Favorite Sources of Protein (Without the Meat)

Happy Friday!!!  This week just flew by for me!  Did it for anyone else?  I am ready for another relaxing weekend with just a flew plans!  I hope you guys have some fun things planned!  

I know I have talked a little bit about the challenge I did in January, but I forgot to mention one important piece that I think was really beneficial to me.  First of all, the challenge definitely helped me realize I was not taking in enough calories for the amount of exercise I do regularly.  I workout 6-7 days a week with a little cardio, a few days of strength training and a couple days of walks/low intensity workouts.  I do take entire days off when I need to, but I tend to feel better if I have a long walk/yoga on days that I don’t have a hard workout.  If I don’t move enough, my back just kills me.

I have definitely mentioned that I am a snacker.  I like to graze rather than have a big meal.  Well… times are a changing!  🙂 The challenge made me realize that if I meal prep ahead of time, I will get in more regular meals (rather than just grazing through lunch/the afternoon) and be more satisfied.  I still snack one or two times per day, but I don’t always need a snack because my meals are keeping me fuller for much longer.

The big reason for this is that I have been conscious about adding more protein to my meals.  I’m not sure if I have ever told you guys that I don’t eat meat, but I don’t.  I do eat fish a few times a week though.  I have nothing against meat eaters (I cook chicken/turkey for my husband regularly); it really is just a personal choice.  I actually haven’t eaten meat since I was 14.  I grew up Catholic and when I was 14, I gave up meat for lent.  Well 40 days later, I still didn’t want to eat meat anymore and still haven’t since.   About 6 years ago I had 2 bites of steak and was terribly sick for 4 days.  (I definitely should have tried chicken before steak.)  Ever since then I just haven’t wanted to eat meat.  If I end up craving it one day, I will eat it.  Until then, I will just keep saving my money on my weekly grocery bill by stocking up on fruits and veggies (and a little fish). 😉  

Funny story… a few years ago, my husband tried to tell me that I spend too much money on groceries because of all the vegetables I buy.  So we ended up breaking down the grocery bill to meat/unhealthy snacks/desserts that he likes and then all the fruits and veggies I like.  Well, even though my quantity of food was about 3/4 of the grocery haul, it was only 1/3 of the whole grocery bill.  He hasn’t said a word about the grocery bill since. 😉 

Anyways… back to talking about protein.  Today I thought I would share my favorite sources of protein!

  1. Hard-Boiled Eggs.  I don’t like the yolks, but I love putting the whites on my salads.
  2. Nuts and nut butter.  My favorites are pecans, almonds, and walnuts.  I have peanut butter or almond butter almost every day.
  3. Chia seeds.  I love making overnight oats or chia seed pudding.
  4. Tofu.  I like to marinate then broil it so it gets nice and crispy on the outside.
  5. Beans and lentils.  Black beans and garbanzo beans are my favorites.
  6. Plant-based protein powder.  I like adding protein powder to my smoothies and oats!
  7. Almond/coconut milk.  I love these in smoothies, overnight oats, and for curries!
  8. Fish.  Salmon and tuna are my go-to when it’s grilling season.
  9. Quinoa.  I like to make a mexican quinoa salad for lunch or make a tofu and veggie curry with coconut milk to put over quinoa.
  10. Veggies!!! Veggies like spinach, kale, and peas pack a nice punch of protein!



  1. Any plans for the weekend? 
  2. What is your favorite source of protein?
  3. How much water do you drink every day?

Life Lately in Tennessee and End of Challenge Update

Hi friends!!

Well week one of being in Nashville and starting a new job is officially in the books!  You guys, I have to tell you that I am absolutely loving my new job.  It really feels like a perfect fit for me right now.  It is challenging, but manageable and this job leaves me with a very rewarding feeling at the end of the day, which is really important to me.  It also feels really nice to have a schedule and be in a routine.  After a few months of traveling and moving, my body was craving some stability.

But I sure am missing these ladies. 😦  I almost cried the other night thinking about how I can’t just see my sister any time I want anymore.  That is most definitely the hardest part about leaving Dallas.


I can’t believe it is already February! I feel like January flew by so quickly.  Speaking of January ending… my 28 day challenge (Ashy Bines) is complete and I am feeling great!  I am sleeping better, feeling more energized and feeling stronger.

I really liked the workouts from the program… they were a mix of high intensity, yoga, and strength training and I could do them all from home, which was really nice.  I even managed to throw in a couple Body Pump classes each week accompanied by lots of extra stretching.

I was really diligent about food prepping and always having something on hand in case I got hungry.  I prepped breakfasts and lunches ahead of time each week and then cooked dinner each night.  This made my days stress free and left a lot more time for exercising and just not always being in a rush.  I have been exercising in the mornings before work and while it is hard getting up so early, it is nice to start the day off on the right foot and to have my nights free to hang with my pups and family.

The biggest change for me was mentally.  My mind just feels clearer.  Does that make sense?  I just feel really at peace and calm.  I think the biggest reason for this was cutting out alcohol.  I have also seen some physical changes with my legs getting stronger and my stomach feels flatter too.  While I am not strictly following any eating/exercising plan now, I have implemented a lot pieces of the challenge into my daily life.  I am still making a lot of the recipes, doing the workouts throughout the week, starting my day with a big glass of warm lemon water (I crave it when I wake up), taking more walks, drinking more water, and still avoiding alcohol (I might have a drink or two soon, but I will be limiting it).

On another note… we are still waiting for our house in Dallas to sell.  We have had 30+ showings in the last month so we are hoping it sells soon so we can begin really looking for a new house here in Nashville.  There are a few different areas of town that we like, but I am excited to explore a little more before we actually buy a house here.  Nashville has changed a LOT since I moved away for college so it really is kind of like exploring a new city and learning about the different areas of town.

Time to quit rambling and get this day started!  I hope you all have a great Tuesday!!


  1. Best part about your job?
  2. What is the first thing you do every morning?
  3. Do you wake up at the same time every day?


Weekend Recap 2.6.17… Lots of Sports!

Hey guys!  How was your weekend?  This weekend flew by for me, but I will say that I am excited this week has begun because my husband has been out of town since last Wednesday and I am ready for him to come home!  He will be home tomorrow so needless to say, the dogs and I are just a little excited!  He goes on an annual boys ski trip with a few guys from college and now that we live so far from the mountains, I know how much he looks forward to it each year.  They go to a different ski town each year and this year they went to Sun Valley, Idaho.

While the boys are out west freezing,  we are here in Nashville, also freezing!!!!  It has been quite chilly around here.  Thursday night, my dad, brother, and I went to the Predators game.  They won 2 to 0!  It was a great game! We went to the giftshop and had to model some Preds hats. 🙂


I love this kiddo!


This breakfast is still on repeat around here.  I love switching up the toppings each day.  My favorites are strawberries, blueberries, bananas, peanut butter, almond butter, and shredded coconut.


So earlier in the week, I came home from work to find my slippers in a different place than I left them.  I always put them in the same place so I know where they are.  Well, Friday when I came home from work, I found both slippers on the bed.  On Saturday I found one on the bed and one by my laundry basket.  There is a little slipper thief in my house right now… The funny thing is that I really don’t know which dog did it.  I would assume Riley because he likes toys, but these slippers are a little heavy so I am not sure if he could/would have put them on the bed…but Callie doesn’t like toys/picking up anything soo I would be shocked if it was her.  I really want to put a camera on and leave it in my room while I am at work to see who is moving my slippers!!  It has become like a game when I come home and have to search for my slippers each day. 🙂


Friday night we went to dinner at Carrabbas and I got a delicious salad with shrimp and this kid got spaghetti!

My friend Rachael and I hit up an 8 am Body Pump class on Saturday morning!  It was a struggle to get up early on a Saturday, but it was so nice to get a workout in early.


After our workout, we went food shopping and spent a few hours baking (!!!) some yummy recipes.  I will share them all with you later this week!

Once I got home, my dad, brother, and I took the pups on a long walk to the park.  They were in heaven.  Afterwards, I had plans to go meet up with Rachael and some friends, but wasn’t feeling the best so opted for some rest.


A few hours later we headed to Target for a few things… well, you know how that goes.  It ended with a new wardrobe for my favorite little guy.  He will definitely be the most styling little 9 year old on the block. 😉


Saturday night we cooked some dinner and watched the Predators game (they lost).  Sunday morning I took the dogs on a quick walk before I did some yoga with my dad and brother at home.  We are all working on our flexibility.  🙂

Afterwards I worked on some meal prepping for the week.  I made a overnight oats, salads, hard boiled eggs, and washed and chopped fruit and veggies. 



After lunch we took a walk in the park.  It was 60 in Nashville yesterday!  


Then we came home and got ready for our Super Bowl party!  


My little brother loves to entertain and make decorations for parties.  Even though it was only 5 of us at our “party” he wanted to make little flags for our food.  How cute are these?  Straws, scrapbook paper, and cut out logos of each team.  


The dogs are loving my little brother.  So adorable. 🙂


Have a great week!!!  


  1. Did you watch the Super Bowl?
  2. Who did you want to win?  
  3. Did you like Lady Gaga’s halftime performance? 

Wordy Wednesday

Good morning friends!  

As I am adjusting to working full time, my brain is a little bit all over the place at the moment so this blog post may be too. 😉

Our dog Callie loves using pillows like humans do.  She always lays her head on them on the couch and our bed.  I found her like this the other night and tucked her in.  She is so spoiled.  🙂


When I was unpacking the other day, I turned around to find Riley like this… 


I proceeded to take him out of the duffel bag then turned around again to find him it in. 🙂


I took him out again and as I was hanging up some clothes in the closet, I looked over to find him in a different suitcase.  He is so confused where we are and why we are here. 🙂


A few minutes later, I found him on my pillow.  


My little brother plays hockey and last week his team got to practice at Bridgestone Arena (where the Predators play) so we all went to watch! 


My favorite lunch combo as of lately is kale with balsamic topped with broiled tofu, avocado, hard boiled egg and a little Dijon mustard!  So random, but I like it! 


Off to grab some more coffee because I think I’m going to need it! Have a great day ya’ll!


  1. What is your favorite lunch you have had lately?
  2. How much coffee do you drink per day?
  3. What time do you go to bed each night?



Weekend Recap… Friends on Repeat

Hi friends!!  I hope you all had a great weekend!!  We sure did!!  We had a great combination of relaxation and productivity.  It even snowed a bit (it didn’t stick) in Nashville on Sunday.  I am starting a new chapter of my life today in a different career path and I am pretty excited about it.  I’m sure it will take a while to adjust back to working full time and learning a lot of new things, but I am grateful for this opportunity and am excited to switch things up a bit.  

So let’s go back to Friday.  Friday night my husband and I met our friends Rachael and Eric for dinner at Thai Esane.  The restaurant is beautifully decorated and has lots of charm!


These are our two best friends in Nashville so you will be seeing a LOT of them on the blog.  They are two of the nicest, funniest, laid back humans you will ever meet.  Aren’t they such a pretty couple?


We started out with edamame and spring rolls and I got the garlic vegetables with tofu.  It was delicious! 

Saturday morning Jon and I took the pups on a walk in park.  It was sunny, but a little chilly.  


On Saturday evening my husband and I went to Rachael and Eric’s house for dinner and games.  We grilled out and just chatted for hours.  Our high school friend stopped by for a little while and it was so fun catching up.  I was a bad blogger and didn’t take any pictures. 😦

On Sunday we tried out a new church, grocery shopped, meal prepped and went to about 6 open houses in the neighborhood we want to live in.  We came home to this. 🙂  Riley loves my dad, it is so sweet.  



A little while later Rachael (yes, we saw each other 3 days in a row) came over for a quick workout from the Ashy Bines plan.  It was a burner!!  Do you guys notice Callie two inches from me?  This is all day every day.  She is my little shadow.  


For dinner last night we made a bunch of salmon (broiled in the oven) to top a kale salad.  We added red onion, dried cranberries, avocado, pecans, hard-boiled eggs, and balsamic vinaigrette. 


After dinner I finished up this blog post and hit the hay early for a good night’s sleep!


  1. Did you get any snow this weekend?
  2. What was the highlight of your weekend? 
  3. Favorite meal you ate this weekend?


Let’s Go Predators…He’s a True Fan Now

Good morning!!  I hope your weekend is off to a good start!  It is unusual for me to post on a Saturday these days, but I was busy running around all over town yesterday that this post just never got finished.  I hope you all had a good week and have a fun and relaxing weekend planned.  We have a couple plans, but hope to keep it low key before a very busy upcoming week. 

Thursday night, my dad, husband, brother, and I had plans to go to the Predators game.  We decided to have dinner at Amerigo’s before the game. I really should just not even show you my pictures of dinner out because you all know what I ordered. 🙂  On my weekend recap, I will have something other than salmon for you to see. 😉 


When Nashville finally got a hockey team in 1998, my dad bought season tickets so my sister and I grew up loving hockey and going to a lot of games.  My husband played for fun in college, but never followed any professional team… until he met me.  Well, my dad got him a Predator’s jersey for Christmas so now he is a true fan! 🙂 

Before the game, my little brother always likes to “play” hockey at this cute little practice rink they have set up in the lobby.  My husband loves playing with my little brother (especially XBox since I told him he was not allowed to have one in our house ;)… it really is the cutest.  

My dad is kinda awesome and always gets us great seats!  


We had two sets of two seats so we all took turns sitting with each other throughout the three periods of the game.  I got to sit with this guy first! 🙂


Next up was this little cutie pie.  He was all decked out from head to toe in Predator’s gear.  He gets really into the games and loves dancing when the music starts playing during the breaks.  Everyone around us loved the entertainment.  


Goofy siblings.  Missing our sweet sis.  


Then finally I got to sit with my daddy!  


How cute are these boys?  I think Jacob really likes having a big brother. 🙂


The Predators won the game 4 to 2!  It was such an intense game, which made it so fun!  We will definitely be attending quite a few Predators games while living in Nashville!  


Another one with my sweet hubs. 


It was such a fun night with my three favorite boys!  I am one lucky girl. 🙂


After the big W, we headed home.  You can’t see it in this picture, but Jon likes to hold Jacob’s hand in crowds or when crossing the street.  He will be a really good dad one day. 😉


I hope you all have an amazing weekend!!!! Stay warm!


  1. Any big plans for the weekend?
  2. What is one thing you do on the weekend to get ready for a busy week ahead?
  3. What professional sports teams do you have in your current city?  

Last Weekend in Dallas

Good morning!  How are you?  We are busy bees around here getting everything settled.  I have a couple more days before I start my new job in Nashville so I am soaking it up.  

Let’s rewind to our last few days in Dallas.  I always have help when I do my laundry…isn’t that nice? 😉  Callie is hiding in “her” corner, but didn’t want to miss out on the picture. 🙂


Friday evening we decided to go bowling.  I bowled terrible the first game, but did great the second game.  


The girls! 


Callie gets professionally shaved a few times per year, but we usually shave Riley ourselves.  We definitely underestimated how long it would take and Riley was less than thrilled when we were still shaving away 4 hours later… yeah, next time I will pay the $50 to have someone else do it. 🙂 


Then Riley found a new hang out spot.  This is in our garage.  You do not want to see what it looks like right now. 


Sunday night we went to Meso Maya with Jon’s aunt and uncle and some family friends for dinner.  I had the salmon (are you surprised?) with fried brussel sprouts.  🙂

When Mimi comes to town, the dogs get whoopie pies.  Aren’t they so cute? 

The first morning my mom was in town, she and Jon walked to the local bakery for some morning treats.  Don’t they look sooo good?


On Monday, Jon, my mom, and I met my sister for lunch at La Madeleine.  It hit the spot!


When we got home, we got all of our clothes packed up for our road trip the following day. Then we needed a nap. 😉  This is where Riley chose to lay.  Can’t blame him.. my head is comfy. 😉


On Monday night, we all went to Yucantan for dinner.  

Love these girlies!  (Morg, isn’t it about time you move to Nashville now too?)



  1. Do you like to go bowling?
  2. Restaurant you eat at the most often?  
  3. What’s one thing making you happy today?