Weekend Recap 10.3.16 Dallas Cowboy’s Stadium Tour, an Old Favorite Place, and Lake Day

Good morning! I hope your day is off to a good start!  I have lots of catching up to do today so let’s just dive right into my weekend recap! 

We got home late Friday night from travelling so Saturday morning was a slow one.  After our perspective workouts and a dog walk, Jon and I got ready to head to the AT&T stadium (where the Dallas Cowboys play) in Arlington, TX for a guided tour.  We have been wanting to do this since we moved to Dallas so I finally got the tickets for my husband for our first year anniversary and set a date!


The AT&T stadium took 3 years to build (2006-2009).  It is massive.  


It holds 80,000 seats with the option of adding 10,000 more (moving the seats closer together) and has 10,000 standing only tickets too.  


We got to see the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders’ locker room.  Do any of you watch their reality show?  I used to, but haven’t in a long time.  If I heard our tour guide right, she mentioned that the Cowboys cheerleaders were started in 1972 when cheerleading first became established as a sport.  


Then we moved onto the players locker room.  Sorry for the dark pictures! 

We got to see the post-game interview room.


And then we got to go on the field!


Us on the famous star.


So guess how much this 4 sided screen weighs?   1.2 Million Pounds…. and guess how much it cost to make?   $40 million!!! 


We got to go in some of the suites and see the press boxes.   The stadium has a ton of cool art and light fixtures too.  The owner’s wife even flew to Italy to shop for some floor tile that reflects the Dallas Cowboys color blue when the light hits it just right.  

We learned tons of really fascinating information, but something I was amazed by was the number of employees.  On a non game day, there will still be about 1,500 employees at the at the stadium and on game day, there are between 5,000 and 10,000 employees.  That is a lot of people!! 

After the tour, we headed to Fort Worth to grab a drink outside because the weather was so great.  We stopped by the Bird Cafe in the town square and watched multiple wedding parties and homecoming high school kids take pictures.  

After our drinks we headed to Carrabbas for dinner.  I have always loved this restaurant as my dad took us when I was in high school about once a week.  It never disappoints.  

Sunday after church and grocery shopping, we headed out to the lake with a few friends.  The weather was in the low 80s without a cloud in the sky.  This little guy (Otis) tagged along too.  Let’s just say, he doesn’t love the water like Riley does. 😉 


After a few hours on the boat, we headed home and played some darts on our rooftop before calling it a night.  It was such a nice weekend at home before the travelling  madness starts again. 🙂


  1. Highlight of your weekend?
  2. Any trips coming up for you?
  3. Are you an NFL fan? 

Dinner at the Top of Dallas and My Favorite Place to Be

Hi friends! How is your week going?  This week has been pretty good over here as we have been getting ready for our upcoming travels and somehow I ended up with a million appointments this week, but hey, I will be happy once Friday comes! 

Last night I was going through my pictures and I know I recently mentioned that my husband and I just celebrated our 1 year anniversary, but I forgot to show you pictures from our celebration.  My husband just told me to be ready by 6, but that it was a surprise where we were going.  He even made sure to keep the destination a secret with our Uber driver.  

Once we turned into the parking lot of Reunion Tower, I knew we were going to Wolfgang Puck’s Asian inspired restaurant Five Sixty located 50 stories up on the top of the rotating tower.  I snapped this picture of the tower a few days ago.  The view from below…


The view from up top… 


The restaurant rotates 360 degrees in one hour so throughout our meal, we got to see views of the whole city, which was pretty neat!

We ordered a rainbow roll to split and my husband couldn’t resist the dumplings.  

I got the scallops for my entree and they were incredible!  My husband got some type of fish, but I’ll spare you the picture since it came with the head! 🙂  The food was amazing!


When we were back in Indiana two weekends ago, my in-laws pulled the top layer of our wedding cake out of the freezer and sent us home with it.  My husband has been having a piece for dessert for the last week… 


You guys probably know by now that my doggies and spending time on our boat are two of my favorite things.  Well, probably needless to say, but my husband has the same love for both as well.  When we first met 7 and a half years ago, doggies and boating/lake time were the two things that instantly connected us and and have kept us connected ever since.  I mean, I can understand (kind of) that some people don’t love water, but if you don’t love dogs, I’m not sure we can be friends. 😉 

We have been soaking up a lot of lake time (our doggies included… they love the boat) this summer as we aren’t sure how much more time we will have in Dallas (my husband’s work moves us every couple of years).  


We spent Monday evening on the lake and it was so nice.  The water is so refreshing right now and the weather is getting a tiny bit cooler (think 95 instead of 102 ;)).  My husband has been wakeboarding as much as possible and I just love cuddling with my pups in the sunshine.  We are so blessed.  


Have a great day! 


  1. Favorite animal?
  2. Are you a dessert person?
  3. What will you miss the most about summer?

Weekend Recap 9.19.16 Night Boat Cruise, Boulevarding, and Sushi

Good morning!  Monday is here again… it always seems to sneak up on us, but I will say that I feel well rested and ready to tackle this week.  I hope it goes by quickly because there is another wedding on the horizon for us. 

Our weekend started with a little date night on Thursday night.  My husband and I had a late afternoon appointment so we decided to take advantage of the fact that we were already out and stop by a a new-to-us restaurant called Capitol Pub for a drink. I got a glass of champagne and my husband tried a draft beer.  He couldn’t resist the happy hour 1/2 priced pizza either. 😉 

Friday evening we decided to hit the lake for a night cruise with a few of our friends.  The boys took turns wakeboarding and skiing and then we just drove around for a bit.  It was a beautiful night. 


After a Saturday morning workout (tennis for my husband), we got cleaned up and headed to meet up with my sister, her boyfriend, and their friends.  We met them at Katy Trail Ice House for a quick drink before heading to SMU to the Boulevard.  College students and alumni gather on the long boulevard at the SMU campus before the football games and enjoy drinks, food, and good conversation.  It was a blast!  


After handing out for a couple hours, we all headed to Sushi Axiom for some dinner.  My husband ordered this grapefruit/champagne martini for us to split.   It was pretty delicious. 


I got a seaweed salad to start followed by some spicy edamame and my husband and I each ordered a couple rolls.  They were soo good!  We finished them all.  

Sunday I headed off to church while my sister and husband headed to SMU to attend the celebrity tennis tournament.  They are both really into tennis so it was fun for them to see celebrities like Ben Stiller play tennis.  

After church I ran a couple errands at Home Goods and Target before returning home to walk the pups, complete some house work, and catch up on the new series about JonBenet Ramsey.  Are you guys watching this?  It is pretty crazy.  We watched this sweet boy, Bailey all weekend and we are so sad to see him go.  He is so sweet and well-behaved.


That is all I have for today.  I hope you all had a great weekend and your week is off to a good start! 


  1. What is your favorite sushi roll?
  2. Are you watching the new JonBenet Ramsey show?
  3. What was the highlight of your weekend?