Weekend Recap 2.11.18 Weekend in Dallas with a Surprise Visitor!

Good morning!!!!  How was your weekend??  I got back yesterday morning from a long weekend in Dallas visiting my sister, her boyfriend, and their pups!  It was such a fun weekend that went by way too fast.  

My husband goes on an annual ski trip with his friends so I decided I would visit my sister while he was away.  After I booked my flight, I suggested to my mom that she should come with me and surprise my sister.  She agreed and although we had the hardest time ever keeping the secret from my sister, we pulled it off!!  We headed to the airport on Thursday evening and after we got our bags, I headed out to my sister’s car at the airport.  Then I told her she needed to turn back and that is when she saw my mom waiting a few doors down!  It was the best Surprise  ever!!!  I uploaded the video to my youtube page if you want to see it!! 

Little Murphy, my sister and her boyfriend’s puppy.  He is absolutely wild and so much fun. 🙂


On Friday morning, my sister, her boyfriend, and I had plans to go to a 7am workout class at Beyond.  It was SO hard.  Half of the class is on the curved, self-propelled treadmills and half of the class is strength training intervals.  We were all drenched by the end.  


After our workout we headed home to shower and get ready for the day.  We ran a few errands, got our nails done and then did a LOT of shopping.  🙂 



My sister made us some yummy quinoa salads for lunch and then we went to the dog park once my sister’s boyfriend got off work.  It was a beautiful day out on Friday! 


Little Murphy always up to something.


On Friday night we decided to stay in for dinner.  My sister and her boyfriend made the most delicious salmon and veggies for us. 


We played a few games of Spite & Malice.  Have yall played this before?  It is one of our favorites.  


After a few games, we headed to a nearby frozen yogurt place for a sweet treat!  My mom and I split a chocolate froyo with some yummy toppings. 🙂 


On Saturday morning, my sister, her boyfriend, and I went to  One Lagree for a workout class.  It is on the mega reformer and it was SO hard!! It was my first time and I really loved it, but I am really feeling it today still!  I am so sore!



After our workout we decided to just take it easy the rest of the day since the weather was cold and rainy.  My mom, sister, and Max went to get doughnuts and I lounged with the pups and read my book. 🙂 


Me and little Otis!



My mom brought me this book on Thursday to read during our flights and I finished it on our Sunday morning flight.  I don’t think I have ever read a book that fast.  It was such an easy read and it was really good!! I highly recommend it! 


Murphy loves to lay on top of Otis.  Whenever Otis lays down, Murphy has to lay on him.  It is so funny.  


Saturday afternoon was spent cleaning out my sister’s closet.  We got rid of a bunch of clothes to donate and I also got some new clothes of out it. 🙂 


Saturday night we had dinner reservations, but decided to cancel and order take out instead.  My mom and Max got pizza and my sister and I got pok.  I got tuna with mango, edamame, garlic, carrots, kelp noodles and kale.  It was amazingggg!


After dinner my sister, her boyfriend and I went to meet my sister’s friend for a quick drink to celebrate her birthday.  I forgot to take any pictures, but it was fun catching up with them!  After that we headed back home to watch a movie with my mom and hang with the doggies!!! 

I had such a fun time in Dallas hanging with my sister and her boyfriend and their cute pups!!  I really miss living so close to them, but it is nice being just a short plane ride away!!  I am already counting down the days until we head to Dallas for both of their grad school graduations in May (they are both smartie pants!!).  

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend and have a nice week ahead!!


  1. What was the highlight of your weekend?
  2. Favorite frozen yogurt toppings? 
  3. Favorite group workout class to take?

Weekend Recap 9.24.17 Trip to Dallas to Visit My New (Doggie) Nephew and Avoid the Boys

Hi friends!! How are you all?  How is your week going?  Mine is flying by, which is always nice!  Last Thursday after work I headed to the airport to catch a late flight to Dallas for the weekend!  As much as I was excited to visited my sister and her boyfriend and their pups, there was another reason for the timing of my trip.  My husband goes on an annual boys ski trip with a group of 10 or so guys each year.  Well somehow the boys came up with the grand idea to add a summer trip to the mix this year in Nashville…. at our house.  Needless to say.. I needed to get far away from Nashville and hope that my house was still in one piece when I returned. 😉  

Before I left for Dallas, my friend Rachael came over for dinner and some baking for our pups.  We made these homemade dog treats and it made plenty for her to take some home, for my pups, and for me to take some to my sister’s pups.  The pups LOVED these treats.  Peanut butter and bacon grease for the icing.. what is not to love.  I quickly realized I only had a gingerbread man cookie cutter. 🙂


Friday morning my sister and I had a workout class on the agenda.  We were both eager to try Tread Barre for the first time.  The workout incorporates running on the treadmill, pilates, and strength training.  Ya’ll… it was SO tough!! If you get the chance to try it, I highly recommend it if you are in the mood for a HARD workout.  We were drenched! 

We came home to see the pups!! You guys probably remember Otis, but there is new addition to the family.  My sister and her boyfriend got a puppy named Murphy a couple months ago!  He is the CUTEST! 

In my happy place!! 🙂 


We made a quick smoothie for breakfast with protein powder, almond milk, ice, strawberries, blueberries and peanut butter.  Murphy is allllll about any and all food!


I dropped my sister off for a quick meeting at her law school while I headed to an appointment.  Afterwards we grabbed lunch at Eatzi’s. After lunch we headed to a couple local stores for some shopping!  I actually got a new dress, sweater, and a necklace so it was a success!


After lunch we took the pups on a walk to the dog park so they could run off some energy.  

 On Friday night we had plans at a new Asian restaurant with some friends. We got all dolled up and headed out! 


I got a rice bowl with lots of veggies and an egg on top!  It was delicious! 

Me with my two Dallas favorites!  


Saturday morning after we took the dogs on a quick walk, we had plans to rent bikes to ride downtown to the farmers market!  Lime Bike is in several cities and it is such a neat concept.  You just download the app and are able to see where a bike is located around the city.  Once you locate the bike you scan it with your phone to unlock it and then you are off!  


We headed downtown on this beautiful day!


We biked around 3 miles to the Farmers Market and spent time walking around the indoor and outdoor sections of the market.  


My sister and I both bought cute Dallas tank tops and my sister’s boyfriend bought a candle. 🙂


Loved seeing all the pumpkins on display!!


And I rode the tractor… thankfully it was a stationary one! 😉


After a while of wandering around, we walked to the nearby restaurant called Mudhen for lunch.  My sister and I shared some blood orange mimosas and I got the market salad, which was soo yummy!

After lunch we walked to the plants/pumpkins section of the market.  


These pumpkins were massive!!


Then it was time to open up the Lime Bike app and find some nearby bikes.  Unlike other bike rental companies where you go to the nearest bike station, Lime Bikes can be left ANYWHERE in the city.  It is such a cool concept!   We found one at the market and walked less than a block to find two more for our ride home.  (In my mind I was prepared to take an Uber if there were no bikes around us… but there were TONS in the city so it was not an issue at all.)


My sister dared me to take this picture… I think I fit in quite nicely. 😉


After our biking adventure we took the dogs to the dog park for a bit then my sister made us a delicious dinner of grilled salmon and asparagus, roasted broccoli and sweet potatoes and quinoa!  Bring on allllll the veggies! It was soo tasty!


After dinner my sister and I had plans to stop by our friend Shelby’s for a little engagement party for their friend Ann.  

We had a drink and chatted all things weddings with the girls.  

These two girls definitely make me miss living in Dallas!


I had such a fun time with my sister in Dallas all weekend.  I sure miss living 10 minutes away from her, but it is fun to have a great excuse to visit Dallas often!  


That wraps up my amazing weekend in Dallas!! I hope you guys have a great rest of your week!! 


  1. What was the highlight of your weekend?
  2. If you have siblings, how often do you see them?
  3. Do you have any nieces or nephews (human ones not doggie ones :))?

Dallas Part 2 … The Best Sendoff Ever!

Happy Friday!!!   Are you guys as ready for the weekend as I am?  My husband and I have plans for sushi tonight and we have plans to go to a comedy show tomorrow night with some friends!  I can’t wait!!

Onto part two of our amazing last weekend in Dallas…

Saturday night my sister and her boyfriend arranged to have a going away party for us at their place.  We made mexican food for the party and it was a huge hit!

These boys can cook.


Little Otis helped set up for the party… 🙂


My sister spread out all of these pictures of us from our time in Dallas.  It was so fun to look back on all of the great memories. 


They continued to the mirror where she got crafty and highlighted our moved from Texas to Tennessee.  


And then I turn around and see this!!!! How cute are these little treat bowls with funny going away quotes on Texas paper!?!?


Our delicious spread!! 


My sister even had these cute cups and napkins.

And she made a Texas shaped cake!!!  #besthostsever


Our sweet friend Shelby.  I really am going to miss these two.  


We just hung out all night and played games and chatted.  Otis was over it by 11pm.  


And as if that party and all the cute details wasn’t enough… my sister and her boyfriend got us a going away present of a bag filled with Texas stuff.  I may have shed a tear or two.  


I really am going to miss being in the same city as my sister.  It went by wayyy too fast, but we already have our next visit with them planned so we will be looking forward to that!  It is time to go get this busy day started with a workout and a big ole cup of coffee!!!  Have a great Friday and enjoy your weekend!!! 


  1. What do you have planned for this weekend?
  2. Do you drink coffee?  If so, how much per day?
  3. When buying or renting a house, besides location, what is one of the most important things to you?  

Back to Dallas to Say Goodbye Part 1

Hi friends!!! I can’t believe it is already Wednesday!  This week is just flying by for me… actually this year is flying by for me.  I can’t believe it is almost April!!  I would like time to just sloooow down for a bit. 😉  Last weekend we were in Dallas with the movers and spent the rest of the time with my sister and her boyfriend so I am excited to share some pictures with you all today.  It was the perfect weekend sendoff to our amazing time in Dallas.  I can’t believe it is already over… it feels like we were just moving there yesterday.  

Oh… as for the second house we put an offer on last week that had multiple offers on it… well, we didn’t get it.  So back on the hunt we go.  We are feeling a lot less stressed now that we are all moved out of our Dallas house so it is time to be patient and wait for the right house to pop up here in Nashville.  Until then we save our money and drive my dad nuts. 😉 

My husband spent all of last week in Dallas and I flew down early Thursday morning after kissing my babies goodbye.  

The movers spent all day boxing up our belongings on Thursday and then a good portion of Friday loading up the moving truck with everything.  They were thrilled with our 4-story home. 😉 After a long day on Thursday, we headed over to see my sister’s new apartment.  We grabbed a quick dinner at a new restaurant called Pok.  We took it to go and were so amazed at how good the food was.  My sister has been raving about this place and she was not exaggerating.  I would go broke if I lived near this place. 😉  I got the tuna/mango bowl and my mouth is watering just thinking about it now!!

We got in some sweet cuddles with little Otis.  He looks so serious in this picture.  🙂


Now look at him in this picture… can you spot his tongue? 😉 LOL so funny.  


After dinner my sister and I worked on putting her new bookshelf together… that was fun. 😉 


After the movers were finished on Friday afternoon we cleaned up the house and say goodbye for the last time.  This was my favorite house we have had so far and I really will miss it.  It was just so perfect for us and brings back so many good memories.  I hope the new owners love it as much as we did. 

We quickly ran a few errands and then headed to my sister’s apartment where we spent the rest of the weekend.  Friday night we headed to Malai Kitchen, a thai restaurant that my sister and her boyfriend have been wanting to try.  


We got a few appetizers to start including edamame and crab dip.  Yum!

I got the red curry cod with stir fried veggies and rice.  It was the best cod I have ever had!! My husband got some fancy type of ribs and loved them too. 

After dinner we headed back to their apartment to work on putting together their two new desks for their new apartment.  My sister is in law school and her boyfriend is in grad school for his MBA…. so they needed two desks. 🙂  My sister and I got both of them put together by Saturday morning and were pretty proud of our work. 🙂

The boys were conveniently out shopping for a grill all morning. 😉



My sister and I ran on a nearby trail on Saturday and Sunday.  It has been a long time since I have gone on a run outside due to colder weather in Nashville and my treadmill being in Dallas.  (PS I can’t wait to get it back out!! I have missed it, but also enjoyed the break on my joints.)  My favorite running buddy! 


Saturday afternoon I enjoyed a big salad for lunch out on the patio… with a side of Otis, my doggie nephew.  


I will pick up here tomorrow as this post is getting a little long and I am ready for some dinner.  (I wrote this last night.:))  Have a wonderful day!!!


  1.  How was your weekend?
  2. What did you have for dinner last night?
  3. Anyone have a birthday in April?  


A Birthday Surprise and Dallas Stars Game

Well I made it to Nashville and it is freezing.  I thought it was cold in Dallas.. nope.  Anyway.. Tuesday night my sister organized a little surprise birthday night for her boyfriend, Max, at their apartment.  She got lots of appetizers, pizza, and the cutest little cakes to celebrate.  


My sister told her boyfriend that they were just going out to dinner to celebrate his birthday, but when he got home from work me, Jon and another friend were there waiting.  Later on two more friends showed up and he was so shocked.  I just love seeing people so surprised!

The boys. 


Happy Birthday to Max!!


Otis helped his open his presents. 🙂


After dinner we headed downtown for the Dallas Stars game.  My sister used to work for the Stars so she was able to score us some tickets!! 


This was our failed attempt at a 7 person selfie. LOL.


Oh my gosh so funny story.  My sister pulls out this lip stick that is from Kylie Jenner’s lip kit and I was laughing and couldn’t believe she bought it.  She reassured me that she just bought the lip stain, but that it looked horrible on her.  Well the bottle makes the color look so light so I decided to try it.  I’m not a huge fan of color on my lips, but the bigger issue is trying to make sure it stays put all night.  I ended up with it all over my teeth and face.  #lipstainnewbie


Me and my sweet hubs. 


My sister and the birthday boy!

After the second period, we went to the Lexus club and got a drink and watched the rest of the game from there.  We had a blast cheering on the Stars!


They won 6 to 2 so it was a big scoring game!


We are sure going to miss these two when we move. 😦 


Enjoy your Thursday!! 


  1. Do you like surprises?
  2. Favorite sporting event to attend?
  3. Any plans for the weekend?

Dinner at the Top of Dallas and My Favorite Place to Be

Hi friends! How is your week going?  This week has been pretty good over here as we have been getting ready for our upcoming travels and somehow I ended up with a million appointments this week, but hey, I will be happy once Friday comes! 

Last night I was going through my pictures and I know I recently mentioned that my husband and I just celebrated our 1 year anniversary, but I forgot to show you pictures from our celebration.  My husband just told me to be ready by 6, but that it was a surprise where we were going.  He even made sure to keep the destination a secret with our Uber driver.  

Once we turned into the parking lot of Reunion Tower, I knew we were going to Wolfgang Puck’s Asian inspired restaurant Five Sixty located 50 stories up on the top of the rotating tower.  I snapped this picture of the tower a few days ago.  The view from below…


The view from up top… 


The restaurant rotates 360 degrees in one hour so throughout our meal, we got to see views of the whole city, which was pretty neat!

We ordered a rainbow roll to split and my husband couldn’t resist the dumplings.  

I got the scallops for my entree and they were incredible!  My husband got some type of fish, but I’ll spare you the picture since it came with the head! 🙂  The food was amazing!


When we were back in Indiana two weekends ago, my in-laws pulled the top layer of our wedding cake out of the freezer and sent us home with it.  My husband has been having a piece for dessert for the last week… 


You guys probably know by now that my doggies and spending time on our boat are two of my favorite things.  Well, probably needless to say, but my husband has the same love for both as well.  When we first met 7 and a half years ago, doggies and boating/lake time were the two things that instantly connected us and and have kept us connected ever since.  I mean, I can understand (kind of) that some people don’t love water, but if you don’t love dogs, I’m not sure we can be friends. 😉 

We have been soaking up a lot of lake time (our doggies included… they love the boat) this summer as we aren’t sure how much more time we will have in Dallas (my husband’s work moves us every couple of years).  


We spent Monday evening on the lake and it was so nice.  The water is so refreshing right now and the weather is getting a tiny bit cooler (think 95 instead of 102 ;)).  My husband has been wakeboarding as much as possible and I just love cuddling with my pups in the sunshine.  We are so blessed.  


Have a great day! 


  1. Favorite animal?
  2. Are you a dessert person?
  3. What will you miss the most about summer?

Kate’s Bachelorette Party in Dallas Part 3

Hi guys!! Happy Wednesday!  I hope your week is moving along nicely.  I am still trying to get back into work mode after a month of constant vacations/parties.  I am looking forward to not having much on the agenda this weekend.  

Today I am wrapping up one of my favorite weekends ever!  My cousin had her bachelorette party at my house a couple weekends ago and we had the best time.  On Saturday morning we had plans for brunch at a local favorite called Saint Ann’s.  The drinks and food were amazing and the company was even better! 


After brunch we headed home to change for a boat day on the lake!  We spent a few hours making new friends and tubing in the sunshine.  It was so much fun! 

Around dinnertime, we headed home for some more fun on the roof and a casual dinner at home. 



We had plans to go out on Saturday, but we were all pretty tired so we decided to call it a night and get some sleep.  We woke up on Sunday feeling well-rested and refreshed and ready for a day of relaxation.  We had one last surprise for the bride-to-be.  We organized for a mobile spa to come to my house and give mini facials to each girl.  We were all in heaven! 


Our last game of the weekend was cake decorating.  My mom made these little cakes for us and bought tons of decorations for us to use.  We split up into three groups of two to play the game.  The bride was the judge!  My team won (left picture below)!!! I can only show you two of the cakes because the 3rd place team made theirs too inappropriate for the blog. 😉

The rest of Sunday was spent cleaning and getting the girls all packed up to go home.  The bride’s mom sent so many gifts throughout the weekend for all of the girls, which made for so many fun surprises.  Girlie weekends are the best especially when celebrating your last single days!  Kate, we all love you and hope you had the best weekend ever! 

I am off to keep catching up on life before a long massage this afternoon!!!  I will see you all tomorrow!  Have a great day!


  1. Do you prefer brunch or dinner?
  2. What is one chore your put off for as long as you can?
  3. How often do you get to hang out with your close friends? 

Kate’s Bachelorette Party in Dallas Part 2

Happy Tuesday, yall!  I thought I would have had time to check in from Georgia over the weekend, but once again, life got in the way.  I am trying to spend less time in front of the screen and more time enjoying life, but I always love when I get to chat with you guys too.  Today I want to continue recapping my cousin’s bachelorette party in Dallas before I get to my most recent trip to Georgia with great friends!

So let’s see…Friday morning was an early one with a surprise visit to Kendra Scott (jewelry store) for the bride to pick out some new jewelry.  Kendra Scott is known for their inexpensive jewelry and color parties.  All the girls who wanted to got to pick out a setting (ring, bracelet, necklace, etc.) and choose their stone to complete their piece.  I ended up getting a new ring and I love it, but forgot to take a picture! 


After some jewelry shopping, my sister and I headed to her apartment nearby to set up for brunch and a pool party. We got all the girls monogrammed hats and some sunglasses for the party.  My sister found these adorable flamingo floats and drink holders so our theme was flamingos! 


#lastdipbeforethewhip #letsflamingle

We had an absolute blast eating, sipping mimosas, floating around, dancing, and laughing all day long.  We also had a lingerie party and a panty poem where the bride got new panties for all of her upcoming milestones.  It was so fun! 


We had the pool to ourselves for almost the entire day which was amazing, but luckily we caught someone passing through to snap a picture of us and our hats!!


After the pool party, we all surprised the bride with an appointment at Dry Bar to get her hair blown out for the night.  The rest of us headed home to get ready for the evening festivities.


Our plans started off with dinner at HG Supply Co where we quickly snapped a picture on the roof that overlooks downtown! 


Such a fun group of girls!


Always have to have a silly pic or two!


I got the usual for dinner.  And it was just as good as it always is!


After dinner we headed back to my house for a bit for what turned into an impromptu girls dancing session and some more pictures! 


We went to the bars for a couple hours for some dancing before calling it a night! I will wrap up this post here as it could get rather lengthy if I finish up my recap in one post!  I will be back tomorrow to wrap up the rest of this amazing weekend in Dallas! Have a great day!!


  1. How was your weekend?
  2. Are you guys ready for fall yet?
  3. Any trips coming up for you? 





Kate’s Bachelorette Party in Dallas Part 1

Hi guys!! Long time no talk!!  I am so sorry for my absence from the blog at the end of last week and beginning of this week.  My cousin, Kate, and her friends came into town last Thursday morning then it was go go go until they left Sunday.  I have been busy playing catch up these past couple days because I am leaving for the lakehouse in Georgia today.  My life is a little hectic and crazy right now, but I wouldn’t change anything about it.

I have got to fill you in on all the details of my cousin’s bachelorette party in Dallas this past weekend.  My sister, the maid of honor (my cousin’s friend) and I spent months organizing and planning this big event and it was even better than expected.  The boys/dogs got kicked out for the weekend and all the girls moved into my house.  It was so fun!!!  I have a lot to show you so this might take a couple days. 😉 

My sister and I spent so much time ordering and making decorations, signs, party favors, etc., but last week the real prep-work began!  My sister had the brilliant idea to make watermelon jello slices for the pool party we were having at her apartment on Friday.  It wasn’t too hard, but with all the extra gelatin to help the jello stick to the watermelon rind, they were a little rubbery.    

We planned to eat most meals at my house so we could save money all weekend.  Costco was a huge time saver with ready-to-eat sandwiches, quinoa salads, dips, etc., but I did prepare a couple salads too.  It was so nice to have so many meals ready to go when we were ready to eat.  


My sister order these letter balloons to hang in the living room!  We got these bags (Etsy, I think) for all the girlies! 


One of the many tables we set up before the girls arrived.


Thursday morning, my sister and I went to pick up the girls from the airport.  They all flew from New York.  Our first stop was at Boot Barn so the bride and I could get some cowboy boots.  I can’t believe I haven’t had any for all these years!  I will show you my new pair later in this post.

After we went home and got the girls settled, we had a couple drinks, some lunch, and played a few games before heading over to Truck Yard for a drink and a fun atmosphere.  


We continued our games at our table that used to be a car.  Yes, we were all sweating like pigs because Dallas is HOTTTT right now, but we didn’t care too much.  


After awhile we headed back home, but not without a picture with the bride as the “I.” #dallasstrong


How cute is this Instagram sign my sister made for the bride?? Isn’t she talented??


The bride requested a photo booth so the maid of honor ordered this cute backdrop and tons of props, which made for so many fun pictures all weekend. 


Thursday night was our “cowboy/country” theme night.  The maid of honor got us all tanks that said “bride squad” so we decided to pair those with our jeans/shorts and boots.  


How cute is my cousin?


We had margaritas and taco night at my house before another surprise!  Our limo arrived at 8pm to take us our to Billy Bob’s in Fort Worth for some line dancing!  We had a blast singing and dancing all the way there (and back). 


A few of our boots!!  Mine are the second from the right with all the funky designs.  I LOVE them and want to wear them everywhere.  


We didn’t get to ride the bull 😉 but we had a blast completing a bunch of “country/cowboy” themed dares throughout the night before it was time to head home and get some rest for more fun on Friday!  

I will be back tomorrow for Day 2 of the bachelorette party!!  Have a wonderful day and I will see you tomorrow from Georgia!  


  1. Do you know how to line dance?
  2. What did you do this past weekend?  
  3. Do you have any trips coming up?