The Rest of Our Time in Boston!!

Good morning!! I hope your day began on a good note!  I miraculously ran at 4am this morning and am still feeling those endorphins so I would say that my day is going pretty well so far! I am definitely already looking forward to the weekend to have some down time at home.  

Today I am going to continue with my recap of our trip to Boston this past weekend so here we go! 

Saturday morning we hung out for a bit before heading into the city for brunch.

We took the train (my husband was ecstatic!). 


We had reservations at North Street Grille.  The place is small, but the menu did not disappoint.  


It was huge and had everything you could want! 

But ofcourse, we started with mimosas. (When on vacation…)


We all thoroughly enjoyed our meals and could not stop raving about them all day. 

After brunch we took a little stroll to see some more sites around town. 

We walked past the Paul Revere House, but decided not to go in.  

We saw the Freedom Trail that goes all around Boston. 

We saw Mike’s Pastry, a famous spot for cannolis in Boston, but decided we didn’t want to wait in line.  We were all still stuffed from brunch too.  

Next we stopped at Bell in Hand, America’s oldest tavern! 


We decided to have a drink while we were there.  I got the Berry Sangria and it was amazing!

Having a blast in Boston!

After our drinks, we walked to the Holocaust Memorial, which was very powerful.  The horrific things these people went through makes me realize just how lucky we are today. 

Next we went to Faneuil Hall Market Place to browse the food inside!  I vividly remember going through this market on my last trip to Boston about 4 or 5 years ago (I spoke at a conference in Boston when I was in college).  

The place is so big and filled with so many yummy treats!!  Our friend Hailey bought some dark chocolate covered espresso beans and shared them with us!  They were incredible!

While munching on the chocolate, we walked down to the water.  

Boston is such a neat and unique city!  We had plans to grab a drink on this rooftop bar, but it was packed so we opted for some seats down by the water. 

It was the most perfect weather while we were there.  We couldn’t stop talking about it!

Love these sweet friends! 


After going home to relax for a bit and freshen up, we had plans to head to the Top of the Hub restaurant for dinner.  

It is located 52 stories up with amazing views of the city!

Unfortunately when we sat down, my husband started not feeling well so we had to leave.  We went home, ordered sushi, and watched murder shows on TV.  We are so fun.  At least we got to see the incredible view! 

Our flight home was not until Sunday night so we went to a late brunch at a nearby restaurant called Abington Ale House.  We had a nice table outside so we could enjoy the lovely weather.

We all enjoyed our food and the company. 🙂 

We spent the rest of the day out by the pool playing card games.  We had the most wonderful time in Boston thanks to our terrific hosts, Drew and Hailey!  If you have never been to Boston, I highly recommend it! 


  1. Do you order breakfast or lunch when you go to brunch?
  2. Have you  ever tried chocolate covered espresso beans?
  3. Do you prefer a night in or a night out on the town? 

Boston Trip to Visit Friends

Good morning!  We are back from Boston and trying to get back into the swing of things.  It is always hard getting back to reality after such a fun trip.  My husband and I are both feeling a little under the weather so we are hoping that it is just the exhaustion from traveling and not something worse.  

We had the absolute best weekend with our friends in Boston.  We explored the town, relaxed, and enjoyed the beautiful weather. 

We arrived in Boston on Thursday afternoon and our friend picked us up from the airport.  We had plans to grill out at their apartment and just relax that night.  We played Hearts while hanging outside Thursday night (the weather was amazing!).

They grilled potatoes, veggies, salmon and steaks and it was all delicious!! 

We decided to walk to a nearby bar for a drink after dinner. We went to Main Street Bar and Grill, which has a fun atmosphere and yummy drinks! 


Friday morning everyone but me had to work so I headed to the gym for a quick workout.  I did 30 minutes of sprint intervals on the treadmill then headed back to the apartment to make a salad for lunch.  


After the boys got home from work, we all got ready and headed to the train to go downtown for the Red Sox game.  It is nice to be able to take public transportation and not have to worry about driving in such a big city.  (My husband LOVES taking public transportation… he was so excited). 😉 


We took the train, the subway, and walked a little bit and then we arrived. It is so interesting how long it takes to get somewhere with public transportation.  Ofcourse, it may take longer in a car in Boston because of the crazy traffic, but we are just so used to hopping in the car and being somewhere within 10-15 minutes.  

We went to a restaurant near the stadium to post up for a couple hours before the game.  We went to Game On and got a table outside, which was great for people watching. 🙂 

A little while later, Hailey joined us after she got off work and we all had a great time chatting, drinking, and snacking before the game.  

I enjoyed a salad (forgot to take a picture) while the others split some appetizers and a pizza! 

This was our first time at Fenway Park so we were really excited!!  


We had seats in the outfield, which were pretty good.  (I think I do need to get glasses soon though… ). 

We just love these two! 


Fenway Park is really nice!  I love seeing different ball parks when we visit different places.  I really love baseball games out of all other sports.  I think it is because it is easy to follow and I grew up watching baseball with my dad all the time. 


After the game, we hung out downtown for a little while before calling it a night.  

I’ll be back tomorrow to show you more of our trip to Boston!


  1. How was your weekend?  Did you do anything fun?
  2. Do you like baseball?
  3. Have you ever been to Boston?  Fenway Park? 


On the Go Again…

Hi guys!  How is going day going?  My husband and I had a long travel day to Boston today to visit some good friends for the weekend!  We are so excited to be here and explore the town a bit with our friends!  

This week was a little crazy cramming a lot into a few days before we left this morning so I will just show a few highlights from this week. 🙂 

My sister took this picture from last weekend when we were hanging on our roof.  Otis’ face just cracks me up! 


Just a couple snapchats I took the other day.  This is a regular occurrence at our house… me and all the dogs on our smaller couch and Jon gets the big couch all to himself… 

Have you guys tried this coconut milk ice cream from Trader Joes?  I loved it!  It is so creamy! 

Every day when I leave, I have to tell the pups I will be back soon before I go.  Does anyone else do this?  I always wonder if they actually know what I am saying… yeah, probably not. 


These are my pups at the vet before they realized they had to get their annual shots… their faces were not so happy after that.  They were literally pulling me out the door. 🙂 


But I took them to the dog park afterwards so they forgave me. 😉 


This is Otis on the ride home from the dog park.  He was exhausted.  He just runs and runs and runs at the park. 


I didn’t do any grocery shopping this week because of our trip to Boston so it was slim pickings in our kitchen yesterday.  For lunch I threw together tuna, avocado, hard boiled egg whites, onion, red wine vinegar, lime juice, spicy mustard, garlic powder, chili powder, paprika, salt and pepper.  It ended up being amazing!!! Love when that happens.  And ofcourse, I roasted a sweet potato on the side.  Can never go wrong with that! 


We are off to relax and spend time with our friends, but I will be sure to update you soon on our Boston adventures!!  Any recommendations while we are here?


  1. Boston recommendations? 
  2. Have you tried coconut milk ice cream? 
  3. Anyone looking forward to some fun weekend plans?