Florida Day 3!

Good morning!!  I am getting ready for a run this morning before we head to brunch!  I’ll leave you with some pictures from our Monday in Florida, which ended up being a lot of food pictures.  


Big bowl of bananas, melon and blueberries for breakfast! 


And some coffee on the front porch!



Then we set out for a long bike ride around the island.  My husband programmed his drone to follow us so we were quite the site to see 😉  I’ll post the pictures from the drone later this week.

Lunch was a big salad with walnuts, avocado, and balsamic dressing and a big side of grapes!


I could eat this lunch every day.

Then I did some lounging in the backyard.  It was about 81 so it was perfect. 


Ofcourse, we have to have some snacks. 

We decided to have dinner at home last night instead of going out.  I made a big salad of arugula, strawberries, walnuts, and avocado with balsamic dressing. 


And we grilled some salmon.


We made green beans and sweet potato fries to go on the side.  It was delicious!


We ended the night with some chocolate while watching It’s Complicated.  Have you guys seen this movie?? It’s so good!

I am off for a run before brunch!  I hope you all have a fantastic Tuesday!!


  1. Have you seen the movie It’s Complicated?
  2. Do you like coffee? How do you drink it?
  3. Do you workout when you are on vacation?

Weekend Recap 1.25.16

Happy Monday everyone!  I hope your week is off to a great start!  I just got back from an early morning body pump class followed by a long walk with the pups!  


Here’s a little look at our weekend.  

A new favorite smoothie combination: spinach, flaxseed, banana, pineapple, mango, kiwi and coconut water.  It is seriously so so so good. 

Fill it up! 

Some of my favorite snacks: fresh fruit, Think Thin bars, and celery with peanut butter!

I saw this on snapchat the other day… too funny…and true!


My sister came over for take out food and a movie on Friday night.  3 pups! We watched The Intern with Robert de Niro and Anne Hathaway.  It was pretty good. 

My nephew, Otis, sitting on my lap. 🙂

Kale salad for lunch at work on Friday.


Leftover brown rice and veggies make for a perfect brunch topped with avocado and 2 eggs and a side salad! Yum!

Leftover quinoa with the same concept, different day.  Can’t get enough!


Sunday morning started bright and early with a 5 miles treadmill run while watching Fixer Upper… love this show! 


Coffee and green smoothies were regulars this weekend.

Cuddle bug Riley.


Isn’t this crazy? I definitely contribute to that number! I love my peanut butter. 🙂


My favorite meal was repeated a couple times this past week.  I never get sick of it.


I love this instagram page.  The houses are so unreal!  


That’s all I’ve got for today!  Have a great week ya’ll!!


  1. What is your favorite brunch food?
  2. Do you like peanut butter?
  3. Did you get any workouts in this weekend?   

Tuesday talks and kale salad repeats

Good morning yall!  I hope everyone is having a great week so far!  Ours is rather calm, which is nice before we have a visitor and lots of plans for the weekend.  Grab a cup of coffee and let’s chat!


Much needed cup of coffee today.  I’m not sure why I am so exhausted, but I can’t seem to wake up today. 


Thankfully, little (or should I say BIG) Bennie has stopped the whining and slept great last night.


All of the doggies were super tired last night and took a little nap before bed.  Ahh sibling love… just melts my heart.  (These two have come a long way.. it took quite some time for them to even go near each other).  


Have I mentioned I love kale salads? 😉  I always make a huge bowl of washed, chopped, and massaged kale to have for the week so the prep work is already done.  Here are a few ways I have been eating the kale salad the last couple of days.  

Lunch Monday was kale salad with avocado, craisins, pecans and balsamic dressing and a side of roasted sweet potato fries.  


Dinner was simple with a kale salad with the same toppings and a veggie burger for some staying power.  (My husband loves this meal, which is always a plus).

Kale salad to-go for lunch at work with some fruit and raw veggies on the side (not pictured). 


Another beautiful sunset picture at the lake from my daddy.  Breathtaking!


Gotta keep it short today, off to work!  Talk to you all tomorrow!


  1. Do you like kale?  Kale Chips, smoothies, salads?
  2. Are you a coffee drinker?
  3. What are you having for lunch today?