Weekend Recap 11.14.16 … Friendsgiving, Painting, and a Special Visitor

Good morning!!  How was your weekend?  Mine was wonderful!  It was filled with a lot of productivity and relaxation, which is the best combo in my opinion.  

First I would like to apologize for my lacking of regular blogging lately.  There has been a lot going on over here lately, which has taken time away from blogging.  I hate to be so ambiguous, but I will update you all as soon as I am able.  

Anyways.. back to the recap!  Last Wednesday evening, my mother-in-law arrived in Dallas for a long weekend.  We had plans to re-paint some of the walls in our house and the baseboards since they have suffered a bit of damage due to the 500 dogs we always have in our house. 🙂  My mother-in-law loves to paint so we tricked her into helping us. 😉


By the end of the weekend, we finished the job and had a couple dogs covered in paint… 

On Friday I made a batch of butternut squash soup and boy, it hit the spot.  I am still perfecting the recipe a bit so once it is finalized (soon) I will share it with you! 


I made a batch of gluten free chocolate chip brownies (Trader Joe’s brand) for dessert on Friday night.  My sister and her boyfriend joined us for some soup and salmon and veggies on the grill. 

Saturday morning we took the pups on a walk to get coffee and bagels.  We currently have 3 extra pups with us right now.  I am in doggie heaven.  My husband wants to kill me. 😉 

The rest of Saturday was spent food prepping for a Friendsgiving we were invited to that evening.  I found this recipe while browsing pinterest and knew I had to try it.  


It sure was good!  And a big crowd pleaser!  


We had tons of delicious food at Friendsgiving!


And some yummy drinks too!  Okay.. I am not a whiskey drinker, but my husband enjoys one every once in a while.  So I know you guys have heard of Blue Apron… but did you know there is a company that does the same thing, but for drinks instead of food?  I didn’t either! 🙂  Our friends were telling us that you can tell them what kind of alcoholic drink you want and how many people you will be hosting.  They send you glasses and all the ingredients and you mix your own drinks.  You can order bartenders too, if you want.  I thought this concept was so neat especially with drinks where you use special simple syrups or bitters that you only need a little bit of each.  This way you don’t have to buy a whole bottle of something you will only use once or twice.  


Okay, how cute is my friend?  She had all the guests (probably around 30 people) play this bingo get-to-know-you game.  You had to find the person in the room that each fact belonged to and get them to sign the specific square.  Once you got them all signed, you won.  It was such a fun ice breaker and forced you to interact with everyone and meet new people.  I loved it!



This piece of art had me laughing. 🙂 


I thought my friend couldn’t get any cuter… but then she did.  She made these nutella cake pops with the cutest note on them. I just love personal touches at a party.  

Then my husband found the hats. 😉


We had such a blast at Friendsgiving!!  


Sunday morning we headed to church then Home Depot for a couple more painting supplies.  We spent the day painting and walking the pups.  

We drove to The Rustic for dinner, but then quickly realized the Dallas Cowboys game was on and the place was sooo loud so we opted to head to another restaurant to enjoy a more peaceful dinner. 🙂


We headed to Fernandos for some tex mex! 


I got the shrimp tacos and completely devoured them!  

Such a great end to a fantastic weekend! 


Off to go drink my second cup of coffee this morning!  Have a great day friends!


  1. How was your weekend?
  2. What is your favorite side dish on Thanksgiving?
  3. What do you order at a Mexican restaurant?

Weekend Recap 6.14.16 Part 2

Hi! How are you all doing today?  I am doing really well especially since I have switched up my workout routine a bit.  On the days I work, I am usually up by 4:45am already so I have never bothered to wake up earlier to get in a workout.  I often just run after I get home (and after a couple hours of procrastination).  This has left me kinda dreading my runs because I am exhausted after such an early start to the day.  So last Friday I decided to run before work (hello, 4:00am alarm clock) and I loved it.  It was so nice to know that I had my afternoon and evening to myself to do whatever I wanted.  Don’t get me wrong, I have always been a morning exercise type of person, but more like a 6am class, not a 4am run.  Well I think I have begun to develop a new habit because I ran yesterday and today before work.  Yes, it is hard to pull myself out of bed at that hour, but I find my motivation in knowing I can relax/have more time to get things done after work.  I have a treadmill in my house so I just walk downstairs and get going (don’t worry, mom and dad, I will not run in the dark by myself). 😉 We will see if this habit sticks, but for now, I really am loving it.

Okay, now back to the rest of my weekend fun! 

Friday night after the surprise at the bar, we headed to another local bar, Knox Street Pub, for some music and dancing.  It was so much fun and we stayed up wayyyy too late, but it was so worth it! 

Saturday morning started with a quick run and a weight circuit before heading to Origin for a birthday brunch for my sister (we love to celebrate!) with her friends.  Ofcourse, we started with mimosas. 


I got the brussel sprout salad with salmon (I get this every time we eat here… it is just THAT good).  


The rest of Sunday was spent on our rooftop playing Cards Against Humanity and a few other card games.  It was a blast! 

We were watching these two pups this weekend and they both were obsessed with the same toy. 🙂 


Sunday was spent getting things done around the house.  I love starting my week with an organized and clean house (as clean as it can get with 6 dogs who shed….). 

Every time I would lay on the couch and put my feet up, this sweet pup would lick my toes.  I am so ticklish and couldn’t stop laughing.  I know you guys wanted to see this picture. 😉  


And her look alike, Jax, loved my husband.  When my husband would talk on the phone, he would literally just climb all over him until he paid her some attention.  


This guy found his new favorite spot to sit… on my shoulder.  Sometimes I am not sure if he is a cat, a bird, or a dog.  He sure is funny though.  🙂 


Sunday night was an early one for my 4am wake up call.  I will see you tomorrow before we are off on another long weekend adventure!  Have a great day!


  1. Are you a morning person?  Do you exercise before or after work?
  2. Do you like brunch? Or would you rather go out to dinner?
  3.  What is your favorite card game? 

Weekend happenings

Hi guys!! Happy Sunday!  I hope you are all doing well and enjoying your (hopefully) long weekend!  We sure are over here.  We are hoping to catch a movie today, but before we do, here’s a look at our Saturday!


My dad sent me this picture from his lakehouse in Tennessee.  Isn’t the view gorgeous?


Saturday morning started off nice and early with a doggie walk and then my favorite Body Pump class.  It was so crowded…like no more equipment or space kind of crowded.  While I do love the enthusiasm of the new year resolutions and people wanting to get in shape, I do kinda look forward to February once the overcrowding at the gym has died down a bit.  🙂


Refueled with a veggie scramble after the gym (sauteed broccoli and spinach, then added one egg and two egg whites and cooked for a couple more minutes.  Added salt, pepper, chili powder, avocado, and nutritional yeast before eating).

Do you guys use this stuff?  I love roasting kale in the oven with olive, salt pepper and some nutritional yeast.  It is high in B vitamins and can be used in a variety of ways.  I sometimes use it in the place of cheese in recipes.


Otis and his sweet snuggles.


Always by my side.  Riley will sit on this rug in my kitchen while I cook… I like the company, he likes the crumbs 🙂

Goofball Otis.


Cuddling cousins.

Have you seen enough puppy pictures yet? 😉

That cannot be comfortable…


Then we had some spiralizing to do.  My husband is making some kind of chicken stuffed peppers with pickled veggies on top from this book and needed to get the veggies pickled for Sunday (it takes 24 hours).  


Then we went to get a much needed car wash and my husband really wanted me to show you guys some pictures 😉 

Callie and Otis just love playing together.  It’s adorable.

Saturday night we were going to go get sushi, but the restaurant we wanted to go to was packed so we opted for a little hole in the wall thai place and it did not disappoint. 

Enjoy your Sunday!


  1. Do you use nutritional yeast? Favorite way to use it?
  2. Do you like sushi?
  3. What is your favorite group exercise class?

Sales, traffic, dogs and food!

Happy Saturday friends!  We are keeping it pretty low key this weekend with projects around the house, taking down holiday decorations, cleaning out our closets and lots of playing with the pups! 


Did anyone else go to Dillard’s for their New Year’s Day sale?  Most items are an additional 50% off on top of sale prices.  There are some really good deals, but the downside is the crowds and messes.  By the time we got to Dillard’s Friday afternoon.. this is what we saw:

We didn’t even make it to the women’s section (I was over it pretty quickly ;), but scored some deals for my husband including a few pairs of pants and some shirts.  

After that nightmare, we got the pleasure of driving home in the Dallas traffic 🙂 We realized it must have been an accident shortly after (I truly hope everyone was okay and not harmed).  

By this point, we were exhausted and hungry so we opted for take out.  Have you guys ever tried BBbop? It is really good and one of our favorite take out places! Can you guess which one is mine? 😉


Yep, I got sesame brown rice, lots of veggies, and an egg over easy on top.


But the best part about BBbop is the sauce bar.  I always get the coconut curry sauce and the cucumber chili sauce.  So good.


Since I was so kind to buy my husband some new clothes ;), I made him try on all of his clothes and create a donate pile with the ones that don’t fit anymore.  He loves me 🙂

Even Riley helped 🙂


Riley and Callie like to hog the remote.

Sweet Otis.

Mira, a sweetie we are watching for the weekend.  Yeah, we have a LOT of dogs in this house right now! 


Off to take these crazy pups on a walk!! See you tomorrow!  Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Do you have any dogs? How many?
  2. Did you fight the Dillard’s crowds?
  3. Have you taken down holiday decorations or still have them up?