Weekend Recap 8.6.17 Yummy Dinners, a Hike, a Concert and Lots of Chores

Good morning friends!!  How is your week going?  I can’t believe it is already Wednesday.  I always go into the week with the hopes of posting on Monday, but then somehow it takes me until at least Wednesday to finish them.  Remember the good ole days when I used to post every single day?  Gosh, I don’t know how I managed that.  I wasn’t working full time, which clearly made a big difference.  Someday I will get my act together and and come up with a manageable blogging schedule, but until then, thanks for sticking with me and my sporadic posting.  

Last Thursday my father-in-law came into town on his way to the lake.  We spent the evening chatting and playing darts before heading to one of our favorite spots for dinner.  


We had a fabulous dinner at Bricktops including lots of yummy food.  I got the swordfish (can you believe it?) and it was amazing.  

On Friday night I had dinner plans with my bestie, Lissa.  We decided to try a new-to-us restaurant called Silo in Germantown for a late birthday celebration for Lissa.  


We had some wine and lots of dishes to split.  All the food was really yummy and the restaurant has a really fun atmosphere.  

Saturday morning Jon and I were up early to head to my mom and stepdad’s house so my stepdad could help Jon with a couple of things for our new dining room table.  My mom and I cooked a little bit then lounged by the pool.  🙂

After a couple hours, we headed home and picked up the pups for a short hike.  It was a beautiful day!

Saturday evening my brother and dad came over for dinner before we all headed downtown to Ascend Amphitheater to see Straight No Chaser.  


Straight No Chaser is an all men’s acapella group who we actually saw during our visit to Indiana last winter.  They sing all cover songs and are so entertaining!  



Sunday morning we went for our usual weekend stroll with the pups.  


To get our sweet, cold treat!  How funny is this sign?  🙂

The rest of Sunday was spent vacuuming, dusting, doing laundry, meal prepping, cleaning the car, working on our new table, and organizing around the house.  It sure does feel nice to start the week feeling prepared!!  

I am hoping to stop in one more time this week before heading out of town on Saturday for a whole week.  Any guesses where we are going?!!?  


  1. Any idea where we are going on vacation?
  2. Been to any good concerts lately?
  3. What is your favorite show right now? 


Lake Burton Trip With Friends Part 1

Hi guys! Happy Wednesday! Woo, we made it to the half way point!  This week has been physically and emotionally draining on me, but my mom comes into town today so I am really looking forward to seeing her and spending some time just hanging out around the house.  Yesterday I was able to squeeze in a last minute cupping session (you can read about my first one here) to help ease the pain in my neck and back.  It was glorious and the marks are not near as bad as the last time so I think that means my circulation is better?  Who knows.. but I did leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.  

Two weekends ago we were in Georgia at the lake for a long weekend with some of our best friends.  We had friends come from Atlanta, Boston and Nashville to spend the weekend with us.  We are so blessed to have such amazing friends that will travel so far to spend time with us.  🙂 Today I just wanted to do a little recap of our fun weekend with our friends. 

My husband and I arrived early on Thursday morning after our flight Wednesday night was cancelled (that has never happened to me before).  We grabbed our rental car and groceries and headed to the lake! We took a short boat cruise before our friends arrived.  Did I mention Riley got to come?  And he gave me so many kisses because he was so happy.  This dog just LOVES the water. 


This view never gets old.


My husband and I cooked a simple dinner of tuna, salad and avocado before our friends began to show up! 


Then I found the boys like this… #rufflife 🙂 


Friday morning started bright and early with a workout crafted by my bestie, Rachel.  If you can’t tell, it was SO hard.  We were all dying by the end, but it was a nice way to start our day.


We spent most of the day on the boat cruising around and playing with the pups!


Friday night we had dinner at home that consisted of grilled chicken, salmon, asparagus, and roasted potatoes and sweet potatoes! so so so good!


We hung out on the boathouse after dinner before taking an evening boat cruise to the marina when we got word that Sammy Kershaw was playing a concert on the lake that night.  He is an old favorite of mine so I was really excited!   


Ofcourse we had to have lots of cuddles with the pups before heading out.


Love my peeps!

This girl and I have so many memories from high school to a lot of Sammy Kershaw songs so it was fun to reminisce with her!

That’s all I’ve got for you today!  I’ll see you tomorrow to wrap up our trip!! Have a great Wednesday!!! 


  1. What song reminds you of a past memory?
  2. Have you been to any concerts recently?
  3.  Do you take your pets (if you have any) with you when you travel?

I’m back, domain change, and Friday favorites

Good morning ya’ll!  Happy Friday!! How is everyone doing?  I so excited for the weekend to relax and just get ahead on a couple things.  You may have noticed… I bought my domain (tastytrialsandtravels.com)!! I am so excited about it!  Things are back up and running and I am back to regular blog posting today!  

So in honor of Friday Favorites, I thought I would show you guys some of my favorite pictures from the last week! 

But first, the most important part!  Last night we went to the Jessie James Decker concert at the House of Blues.  I have always loved her music, but loved her even more after watching her reality show a couple years ago.  (Fun fact: she inspired me to dye my own hair a few years ago and I have been dyeing it by myself ever since.  She has a great youtube tutorial.)  


She brought her cute little girl on stage for a song. 


Her show was really good!  She interacted with the crowd a ton and just seems so genuine. 


And the reason my husband was happy he came… 


We had a blast! 



Just some pups lounging.

My husband asked me to take a picture of Callie cuddling him.  She is a momma’s girl so this is rare!


Lots and lots of fruit! 


I’m on a huge green smoothie kick right now! Can’t get enough!


Everything tastes better on the grill! Marinated tofu, zucchini and asparagus. 

Sunday night we went to Louies (it has been on Diners Drive-ins, and Dives) and I got the grilled salmon and my husband got the pizza.  Never disappoints! 

Last weekend my husband decided he wanted to make a fence with vines up it to block the air conditioner on our roof. 


So we headed to Lowes and got the supplies.  We didn’t like the selection of flower pots so my husband built some to go under the fencing.  He planted English Ivy that we are hoping will grow up the fence and disguise the air conditioner.  

We are known for not being able to keep small plants alive so we will see what happens with this ivy.  


Doug loves to shake!  It is the cutest thing ever! 

That sweet face had to go home a couple days ago and we miss him already. 


I hope you guys have a wonderful Friday and an amazing weekend!! 


  1. What was the last concert you went to?
  2. Do you get your hair professional colored?
  3. What are your plans for the weekend?