A Sweet Little Date Night to Break Up the Week

Hey friends!!! How was your weekend?  Mine was so wonderful and I will get more into that with a weekend recap later this week!  

I don’t know about you, but sometimes it feels like the work week is never ending.  I am not one to have a ton of plans during the week (I like my time to relax with a book or a good show), but sometimes a night out during the week is good for the soul. 

My husband and I were debating buying a season ticket package for the Nashville Predators this year and we ended up going for it.  I look at it as pre-planned date nights that break up the monotony of the work week.  

On Thursday night we headed to a new sushi restaurant on the way to downtown for a quick dinner before the game. Thursday nights call for a some cocktails!

We got a few rolls to try… can you tell which ones are mine?  🙂 I loved that this sushi restaurant offered the option of brown rice rolls instead of white rice.  


We were a little worried when the Dallas Stars scored pretty quickly into the first period.  


But in true Predators fashion…. we came back and won the game!


We also ran into my favorite kiddo.  I just love my baby bro!

We met up with him during both intermissions and watched him shoot some goals!

We left the game pretty happy!


Boy do I have a story for you guys.  My husband (bless his heart) loves public transportation.  I mean don’t get me wrong, I love it in cities like New York and Chicago, but Nashville does not have great options so we usually just Uber everywhere we go.  Well Thursday night my husband had the bright idea to take the city bus home from the game.  We wait for about 20 minutes (we realized they only come every 30 minutes later in the evening and ended up running down the street after it to make it stop.  😉  We fought over who got to pull the cord to signal our stop, but we did finally make it home a little later. 🙂  


I just have to show you guys these pictures of my cousin’s little boy.  My mom spent the week in Long Island with my aunt, cousin, her husband and their precious baby boy.  I hope my mom got out all of her baby fever while she was there. 😉 


  1. If you have kids, how many do you have?
  2. What is your favorite date night activity?
  3. Since Halloween is later this month, what is your favorite type of candy?

Weekend Recap 10.9.17 Dinner with Friends Times Two, Oktoberfest, and Being Prepared, and It’s Finally Feeling Like Fall Around Here!

Hi friends!!  How is your week going so far?  Mine is off to a great start!! I started my new job yesterday and I can already tell it is going to be a good fit for me – rewarding and very challenging, which I crave in a career.  

Let’s back up a little bit to last week!  I thoroughly enjoyed my week off and spending lots of time with my pups and my momma.  I even got to spend a beautiful day out by the pool with my mom and my little Riley.  Callie goes to work with Jon a few times a week (Riley does too, but Callie is much better behaved at work) so Riley got to go to the pool with me.  He was in heaven with my mom and stepdad’s large fenced in backyard.  

He would come say hi then wander off just exploring and loving life. 🙂 


Last Thursday my mom and I had a day full of shopping planned to get me all ready for my new job.  I ended up with a new pair of pants and four new pairs of shoes!  I also used up all of our wedding gift cards to pottery barn and stocked up on beautiful candles.  After a while we started to get hungry so we called my husband to meet us at Green Hills Grille for lunch!  My mom and I enjoyed a fun cocktail to start!  It was so yummy!

We split the beet salad with salmon and it was sooo delicious!  My husband got tacos and loved them!

Thursday night we had our favorite couple (Rachael and Eric) over for dinner and some catching up and Friday night my bestie, Lissa, came over to work on a project for my mom and we made a cauliflower crust pizza that was delish!  Have you guys tried the one from Trader Joes?  It is so good!! We topped it with pesto, shredded mozzarella, mushrooms, tomatoes, onions and garlic and paired it with a kale salad! 


The pups adore her!


Friday afternoon my mom and I got our nails done then she helped me pick out some fall decorations for our front porch.  The pups were super excited about the decorations too. 😉


Saturday morning we took the dogs on a walk and got in a quick workout before calling my mom to invite her to the Cultural Festival with us for the afternoon.  

There were food trucks, designers, activities and more at the festival!  My mom and Jon both love to splurge on a little junk food every now and then. 


Saturday night we headed to Oktoberfest with some friends!


We had so much fun sipping on some drinks, walking around, shopping (Rachael and I may have reverted back to being 10 and bought friendship rings:), and playing games.  The one in the picture below was hitting a nail into a tree trunk using the back of a hammer.  My husband won … I think he cheated. 😉 

On Sunday we slept in and did some things around the house, but the majority of my day consisted of meal prepping.  My husband and I are trying to be really good about eating healthy during the week and being prepared so we don’t end up getting take out on a late night.  I made some homemade hummus and chopped a bunch of veggies, and made blueberry protein muffins.  

I prepped lots of salads for easy go-to lunches and a sweet potato and black bean chili (I froze a lot of it) for quick dinners throughout the week!  

I better wrap this up now because I sure could ramble on all day! 😉  I hope you guys have a great week!!!!  


  1. What is your favorite snack?
  2. Now that fall is here, what is your favorite soup?
  3. What was the highlight of your weekend?


Weekend Recap 10.1.17 … Weekend At the Lake and New Beginnings

Hey friends!! Happy Wednesday!  I hope you all had a great weekend!

I am enjoying a slow morning at home before I go shopping with my momma today!  I am actually off work all week because I am transitioning to a new job next week.  I really loved my previous job, but when I came across a new opportunity I knew it was something I just couldn’t pass up!  I am really excited for this new adventure, but am definitely enjoying this week off to get caught up on some things at home and just relax.  My mom and I got facials yesterday afternoon for a little treat! 🙂 

This past weekend Jon and I headed up to Centerhill Lake (under 2 hours from Nashville) to meet my dad and his girlfriend for the weekend.  


The pups were pretty excited that they got to go on the boat. 😉


This girl is starting to become a daddy’s girl, which is making my husband very happy.  

It was the most gorgeous day on the lake with beautiful clouds and breezy warm weather.  


After a few hours we headed back to the marina for a quick drink before heading back to the lake house.  I got to say hi to my old boss at the restaurant on the marina.  My friend Rachael and I spent the summer after our freshman year in college living at the lake house and working at the restaurant on the marina.  It was such a fun time. 


After we got home we grilled up some food for dinner!


Morning views at the lake!


I found Riley taking a rest with my dad.  Riley loves him. 🙂 


Sunday afternoon we headed home to get some work done around the house.  One order of business was to give the doggies haircuts.  Riley doesn’t mind being shaved, but he was not about to give up his bone… 🙂


This must be documented because I actually attended one of my husband’s tennis matches last week.  He plays a few times per week and always asks me to come watch.  I am a bad wife and never go, but last week I actually did go with my mom and stepdad.  It was the championship match and he and his partner got their first loss all year.  I think I am bad luck.  😉 I better not go to any more matches. 


Every morning I take my dogs on a short walk before breakfast.  This week has been a little warm so a nice cold smoothie has been the perfect refreshment afterwards.  This one had spinach, almond butter, banana, ice, protein powder and unsweetened almond milk.  


I have been cooking up a storm over here yall.  I am trying to branch out of my normal routine and cook new recipes.  I made a batch of quinoa burgers and they turned out quite well!


That is all for today because it is time to get ready to do some shopping with my momma!!  I hope you all have a great day!!


  1. What is one recipe you make often?
  2. What is your favorite smoothie combination?
  3. Favorite pumpkin flavored food/drink? 

Weekend Recap 9.24.17 Trip to Dallas to Visit My New (Doggie) Nephew and Avoid the Boys

Hi friends!! How are you all?  How is your week going?  Mine is flying by, which is always nice!  Last Thursday after work I headed to the airport to catch a late flight to Dallas for the weekend!  As much as I was excited to visited my sister and her boyfriend and their pups, there was another reason for the timing of my trip.  My husband goes on an annual boys ski trip with a group of 10 or so guys each year.  Well somehow the boys came up with the grand idea to add a summer trip to the mix this year in Nashville…. at our house.  Needless to say.. I needed to get far away from Nashville and hope that my house was still in one piece when I returned. 😉  

Before I left for Dallas, my friend Rachael came over for dinner and some baking for our pups.  We made these homemade dog treats and it made plenty for her to take some home, for my pups, and for me to take some to my sister’s pups.  The pups LOVED these treats.  Peanut butter and bacon grease for the icing.. what is not to love.  I quickly realized I only had a gingerbread man cookie cutter. 🙂


Friday morning my sister and I had a workout class on the agenda.  We were both eager to try Tread Barre for the first time.  The workout incorporates running on the treadmill, pilates, and strength training.  Ya’ll… it was SO tough!! If you get the chance to try it, I highly recommend it if you are in the mood for a HARD workout.  We were drenched! 

We came home to see the pups!! You guys probably remember Otis, but there is new addition to the family.  My sister and her boyfriend got a puppy named Murphy a couple months ago!  He is the CUTEST! 

In my happy place!! 🙂 


We made a quick smoothie for breakfast with protein powder, almond milk, ice, strawberries, blueberries and peanut butter.  Murphy is allllll about any and all food!


I dropped my sister off for a quick meeting at her law school while I headed to an appointment.  Afterwards we grabbed lunch at Eatzi’s. After lunch we headed to a couple local stores for some shopping!  I actually got a new dress, sweater, and a necklace so it was a success!


After lunch we took the pups on a walk to the dog park so they could run off some energy.  

 On Friday night we had plans at a new Asian restaurant with some friends. We got all dolled up and headed out! 


I got a rice bowl with lots of veggies and an egg on top!  It was delicious! 

Me with my two Dallas favorites!  


Saturday morning after we took the dogs on a quick walk, we had plans to rent bikes to ride downtown to the farmers market!  Lime Bike is in several cities and it is such a neat concept.  You just download the app and are able to see where a bike is located around the city.  Once you locate the bike you scan it with your phone to unlock it and then you are off!  


We headed downtown on this beautiful day!


We biked around 3 miles to the Farmers Market and spent time walking around the indoor and outdoor sections of the market.  


My sister and I both bought cute Dallas tank tops and my sister’s boyfriend bought a candle. 🙂


Loved seeing all the pumpkins on display!!


And I rode the tractor… thankfully it was a stationary one! 😉


After a while of wandering around, we walked to the nearby restaurant called Mudhen for lunch.  My sister and I shared some blood orange mimosas and I got the market salad, which was soo yummy!

After lunch we walked to the plants/pumpkins section of the market.  


These pumpkins were massive!!


Then it was time to open up the Lime Bike app and find some nearby bikes.  Unlike other bike rental companies where you go to the nearest bike station, Lime Bikes can be left ANYWHERE in the city.  It is such a cool concept!   We found one at the market and walked less than a block to find two more for our ride home.  (In my mind I was prepared to take an Uber if there were no bikes around us… but there were TONS in the city so it was not an issue at all.)


My sister dared me to take this picture… I think I fit in quite nicely. 😉


After our biking adventure we took the dogs to the dog park for a bit then my sister made us a delicious dinner of grilled salmon and asparagus, roasted broccoli and sweet potatoes and quinoa!  Bring on allllll the veggies! It was soo tasty!


After dinner my sister and I had plans to stop by our friend Shelby’s for a little engagement party for their friend Ann.  

We had a drink and chatted all things weddings with the girls.  

These two girls definitely make me miss living in Dallas!


I had such a fun time with my sister in Dallas all weekend.  I sure miss living 10 minutes away from her, but it is fun to have a great excuse to visit Dallas often!  


That wraps up my amazing weekend in Dallas!! I hope you guys have a great rest of your week!! 


  1. What was the highlight of your weekend?
  2. If you have siblings, how often do you see them?
  3. Do you have any nieces or nephews (human ones not doggie ones :))?

Weekend Recap 9.17.17… Friends Wedding in Columbus & Lots of Old Friends

Hey friends!!  How was your weekend?  I didn’t get around to blogging this weekend because it was jam packed!  We left for Columbus, OH on Saturday morning at early o’clock for our friends’ wedding.  We had a short layover in Chicago and got to Ohio around noon.  We rented a car and drove about 15 minutes to our hotel downtown.  

I found this picture on my husband’s phone from dinner last week when my mother-in-law was in town.


After we arrived, Jon went to meet up with a friend of his while I rested for a bit before getting ready for the wedding later that evening.  The wedding and reception was at the Westin Hotel.  The hotel is beautiful!  


After watching our friends say I do, there was a fun cocktail hour with all the guests.  My husband is friends with the groom from college; they were in the same fraternity.  A lot of their fraternity brothers attended the wedding so it was really fun getting to catch up with everyone after all these years.  Fun fact: My husband and I met in college at Miami of Ohio.  He was a junior and I was a freshman.  At the cocktail hour, there were a bunch of different napkins personalized by the bride and groom.  My favorite included fun facts about them!


After the cocktail hour, we headed back to the same room where the ceremony took place for the reception.  They transformed it into a beautiful reception with lots of tables and a dance floor.  These were waiting at our seats with lottery tickets inside.  How cute! 


The couple had a traditional Jewish ceremony and included my favorite Jewish tradition.  I always get nervous that someone is going to fall and get hurt, but thankfully no one did. 🙂 


We had a blast celebrating the beautiful couple and seeing old friends.  After a few hours of dancing we headed back to the hotel for some rest before another early morning flight.  We left Columbus at 8:25am and got home to Nashville at 8:40am thanks to the time change!  It was so nice to have all Sunday at home to get ahead for the week.  We went grocery shopping, walked the dogs, cleaned the whole house, meal prepped and even got in some naps. 🙂 

Have a great week, yall!!


  1. Favorite part of a wedding?
  2. What was the highlight of your weekend?
  3. How many weddings (if any) are you attending this year? 

Friday Favorites… Lots of Pictures & Is It Fall Yet?

Good morning friends!!  Happy Friday!!  I hope you have all had a nice week and have a fun weekend planned! We are heading to the airport early tomorrow morning for our friends’ wedding this weekend!! I just love weddings!

Today is a random mix of pictures of my favorite things lately!  The first one is my favorite dinner lately… roasted (burnt) sweet potatoes with a salad and a homemade quinoa burger (no recipe… I just threw a bunch of ingredients together).  


Ya’ll… my husband.  He has been having foot problems this last year and the latest contraption to help with the pain is this boot he has to sleep with.  I have to wear a neck brace at home every once in a while to help with my neck and back pain.  Between the two of us, we are looking reeeeeeal cute. 😉 


Coffee dates with my momma!  Last week my mom had to pick up her car from the dealership and she swung by and picked me up for a coffee date!  


This picture was taken in the car on the way back from the lake a couple weekends ago.  Riley wanted to be in the seat belt with me sitting like a human.  He cracks me up.  


We went to Bricktops the other night when my mother-in-law was in town and I just could not resist the ahi tuna and stir-fried veggies.  So yummy!


Have you all been experiencing colder temperatures this week?  Until this morning it has been quite chilly on my morning walk with the pups, which has gotten me in the mood for fall!  Fall is definitely my favorite season so I just had to pull out some decorations!  I got this cute table runner at Home Goods last week on sale!


For our two year anniversary this week, I stuck with the “cotton” theme and got my husband a couple new shirts for work.  He didn’t go with the theme and got me another matching wedding band that I have been wanting since we got married!  I was so shocked (and happy he ditched the “cotton” theme).  


This is what I walked in to find yesterday before bed.  Riley is quite the spoiled diva, but I just love him.  


I told you guys I am always surrounded by the pups in bed and here is the proof.  We 3 share 1/3 of the bed and my husband has the other 2/3.  🙂 


Thanks for putting up with all my randomness today!  I hope you all have a great weekend and I will be back next week!! xoxoxo


  1. What are your weekend plans?
  2. Favorite season?
  3. Any good books I should read?

Weekend Recap 9.11.17 Bridal Shower, Dinner Out, Titans Game, a Surprise Concert and a Special Video to Share with You!

Hey friends!  I hope you are all staying dry out there.  The rain has finally hit Nashville and it is quite chilly out.  My heart is with all the people affected by the hurricanes and since I didn’t post yesterday, I need to take a moment to remember all the lives lost 16 years ago.  I can’t believe it has been so long..I can remember that day like it was yesterday.   

Before I start my weekend recap, I have a special little video to share with you guys today.  Today is our 2nd wedding anniversary.  A lot has happened in two years, but I am so glad my husband chose me to be his partner.  We have such a great foundation, which really helps during the hard times.  I am really really really blessed to be his wife. 🙂

We had a videographer at our wedding and we have about 10 different videos of the day compiled together and I actually have never even shared the highlight video with anyone but our close friends and family.  So today I am sharing a little glimpse of our day with you all. 🙂 I hope you enjoy it!


This past Saturday I attended a bridal shower for one of my oldest friends.  It was great catching up with other people I grew up with and so great to see the bride-to-be so happy. 🙂

Saturday night my husband and I were both pretty tired so we decided to grab an early dinner and call it a night.  We went to a local restaurant, Tin Angel.  I had been there before, but it had been years ago so it was time to go back! 


The food was pretty good, but the service was terrible.  The service definitely makes or breaks my experience.  

After dinner we crawled into bed before 8pm… on a Saturday.  #wearesoold 

This little guy made himself right at home on my pillows…  My husband was a “no dogs in bed” kind of guy for so long and he would always tell them to get down if they jumped up so they have learned to stay on my side so they don’t get the boot. 😉 I am always trapped between two dogs while I sleep… and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 🙂


Sunday afternoon we headed to the Titans game against the Oakland Raiders.  The Titans lost.  To be honest, I am not a huge football fan… I am way more into hockey, but I do like the social and entertainment aspects of attending a game.  

Jonny, his momma, me, and my momma after the game.  So funny story… we were in suite for the game with my husband’s company and the server brought out a vegetable tray with 3 minutes left in the game.  We don’t like food to go to waste so we bagged it up and took the veggies with us.  🙂 


My mom may or may not have hid the veggies in her sweater as we exited the stadium. 🙂

As we were waiting for the traffic to die down after the game, we watched the players head to their cars.   Guess who I saw??  Eric Decker!!  I yelled his name and he waved at me.  My day was made.  Is anyone else obsessed with him and Jessie and their cute family and tv show like me?  Please don’t tell me I am the only one.  😉


Sunday evening we had plans to attend a big fundraiser at the Wildhorse Saloon with my husband’s company.  The event raised over $2 million for Literacy.  All dolled up and ready to go!


They had an open bar, dinner buffet and entertainment for the night!!  The performer was a surprise so we were getting excited to see who it was!


It was Chris Young!!!  Jon and I both love country music so we had a blast singing along to all of his songs.  He was amazing in concert.  


He even covered Allison Krauss’ song, “When You Say Nothing At All,” which is one of my all time favorites. 🙂 

He played for over an hour and we enjoyed every minute of it!! Such a fun night out for a great cause!  


When Monday morning rolled around we were exhausted!!  But hey, it was definitely worth it for such a great weekend!  I hope you all had a fabulous weekend too!


  1. If you have a dog(s), are they allowed in your bed?
  2. If you are married, how many years have you been married?
  3. If you got to pick the surprise guest for a private concert, who would you choose?