I made some brownies (from a box) for the boys. I topped them with chocolate icing later, but forgot to snap a pic!


This little munchkin is quite the trouble maker.

I was in the kitchen and look over and this is what I see…


Okay, fine, you can sit in the chair like a human.  But then, I look over 2 seconds later and see THIS….  Bad girl! 

New friends!


This is what I saw in my car after work…. I wish it was 77!  But, I will take 65 degrees weather we had yesterday over the chilly, rainy weather we have today.


Got in a quite little 5k run (walked for a quick cool down) after work on Friday afternoon on my treadmill.

DIY collage wall in the works!  I got a bunch of our wedding pictures printed and found these beautiful frames at Pottery Barn for 20% off then another 10% off if you spend $100.  SO that is a win in my book! I will snap a picture of it all completed once I get them up on the wall with my new shelves!

Friday night we went to dinner at HG Supply Co with my brother-in-law, my sister, and her boyfriend.  It is one of our favorite restaurants and never disappoints!  

I had the “create your own bowl” with quinoa, roasted brussels sprouts, grilled salmon, and guacamole!  It was delicious!  I could eat the same meal again right now!


My sister wanted me to show you guys her meal and her boyfriend’s meal too!  She had the “create your own bowl” with sweet potatoes, black beans, chicken, and guacamole and her boyfriend had the coconut curry bowl.

We had such a fun night out with great food and even better company.  Off to enjoy the weekend!!  


  1. Do you have a favorite restaurant you go to often?
  2. Do you prefer treadmill running or running outside?
  3. What is your favorite dessert to bake?