Happy St. Patrick’s Day and Cupping Therapy

Good morning and happy St. Patrick’s Day!!  How are you all doing?  Are you wearing green today?  I should have had my usual green smoothie to celebrate this morning, but instead I had a big bowl of dark chocolate overnight oats and they were just what I needed to refuel after an early morning Body Pump class.  It was a tough one! 


This cutie is staying with us right now.  His name is Bennett and he is a mini Australian Shepherd.  Oh the cuteness! He just wants to cuddle all day. 

Tuesday night we went to Dallas Beer Kitchen for Trivia Night.  We had a team of 5 and it was really fun.  I can’t say I was much help to our team, but I enjoying trying. 😉 


I have been loving oatmeal and fruit this week.  I bought one of the best pineapples I have ever had.  Love when that happens! 

Our pups were so worn out from the weekend.  They have been sleeping a lot this week. 🙂



DISCLAIMER: Do not be alarmed by the below picture!!  

You may remember that I have been dealing with Chronic Back Pain for 2 years now.  It started when I was in graduate school and it just never went away.  I have had MRIs, Xrays, acupuncture, massages, physical therapy, worked with a few chiropractors, done 3 types of injections, and currently seen a pain management specialist.  Nothing has given me long term relief from the pain.  It has been pretty frustrating to deal with this, but I am on a medication now that is allowing me to live a pretty comfortable life without extreme pain (I am still in pain at about a level 5 on a 10 scale every single day).  

Have you guys ever heard of Cupping Therapy?  It is a form of alternative medicine, which uses cups that are placed on the skin to create suction.  Cupping is believed to increase blood flow to promote healing of many types of ailments (skin, migraines, depression, blood disorders, fertility issues, muscle pain and inflammation).  It is a type of detoxification so it is important to drink plenty of water throughout the following days.  I decided to give it a try yesterday as I don’t have much to lose.  The actual process started with a mini massage then the cups.  My therapist used two different types of cups on my back.  She did my entire back but focused mainly on my left side (the side where my pain is located).  It felt a little weird at first, but then I actually started to enjoy it.  She moved the cups around a lot for probably 30 minutes then let them sit for about 10 minutes.  The process was very relaxing and I left with a lot less pain than I came with so that is always a plus.  The darker the circles, the less blood circulation you have in those areas (from what I understood).  The marks can last from 5-7 days.  I am a little sore from it today, but overall I am still feeling pretty good.  I think I am going to try to do cupping once every week or two weeks to see if I can get any long term healing from it.  I will keep you guys updated throughout my journey! 

I made sure not to wear a tank top to the gym this morning so I wouldn’t scare anyone. 😉


Have a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day!! If you are celebrating, have fun and be safe!!


  1. Are you wearing green today?
  2. Have you ever played bar trivia?
  3. Have you ever tried cupping therapy?

Dark Chocolate Overnight Oats

Happy Tuesday ya’ll!  How is your week going so far?  Mine has been good, just very busy.  Yesterday was one of those days that I worked and worked and worked, yet didn’t seem to get much crossed off my to-do list.  Things just took longer than they should have…like making over 100 granola bars for my clients for National Nutrition Month – I know, who knew March was National Nutrition Month?  I didn’t until last week.  (Apparently it is National Peanut Butter Lovers Day too…) I will gladly participate in this day 🙂


So in honor of keeping with the nutrition theme for the first day of March, I’ve got a great recipe for you today!  I am all about simplicity when it comes to the mornings (I set my coffee the night before, set out my clothes and work bag, wash/curl my hair the night before, etc.) so I don’t run around like crazy and end up forgetting something.  This breakfast recipe is perfect to prep ahead the night before and is all ready to go in the morning for a quick bite at home or at the office.  


I love the quality ingredients in this recipe that help to keep me full for hours.  My usual smoothie does not keep me full as long and I usually end up needing a mid-morning snack.  But not with this recipe! I adapted this recipe from one of my favorite instagrammers/bloggers – Powercakes. Here is her original post.  


I changed the recipe based on the ingredients I had on hand and my preferences.  

Adapted recipe for dark chocolate overnight oats:

1 cup raw oats 

1 teaspoon vanilla extract 

2 tablespoons chia seeds

2 tablespoons dark chocolate cocoa powder 

1 teaspoon cinnamon 

1 tablespoon honey 

1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk 


Mix all the ingredients together and store in the fridge overnight.


I spooned mine into an almost empty jar of peanut butter for easy transport to work in the morning.  


It tastes just as good in a bowl!


And even better with unsweetened coconut on top!


I actually ended up dividing this portion in two because it is so filling!  I hope you will give it a try!  Dark chocolate for breakfast is A-Okay in my book everyday!  Have a great day you guys!


  1. Favorite make-ahead breakfast recipe?
  2. Do you like overnight oats or do you prefer your oatmeal cooked?
  3. Favorite way to eat peanut butter?