Homemade Farmhouse Table… I’ve Got Myself a Handy Man

Good morning!!! I hope your weekend is going well!! Ours has been relaxing and very low key, which is always nice after traveling last weekend.  I will share a recap of this weekend tomorrow, but today I’m going to share a post that is LONG overdue, but hey, better late than never. Right?  🙂 

After we moved into our new house in Nashville and finished furnishing it, we started thinking about a few things we wanted to replace regarding furniture.  We have been very lucky to have been given a lot of furniture from my parents over the years and we received my grandma’s dining room table after she passed away.  I think it might have even been my mom’s before hers.  It was fine and did the job for several years, but in our new house, our “dining room” area is much larger than our previous houses so we decided we wanted more of a farmhouse table to go with our more modern open concept dining room.  While I know that dining tables last a long time, it was still hard to justify paying thousands of dollars for the table alone plus buying at least 6 expensive chairs.  And honestly we never found one we absolutely loved for a price we were willing to spend.  So that is where my idea to make one came into play.  

I have told you guys before, but my husband is super handy.  He would never call a repair man unless it was absolutely necessary.  He just prefers to do things himself, which I secretly love because it saves us a ton of money.  And I am all about saving money on things we can do ourselves and putting that money towards trips and experiences rather than possessions.  My husband even changes the oil in our cars himself.  Thankfully he enjoys a good project so it works out well.  

Once we decided that we were going to make our own table, we looked at a LOT of designs, especially ones that didn’t require a ton of equipment.  While I know that if you buy a new saw or tool, it is an investment that you will use in the future, I didn’t want this table to cost us as much as a new one would have been to buy. 🙂 

In the end, my husband actually decided to come up with his own design or a combination of other designs he saw.  He picked up all the wood from Lowes and this is what the based looked like.  


Pretty simple, but functional design.


We tested out the table top pieces to see how they would look before making them permanent.  



My husband had a little help from my step dad to make the table top just right.  


He has all the fancy equipment. 🙂  This definitely was not needed, but it helped the table look a little more professional.  


Once the table was complete, it was my turn to get my hands on it.  I knew I wanted a grayish washed look, but wasn’t exactly sure how I was going to do it.  


First I started with a gray stain wash (gray stain mixed with a little bit of water to thin it out), which means that after you paint on the gray stain + water, you scrub it in with a washcloth so it has that more weathered look instead of just a paint look.  


After doing one coat of the gray wash, I decided I wanted it to be a little lighter so I did the same thing again with a white stain wash.  

But then I decided it was a little more white than I wanted so I did one more coat of the gray stain wash on top and this was the final result before putting on a few coats of poly.  I just love how it turned out.  If you play around with the colors you want long enough, you will get the look you are going for.  I knew if I messed it up I could always paint over it so I wasn’t too worried.  I think with the white stain wash layer underneath the gray, it helped to create that more rustic farmhouse table vibe we were going for.  I wanted it to be modern, but rustic and not “perfect” at the same time.  


I did the same 3 coats to the base of the table before applying a few coats of poly to it as well.  We had to assemble the base and the table top once we got it moved up to our kitchen/dining room area because it was SO heavy. 


Originally I had planned to buy chairs for our new table, but then (in the interest of saving money) I decided to have my husband build some simple benches for both sides.  He came up with a simple design and they were ready to be painted the next day. 


I really love how they turned out.  And we can fit a lot of people at our table!


Putting on the final coats for the benches.  This was in the middle of winter so I persuaded my husband to let me paint inside.  I only spilled a little bit of paint. 😉 


The final project! This was back in the fall hence the fall decor, but these are the best pictures I have of the table completed.  


I really love how it turned out and it fills the space much more appropriately than our last table that was a bit smaller.  


I love how it is rustic and has a lot of character.  It has been perfect for entertaining. 


And the best part is that the benches were made to fit perfectly underneath the table, which is nice for saving even more space.  


The table and benches cost us less than $500 to make ourselves and the best part is that we ended up with exactly what we wanted for our new house.  The pups love it too. 😉  We are thinking about adding a fun chair at each end, but we haven’t found the perfect ones just yet.  I will show yall when we do!  I hope you guys liked checking out our new table and I promise you that doing it yourself is not that hard.  My husband and I both watched a lot of youtube videos to see different styles and techniques and then used a combination of them all to get the look we wanted.  And we had a lot of fun doing it!!

I hope you guys enjoy the rest of your weekend!!! 


  1. Do you like DIY projects?
  2. What is one project you are wanting to do at your house?
  3. How would you describe your style?  Mine is a mix between modern elegance and a homey/rustic feel.  🙂  

Wedding Details

Hi there!! Happy hump day!!  Is anyone else still trying to recover from the time change? More coffee, please!  

One of the first questions our wedding photographer asked us when we met her was what was important to us in our wedding photos.  I really wanted the love we have for each other to be captured, but another thing that was important to me were the wedding details.  My mom and mother-in-law spent days, hours, months preparing for our wedding day to make it so special for us and I wanted our photos to show that.  

Today I wanted to show you a few of my favorite wedding details from our ceremony location!

The entrance to our wedding ceremony location (my in-laws house in Indiana).  


My mother-in-law made these signs that lined the pathway back to our ceremony location in the backyard.  


“Forever starts here”


She also created these window frames and flower holders too.  


Our photographer and videographer both stressed the importance of an “unplugged” ceremony so we made sure to inform our guests.  



My mother-in-law also created these pillows to set the scene.  So sweet. 





Our cute bags for the guests at the hotel that my mother-in-law made and my mom filled! 


Our ceremony location.


My mom ordered pashminas and made cute tags that read “To have and to hold in case you get cold” which came in handy for our guests when the wind started blowing during our ceremony.  


The ceremony program. 


My dress!


My shoes.  Nothing fancy, but they did the job and were pretty comfortable. 


My bouquet of white roses wrapped in pearls. 


I used my grandma’s clutch during my wedding day to remember her.  


I wore my grandma’s pearl bracelet and my great grandma’s (dad’s grandma) pearl necklace on my wedding day. 


Some of the gifts I gave my husband on our wedding day.  If you don’t already know, my husband is obsessed with our boat and being on the lake (any lake) and our love for the lake and the water was something we bonded over almost 7 years ago when we first met.  I got him a monogrammed koozie (not pictured), towel, anchor bottle opener, and captains hat (his nickname for me is Franny – my last name is Francy and he has always called me Franny).  

Candles my stepdad made for our cocktail hour after the ceremony.  


Guest book tree logs my stepdad made for our guests to sign, which you can see displayed here on our wall in our house.  


Our wedding bands. 


My in-laws friends offered to drive us away from our ceremony location in their Bentley.  It was amazing! 


A picture of our thank you card we sent to our guests for coming to our wedding.  


Thank you so much for letting me share more of our wedding day with you all!! I hope you have a great day!


  1. If you are married, did you wear any special jewelry on your wedding day?
  2. Did you get married inside or outside?
  3. What was your favorite little detail about your wedding? 

Saturday musings

Hi ya’ll!!  How are you guys doing today?  I want to say thank you so much for all the love from my blog post yesterday about my grandma.  I really appreciate it.

Today I thought I would keep it light and show you what has been going on in my world the last couple days.  Here we go…

This was my view outside at work the other day.  A huge storm came shortly after.  It has been raining in Dallas all week.  😦

My momma is the sweetest.  She sent my husband and I this card to celebrate our 6 month anniversary.  She also sent us a giftcard to our favorite restaurant.  She is the best!

My husband picked up this popcorn from Trader Joes the other day… I may have eaten almost the whole bag in one sitting.  Oops.


An easy omelette dinner while my husband was on a business trip.  So good!

This is Rhodes.  He has so much energy.  Never stops.


He sat like this with my husband for about .0005 seconds.


Bought my first few watermelons of the season.  Not the best, but makes me so excited for summer watermelon!!


While we were waiting for my mother-in-law at the airport in the cellphone lot, Riley wanted to look out the sunroof.  🙂

And Callie wanted to drive.  😉

My mother-in-law and I made these breakfast cookies yesterday and they are amazing.


I had two this morning with a smoothie and was full until lunch.


They are full of healthy ingredients like walnuts, coconut oil, carrots and quinoa!


Kale salad for lunch with walnuts, craisins, strawberries, quinoa, and avocado.


Have you guys tried this dressing?  I saw it at the grocery store and had to try!


The verdict? I LOVE it.  So creamy and delicious.


So our dining room chairs needed some work.  We decided to recover them while I continue to convince my husband to build me a new table and chairs.  The old covers were dirty and worn out.


My mother-in-law and I headed to the store on Friday to look for new fabric.  Dallas has a huge fabric district with lots of stores close by with tons of fabric options.   We looked at a few and ultimately decided on the beige to keep it simple.

My mother-in-law was the project leader and made our idea happen.  She is so great at all projects.

The end result.  I know it doesn’t look much different than the before, but trust me, in person it makes a huge difference.

The dogs were not fans of the staple gun.


My husband really loves to use his drill. Men love their tools.  🙂

Last night we went to Bistro 31 for dinner and it was amazing as always.


We got the tuna tartar for an appetizer and did not disappoint.  It had spicy mango and avocado alongside the tuna… to die for!!


I am so predictable and got the grilled salmon and veggies, but it was delicious!!  I love perfectly grilled salmon.


My husband got some sort of pear mascarpone pie for dessert and loved it.


I have the best mother-in-law in the world! So blessed!


Today started bright and early with a 5 mile run, but somebody did not want me to run…

I wasn’t really feeling a run today, but knew I would feel better if I did.  So I turned on a show (How to Get Away With Murder) and ended up running 5 miles and watching the whole thing.  Love when that happens!! 


My run was followed by a large smoothie with spinach, flaxseed, banana, mango, kiwi, strawberries, and orange juice and a couple of the breakfast cookies we made yesterday!  

That is all for today!!  Enjoy the rest of your weekend and I will be back on Monday for a recap of our fun adventure we had this morning!!  


  1. Do you order the same things when you dine out or switch it up?
  2. Tell me what you had for lunch today! 
  3. What are your Saturday night plans?

Weekend Recap Continued

Good morning!  I hope you are doing well today!  I am exhausted after a couple nights of not so great sleep.  Today is just one of those days that my coffee doesn’t seem to have any caffeine in it. 😉 


On Friday we had a packed house full of doggies.  We watched Bruce for the day and our nephew doggie, Otis, for the weekend. 

When my husband and I adopted our first dog together (Riley) over 5 years ago, we tried to implement a “no dogs on furniture” rule in our house.  That quickly changed when we wanted snuggles from our sweet little boy.  Riley is 12 lbs so this wasn’t really a big deal to us, but over the years, our rescue pups have gotten bigger and bigger.   

In our current house, there is one particular spot that all the dogs (ours and ones we watch) love to sit because they can see out the window and watch people walk by and cars drive by.  We gave up trying to keep them off the couch… so this is a normal scene in my house.  

IMG_8118 - Copy

Do I really have to get down, mom? 


Yes Callie, you do need to get down.  

IMG_8121 - Copy

But as soon as she gets down, Otis gets up.


Then Otis gets down and his spot is quickly snatched by Riley.  


Otis patiently waiting for Riley to get out of his spot. 


Hey, I pick my battles and the dogs on the couch is one I don’t think I am going to win. 🙂

These two are always cuddling.  (Fun fact: Callie will not play/run around with any dog but Otis.  She won’t even play with her brother Riley.  Callie is obsessed with Otis.  It’s really cute.)

More snuggling.  

The dogs got some treats and Callie downed hers quickly then hovered over Otis in hopes he would not eat all of his treat.  Good luck, Callie.  🙂

Who’s at the door?!?!

Love having fresh cut fruit always on hand. 


An over-flowing green smoothie!


Otis helped me do some blogging….

while enjoying this yummy breakfast.

IMG_8209 - Copy

On Saturday night, my husband and I went to see the movie, Daddy’s Home.  It was good, but not great.  There were some really fun scenes, but overall, we thought it wasn’t especially funny. 


We came home to find this…  we call these two our late night munchers.  They both don’t each much during the day, but we can always here them chomping on their food before bed.  (Probably because Callie hoards the food during the day….)

I received this snapchat from my husband… 🙂


A little preview of our new light fixtures.  We are waiting for the correct bulb to arrive for the middle light and we have to raise the lights a few inches, but hey, it is finally coming together!!  I need to find a picture of the previous fixture… it was pretty ugly.  


Have a great Tuesday!! 


  1. If you have a dog, is he/she allowed on furniture?
  2. Have you seen a movie recently?  Which one?
  3. Have you done any DIY home projects?  



Snacks, treats, dogs, diy projects, and dinner

Happy Saturday guys!!! How’s that for a blog post title?  Lots to talk about today!  I hope your weekend is off to a fantastic start!  Mine started off bright and early with a walk with the pups and a packed body pump class at the gym!  Just the way I like it!  


Here’s a little look at a few happenings the last couple of days…

Washed and cut up fruit right after I got home from the grocery store so it was all ready to eat when I got hungry!


Topped some plan greek yogurt with my fresh fruit and a little drizzle of honey.


Then I made my favorite granola bars.  Link to the recipe can be found in this blog post.



In the making…

Ready to go in the freezer to set up before slicing and individually wrapping!


Then I made some brownies (from a box) for the boys. I topped them with chocolate icing later, but forgot to snap a pic!


This little munchkin is quite the trouble maker.

I was in the kitchen and look over and this is what I see…


Okay, fine, you can sit in the chair like a human.  But then, I look over 2 seconds later and see THIS….  Bad girl! 

New friends!


This is what I saw in my car after work…. I wish it was 77!  But, I will take 65 degrees weather we had yesterday over the chilly, rainy weather we have today.


Got in a quite little 5k run (walked for a quick cool down) after work on Friday afternoon on my treadmill.

DIY collage wall in the works!  I got a bunch of our wedding pictures printed and found these beautiful frames at Pottery Barn for 20% off then another 10% off if you spend $100.  SO that is a win in my book! I will snap a picture of it all completed once I get them up on the wall with my new shelves!

Friday night we went to dinner at HG Supply Co with my brother-in-law, my sister, and her boyfriend.  It is one of our favorite restaurants and never disappoints!  

I had the “create your own bowl” with quinoa, roasted brussels sprouts, grilled salmon, and guacamole!  It was delicious!  I could eat the same meal again right now!


My sister wanted me to show you guys her meal and her boyfriend’s meal too!  She had the “create your own bowl” with sweet potatoes, black beans, chicken, and guacamole and her boyfriend had the coconut curry bowl.

We had such a fun night out with great food and even better company.  Off to enjoy the weekend!!  


  1. Do you have a favorite restaurant you go to often?
  2. Do you prefer treadmill running or running outside?
  3. What is your favorite dessert to bake?