Better Late Than Never Weekend Recap 11.19.17

Hi there!  How was your Thanksgiving weekend?  Ours was wonderful!  We spent Thanksgiving in Indianapolis with my in-laws and had a great time!  I am working on a recap of our time in Indy, but in the mean time I am going to share pictures from the previous weekend.  

My mom and I decided that our small gift to neighbors, friends, family and coworkers (my husband’s and mine) would be homemade Christmas cookies this year.  So we picked a couple Saturdays to put on the books for cooking baking! 

We started last weekend and got about halfway done. 🙂 


Riley was waiting for the scraps. 😉 


This time of year really makes me miss my granny.  She and my mom baked Christmas cookies every year.  We still use a lot of her recipes with her precious handwriting.  I am so lucky to be able to carry on the tradition with my momma.  


Riley and I worked on putting together all of the boxes for the cookies.  It was no easy task. 😉 

We made sure to shop for our in-laws early this year so we didn’t have to ship gifts.  That prompted me to shop for everyone so I started the wrapping last weekend too.  It sure is nice to get Christmas shopping done early so we can just enjoy the holiday season.  


We still have our pumpkins on our front porch, but we started decorating inside just a bit.  This will be the first year we have not had to travel for Christmas (we will be with my family for Christmas and since they live in Nashville we don’t have to travel to see them).  My sister and her boyfriend will come from Dallas with their two pups for the holiday and I can’t wait!!  

My mom and I did lots of shopping for Christmas decorations last weekend (I can’t wait to shop you guys all of them once they are up!) and that included lots of lights!! I spent the rest of the weekend doing this… 


We took a little break from baking and decorating to go to Costco with my mom so we could get a membership!  We had one back when we lived in Cincinnati, but since then there has not been a convenient store location.  Thanks mom! 


Last Monday we tried a new-to-us restaurant called Whiskey Kitchen.  We had heard great things but just hadn’t had a chance to go.  

I got the salmon that came with a yummy salad and green beans.  My husband got the fried tomato BLT and loved it too! 


After dinner we headed downtown for the Predators game.  They won! woo!!  A little date night on a Monday night is definitely a nice way to start the week! 

That is all for today!  I will pop back in later this week to share pictures from our Thanksgiving!! I hope you all have a wonderful week!!


  1. How was your Thanksgiving?
  2. Have you started shopping for the holidays?
  3. Do you do any annual baking during the holidays? 

Merry Christmas and happy holidays!!

Merry Christmas ya’ll!!  (to everyone who celebrates).  We have been having so much fun and are fitting in lots of activities with family this week.  I want to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday!


I will leave you with some pictures from Thursday! 

Aren’t my momma’s Christmas cookies so pretty?  


And cookies my dad received from a friend!


My mom, sister, and I really love doing puzzles.  Can you guess what this puzzle picture is?

My mom is a very serious puzzle doer. 


My sister and I had to run by Kendra Scott to exchange a gift and we were greeted with champagne.  Champagne + jewelry shopping = yes!


Fun fact: my mom and stepdad make their own honey.  On our walk yesterday, my mom was teaching us about the bees.


My dad took Riley on a 3 mile walk and wore him out!  Tired little boy.

Last night we went to church and lit two candles for my granny and her boyfriend Leo who have both recently passed.  We miss them so much.  


We followed church with a yummy dinner at one of our favorite restaurants.  I got the salmon and it was SO SO SO good.


Me and my sweet husband.


My momma, sister, and me.

My cute momma showing off her stylish jacket.

Yummy treats my dad’s family sent us.

Is this not the cutest cookie jar?


We made a “treat” corner.


My favorite Christmas movie of all time… ELF

My sister and Riley (sitting like a human).

And he’s out! 


I hope you have a wonderful day with lots of love, family, friends, and yummy food!! 


  1. What did you get for Christmas?
  2. Do you make holiday cookies each year?
  3. What is your favorite holiday tradition?