Last Wedding Recap, I Promise :) The Reception


Happy Friday!! We made it!  Do you guys have lots of fun plans for the weekend?  We have a couple plans, but nothing crazy so I am hoping to get in lots of walks with the pups and some boat time too!  

So today is the last of my wedding recaps… I saved the best for last! 😉 

Since we had our ceremony at my in-laws’ house, we decided a downtown reception would be perfect! We had shuttles bus our guests from the different locations.  Our reception took place at the Skyline Club in downtown Indianapolis.  It has tons of windows with a beautiful view of the skyline at night and it was just big enough for our guests, but not too big where the guests are too spread out.  


My two siblings being introduced. Such cuties. 


We went straight to cutting the cake after we were introduced so we didn’t have to stop the party later to do it.  I wanted a very simple, elegant cake and my husband and mom chose all the flavors. 🙂  The two champagne glasses below were the ones my in-laws used at their wedding so it was pretty special that we got to use them too.  


We went straight into the speeches and eating.  We chose to do a buffet because I didn’t want the usual plated dinner.  We had tons of options and the food was really delicious!

My dad and brother gave sweet speeches and my sister (the maid of honor) and Jon’s brother (best man) gave beautiful speeches too. 

Next were the traditional dances.  Jon and I chose Brett Eldredge’s song “Mean to Me” for our first dance.  We both loved it when we first heard it and knew it was the one.  


My dad and I danced to “I Loved Her First” by Heartland.  It was such a special moment and I may have shed a few tears. 😉

Jon’s mom is a huge Beetles fan so their first dance was a Beetles song. 🙂


Jon and I share a huge love of live music so when we got engaged one of the first things we decided on was that we were going to have a band instead of a dj.  The band made our night so fun and the dance floor was full all night!

The had us singing all night.




And some more singing… 🙂




We did the traditional bouquet toss.


Us with my husband’s high school friends. 



All of my dad’s friends from law school joined and his friend from work.  So fun!


The neighborhood girls. 🙂 


We had such a blast at our reception and are so thankful for all our friends and family that traveled so far to be with us on our special day.  One year down 100 more to go. 🙂

Thanks for all the love on my wedding recaps, it was so fun reminiscing this special day.  I hope you all have the best weekend!! 


  1. Do you like to dance?
  2. Can you sing?
  3. If you are married, what was your first dance song?


Wedding Recap…Post Ceremony Cocktail Hour, Bridal Party Pics, and Trolley Ride Around Indy

Happy Thursday yall!  I’ve been busy organizing my wedding photos all week… only a year later… yeah, it is about time. 😉 

Today I wanted to show you some pictures post-ceremony when we had a cocktail hour at my in-laws followed by lots of pictures and a grand exit to the fun trolley ride with our friends.  

Me and my sweet girls.


Love them to pieces! 


The groom and his men.


The whole gang.


After our ceremony, we had a cocktail hour at my in-laws barn while we took pictures.  

Both of our families.


My dad and father-in-law both made short, sweet speeches.


My dad is probably telling Jon here, “She is yours now, you can’t give her back.” 😉 



This sweet couple drove from Nashville to be at our wedding.  They are in their 90s.  They are the sweetest.


A few more pictures from the house.







My in-law’s friend offered to drive us away in his Bentley.  We happily said yes!!




One of my favorite parts of the day was riding around Indy with our bridal party and taking pictures and sipping champagne. We had a blast!




My husband insisted we stop by the Colts stadium to get a picture…


Please don’t drop me! 🙂


The handsome boys!


The girlies downtown.


One last kiss and we were off to the reception! 


I’ll save the reception for the next post!  If you made it to this point, I am proud of you! 😉 

Such a special day with our favorite people!


  1. If you are married, what were your wedding colors?
  2. How big was your bridal party? 
  3. What would you change if you could do it all again?


We Made It… One Year Wedding Anniversary and Way Too Many Ceremony Pictures

Good morning, friends! How was your weekend?  Mine was so wonderful as we were in Cincinnati celebrating two of our good friends’ wedding and running around seeing all our old friends!  I will recap the weekend tomorrow because today’s post is dedicated to my sweet hubby as today marks one year of being married.  

Our wedding day was the best day of my life.  But, it has not been a walk in the park ever since.  Marriage is not easy.  This year has been full of very high highs and very low lows.  Marriage takes a lot of work and commitment.  I am FAR from an expert, but if there is one thing I have learned in this first year of marriage, it is this: You cannot be the best partner if you don’t take care of yourself first.  I am guilty (as are most of us) of putting others first and often neglecting my own needs, but this year has helped me to realize the importance of taking time for yourself and constantly working to be the best you that you can be.  At times this year, when I put myself on the back-burner, I was not able to be the best wife/partner I could be to my husband.  The best thing I did for my marriage this year was to take care of myself in order for me to figure out how to be the best partner I can be to my better half.  

I was talking to a friend recently about the idea of soulmates.  We both agreed that we didn’t really believe in the idea that there is only one person out there that you are meant to be with, but there are a handful of people you are truly compatible with.  This friend then said “It is a CHOICE to be with the person your are with… every day, you have a choice to make… to be with that person or not.”  This truly struck a cord with me.  Marriage is a choice.  Not just at the proposal or on your wedding day.  It is a choice every. single. day.  We all want this AH-HA moment, but that is not the way life works.  There may never be that moment that you KNOW for certain you are with the right person, but instead, you have a choice to make.  And I chose and still choose every day to be with my husband.  And he chose and continues to choose me (I am so thankful).  I think it is important to never stay stagnant in a relationship, but always continue to grow.  There will be ups and downs; relationships are often referred to as roller coasters, but you always have a choice to make.  You have the power to control your future and marriage certainly is not always the easy choice.  It is hard work and it needs constant attention, but it is worth every minute.  Marriage is a beautiful thing.   

Happy Anniversary, Jonny!  I am beyond lucky to call you my husband.  I am so grateful that you have put up with me for almost 8 years and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us!  I love you!  


Switching gears a bit… remember all those wedding recaps I promised you?  Well this week is the week!!  I am going to finish up summarizing our wedding day in posts throughout this week and I am really excited to relive the best day of my life.  

Today’s post is all about our ceremony.  We chose to get married in my husband’s parents’ backyard and then have a reception downtown.  This place means a lot to my husband and it is absolutely gorgeous so this was one of the very first decisions we made after getting engaged.  

My husband walking his momma to her seat. 


My mom and stepdad walking down the aisle.  


My little brother walking our doggie, Riley, down the aisle.  Riley was our ring bearer.  My mother-in-law made Riley’s outfit to match the boys. 🙂


Getting ready to walk down the aisle with my daddy! 


My daddy handing me over to my husband. 🙂 


Jon and I are both pretty non-traditional and didn’t want to follow a set order of events for our wedding.   We decided to make our ceremony completely ours and I am so glad we did. 

At the beginning of the ceremony, Jon and I both presented our mom’s with roses to symbolize the joining of our two families. 


 We had Jon’s uncle marry us (he lives near us in Texas), my cousin sing, my aunt read, and my little brother play the harp.  It was perfect.


Early on we decided that we wanted to write our own vows.  I was so nervous to read mine out loud, but it was a very meaningful thing to us and I will cherish the words my husband wrote me forever.  

Jon’s uncle gave a beautiful speech about us and marriage and we were so happy he agreed to marry us.


We said I do and exchanged rings. 


And sealed it with a kiss! 


We were SO excited to finally be husband and wife! 


Our siblings were happy for us too. 🙂


Next, the first cocktail hour begins…. 


  1. If you are married, how long have you been married?
  2. If you are married, did you have an indoor or outdoor wedding?
  3. Tell me something unique about your wedding/what you want for your future wedding. 

Wedding Details

Hi there!! Happy hump day!!  Is anyone else still trying to recover from the time change? More coffee, please!  

One of the first questions our wedding photographer asked us when we met her was what was important to us in our wedding photos.  I really wanted the love we have for each other to be captured, but another thing that was important to me were the wedding details.  My mom and mother-in-law spent days, hours, months preparing for our wedding day to make it so special for us and I wanted our photos to show that.  

Today I wanted to show you a few of my favorite wedding details from our ceremony location!

The entrance to our wedding ceremony location (my in-laws house in Indiana).  


My mother-in-law made these signs that lined the pathway back to our ceremony location in the backyard.  


“Forever starts here”


She also created these window frames and flower holders too.  


Our photographer and videographer both stressed the importance of an “unplugged” ceremony so we made sure to inform our guests.  



My mother-in-law also created these pillows to set the scene.  So sweet. 





Our cute bags for the guests at the hotel that my mother-in-law made and my mom filled! 


Our ceremony location.


My mom ordered pashminas and made cute tags that read “To have and to hold in case you get cold” which came in handy for our guests when the wind started blowing during our ceremony.  


The ceremony program. 


My dress!


My shoes.  Nothing fancy, but they did the job and were pretty comfortable. 


My bouquet of white roses wrapped in pearls. 


I used my grandma’s clutch during my wedding day to remember her.  


I wore my grandma’s pearl bracelet and my great grandma’s (dad’s grandma) pearl necklace on my wedding day. 


Some of the gifts I gave my husband on our wedding day.  If you don’t already know, my husband is obsessed with our boat and being on the lake (any lake) and our love for the lake and the water was something we bonded over almost 7 years ago when we first met.  I got him a monogrammed koozie (not pictured), towel, anchor bottle opener, and captains hat (his nickname for me is Franny – my last name is Francy and he has always called me Franny).  

Candles my stepdad made for our cocktail hour after the ceremony.  


Guest book tree logs my stepdad made for our guests to sign, which you can see displayed here on our wall in our house.  


Our wedding bands. 


My in-laws friends offered to drive us away from our ceremony location in their Bentley.  It was amazing! 


A picture of our thank you card we sent to our guests for coming to our wedding.  


Thank you so much for letting me share more of our wedding day with you all!! I hope you have a great day!


  1. If you are married, did you wear any special jewelry on your wedding day?
  2. Did you get married inside or outside?
  3. What was your favorite little detail about your wedding? 

Wedding Part 1

Hi guys! Happy Thursday to you!!! I have something extra fun for you today so I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it! 

If you have missed my wedding recaps, be sure to check out my wedding page.  Today I want to share the first half of my wedding day with you all!

The day started out bright and early with a 5am wake up call after a late night at our amazing rehearsal dinner.  The severe exhaustion was completely covered by the excitement/nervousness I was feeling.  Up until my wedding day, I never really felt nerves about my wedding, but that morning, my hands were shaking.  The nerves mostly came from having to read my personal vows in front of our hundreds of family and friends.

My two uncles drove me, my bridesmaids, my aunt, and mom to my in-laws house where we got ready in the room above their barn.  (I stayed at the hotel downtown with my bridesmaid, Lissa, the night before my wedding day).  My mother-in-law had coffee, mimosas, breakfast and lunch ready for us in the barn so we wouldn’t have to leave and risk getting seen by the boys, who were getting ready at my in-laws house a few hundred yards away. (Riley was our ring bearer and my mother-in-law made his outfit to match the boys’ suits).  🙂


The morning of my wedding was pure joy with my favorite girls.  We just laughed and talked as we got our makeup and hair done.  My sweet mother-in-law had a playlist of wedding related songs playing in the background and pictures of me and my groom displayed around the room.  It was so wonderful to spend extra time with my girls relaxing as I got ready for one of the biggest moments of my life.  With champagne, ofcourse.  



My bridesmaid, Lissa, saying an inappropriate  sweet toast.  


I told my girls to just wear pearl earrings on my wedding day.  I gave each of them a pearl necklace to wear to thank them for making this year so special for me.



We made Riley sing for us (he likes to howl if you do). 


Then he needed a nap.  Wedding prep is exhausting.


My little brother, Jacob, came up to visit us while we got ready. He wanted a little help with his hair. 🙂


So dang cute.  


We took a couple pictures outside in our cute monogrammed robes.


Aren’t these girls just the prettiest?? 


My momma, sister and me.  


It was finally time to get dressed!! 


It was a team effort! 🙂


Love this picture of me and my momma! 


Then I was surprised with a gift from my future husband.  


He wrote me the sweetest, kindest, most thoughtful note I have ever read in my life.  I will keep it forever.  Oh, and he got me a beautiful pair of diamond earrings that I wore on my wedding day.  I cried more in that moment than I did the rest of the day.  


My husband and I chose not to see each other before our ceremony (I am so glad we did this) to make our first look extra special.  The girls and boys each took turns taking pictures out in the meadow (bridal party pictures in another post!).


I even got to do a special first look with my dad.  It was really special to me.



I gifted my parents each (and in-laws) a picture frame with 3 spaces and put a baby picture on top, a personal note in the middle frame and the bottom frame was empty, but would soon be filled with a picture of our wedding day.



While we were taking pictures, it started to rain.  We quickly took cover and prayed for the rain to stop.  We got so lucky as the clouds parted and the rain let up right before our guests arrived (thankfully as we didn’t have much of a backup plan because we had to decide if we wanted the tent to cover our ceremony location 3 days before the wedding when the forecast called for no rain).

Ceremony, cocktail hour, bridal pictures and reception recaps to come!  


  1. If you are married, did you get married inside or outside?
  2. Did you and your significant other exchange notes/gifts on your wedding day?
  3. How big was your bridal party? 


Girls weekend, surprise shower, dress shopping, and couples shower

Happy Thursday ya’ll!  It’s almost Friday, which means today is going to be a great day!  It is time for another installment of wedding preparation fun.  Today I will show you some of the most fun times I had while we were engaged last year!


Shortly after we got engaged (living in Cincinnati, OH) we found out we were moving to Dallas, TX.  I knew I wanted to get my dress before the move so that I could get my alterations done in Indianapolis (where our wedding took place) when I came back for other meetings for wedding planning.  

My amazing mother-in-law graciously offered to host me, my bridesmaids, my mom, and my aunt for a weekend in January so we could all go shop for my dress and the girls bridesmaids dresses.  All the girls made the trip to Indianapolis (from Nashville, Dallas, New Jersey, and Long Island).  I am so blessed.  


Early Friday morning, the girls snuck down to the living room and decorated for a surprise bridal shower for me.  It was the sweetest gesture ever.  I was completely shocked.


Ofcourse, we all got matching pajamas (it’s a big thing in my family) and sashes with our titles.


Love these ladies.  I’m getting married! 

Aren’t they the cutest?


They even organized for us to get facials at the house.  Riley kept my mom company during her facial 🙂


I thoroughly enjoyed my facial.


We played lots of games and I opened lots of “pamper” themed gifts (so thoughtful!).  


My mom had the girls divide up and decorate little cakes and I had to be the judge and pick a winner!  SO fun!

Me with the winners!


Coffee before the mimosas started flowing 🙂


Riley got pampered too 😉


Me and my sweet momma!


My girls.


My mothers 🙂




On Saturday morning, we made the 2 hour drive to Cincinnati to shop for our dresses in the bridal district.  


The adorable signs the girls made to let me know how they liked/didn’t like each dress I tried on without 10 people screaming 🙂 (next, like, the one, and maybe)


After about 6 or 7 dresses, I found “the one.” (It later turned out not to be the one after getting it back from the manufacturer in sub-par condition.  I had to start from scratch 3 months before my wedding day at a store in Dallas with my sister and her friend.  Yes, I carried my 2 bags, wedding dress, and dog on the plane by myself (not recommended)…. but it was meant to be and it all worked out.)

The the girls tried on a couple dresses and it was a done deal! They got the below dresses in Navy.  (I originally wanted neutral, but totally changed my mind that day!)

My mother-in-law made a reservation at Kenwood Country Club for a nice lunch out for all the girls.  We had some celebrating to do!


Wine included 🙂


We were all so relieved to have that task behind us!  Dress shopping can be a little stressful.  


My aunt took the picture, that’s why she is missing!


Then we headed back to Indianapolis for a relaxed dinner at home 🙂


We had such a blast that weekend.  All these girls made my dress shopping experience so enjoyable and it was so nice to be able to all relax and catch up before the big day.  


A little later in the year, my mother-in-law’s friends threw us a couples shower in Indianapolis with a lot of our friends and family.  It was so sweet of them to do that.

Me and one of my bridesmaids, Lissa (best friend from middle school).  


Once again, we had friends travel from Nashville, New Jersey, Cincinnati, Cleveland, and more.  We are beyond grateful. 


Out in Indianapolis for a little fun with my best friends!


Thanks for listening to me go on and on about my friends and family, but I just love them so much!  


  1. Are you going to any weddings this year?
  2. Did you go dress shopping with a lot of people?
  3. Any mishaps with your wedding dress?

Rehearsal dinner recap

Happy Friday ya’ll!  We made it!  I can’t wait for the weekend to start!  We have lots of fun plans for this weekend so we are hoping for some nice weather!  


Today I thought I would recap one of the best nights of my life.  Our rehearsal dinner was laid back, fun, and definitely a night to remember.  My in-laws hosted the rehearsal dinner at Hotel Tango a beautiful, eclectic distillery in Indianapolis.  It was so nice to have the extra time to mingle and catch up with our closest friends and family who came from so far (California, Florida, New Jersey, Georgia, ect.) to celebrate with us.


Love this guy.  


The theme was girls in pearls and boys in denim.  My husband wanted to wear jeans and his cowboy boots and I wanted to wear a dress so I think the theme incorporated both styles perfectly so everyone could wear what they wanted!

My mother-in-law put so much detail into making our rehearsal dinner just perfect.  It was our style with lots of cute little touches.  

We even got to design our own signature drink (my husband’s last name is Plump hence “The Plumpinator.”  



Pretty signs just for us were all around!


My sweet girlies!


We can be silly, too!


And they all love Jon! And he sure loves us 🙂

I really hit the jackpot with my in-laws!  Love them so much!


The best part about our rehearsal dinner at the distillery was that a certain someone got to come…. we just couldn’t leave our ring bearer behind 🙂 (The adorable little girl is our cousin’s daughter… isn’t she a doll?)

My mom (on the left) and her 5 siblings!!  (yes, they are the Brady Bunch ;))


Boys eating dinner!


My sweet mother-in-law put together the sweetest slideshow of me and my husband each as children then of us as our relationship progressed.  It was the kindest gesture and so fun to see all the baby pictures!


And ofcourse, I sobbed.


And laughed a lot!


Then our families and friends gave the nicest speeches and made us feel so very special.

And lots of hugs for the beautiful, heart-felt words.  We are so blessed. 

Right before my two best friends (bridesmaids) and my best friend’s boyfriend got up and sang a rap song about Jon and I getting married… it was the most hilarious thing I have ever heard.  Everyone was dying of laughter.  I need to upload the video…


My sweet husband thanking our families and friends for coming.

Another one with my best girlfriends that shows the rustic venue a bit!


More family pictures!

Some fun snaps from the night.

Me and my beautiful mom and sister.  


A huge thank you to our cousin, Kristy, for being our unofficial photographer for the night and capturing so many special moments.  We are so grateful!

Our rehearsal dinner was so special and such a relaxing and amazing night before the big day.  We were able to kick back, enjoy time with friends and family, and get ready for the most important day of our lives! 

Thanks for letting me share this special time in my life!  Have a great weekend, ya’ll!


  1. If you are married, where did you have your rehearsal dinner?
  2. If you engaged, where are you going to have your rehearsal dinner?
  3. Are you close with your in-laws?

Engagement photo fun

Happy Tuesday yall!  I hope everyone is getting back into the swing of things and the transition from the holidays hasn’t been too hard! I feel like I have a million things to do even after checking off a lot of my to-do list yesterday.


Today I thought I would show you some of our engagement pictures that we took about a year ago as I continue to recap the best year of my life.  We took our pictures at Jon’s parents house, which ended up being the location of our wedding ceremony too.  


After we got engaged, I quickly started looking for photographers.  It is amazing how far in advance photographers get booked up so I knew I needed to get on it.  I contacted a bunch (like way too many) and met a few of them in person to see their packages, some images, and see if we clicked.  The last thing you want on your special day is someone awkward or just not your style taking your pictures.


After a long time of back and forth with many photographers, we decided on Jennifer Driscoll of Jennifer Driscoll Photography in Indianapolis, IN.  We could not be more happy with our decision.  Jennifer is kind, considerate, warm and funny.  She did a great job of making two camera shy people look pretty darn good ;).  She made us feel comfortable and took all our suggestions and wishes into consideration throughout the whole process.


We picked a package that contained an engagement session, which was nice so we could see if we liked Jennifer during this process and we could get a feel for how she would handle our wedding day including many large family photos.  Shortly after meeting her, we knew she would do an amazing job.  And she did.


I also loved that Jennifer provided (within our package) a digital copy of all of our photos from our engagement photo session to our wedding (thousands of photos) and a photo album while many photographers make you pay for each picture and don’t give you an option to print them yourself.

Yes, Riley had to make his appearance… he was the ring bearer after all (pictures to come).

My in-laws have the most beautiful house and backyard with a meadow and gardens.  (My mother-in-law is a master gardener… yep, I picked a good one ;)). 

We had a great time just wandering around and taking pictures in all the beautiful locations at their house.

And the fun continues…

Off we go.


Engagement pictures can be a fun or miserable experience… that’s why it is so important to choose a photographer that understands your wishes and values your input.  If you are in the Indianapolis area (or outside of it… Jennifer does travel), I highly recommend Jennifer if you are looking for a wonderful wedding photographer.  She is amazing! 


  1. Are you married? How many years?
  2. How did you choose a wedding photographer?
  3. Did you have a videographer too? 


Bachelorette Party Weekend

Hi friends! So today I am getting back to my wedding festivity recaps.  I suppose I should go in order from the proposal to the wedding, but I would rather just recap what is on my mind at the moment. 

When we first got engaged, I already knew who my bridesmaids were going to be.  This was something I had thought about quite a bit and while I have a lot of really great girlfriends, there are 4 that are on another level.  We are more like sisters than friends.  And it is a huge plus that they all know each other and get along too.  

My sister Morgan (maid of honor), cousin Kate, best friend Lissa and best friend Rachael.  


After proposing to my girls, the bachelorette weekend planning started! 😉

We knew we wanted to do a fun weekend somewhere since we all live in different places (Dallas, Nashville, and Long Island).  I had never been to New Orleans and have always wanted to go so the planning begun!  



Let me just say, my sister was the most amazing maid of honor ever.  She planned the whole trip, including activities and surprises every day so that we wouldn’t get bored or waste time trying to figure out what we wanted to do.


She rented this beautiful condo a few minutes from Bourbon street and the girls decorated the whole thing.  It was the sweetest gesture.  My sister even sent the landlord a huge box of decorations because she couldn’t fit them all in her suitcase.  (So sneaky!!)

My sister made the most thoughtful gift bags (yes, plural) for all the girls and we all just could not believe the effort and thought she put into all of them.  Every gift had a cute homemade, personalized tag.  (She is for hire, girls ;)).  The picture below is my cousin’s because I didn’t snap a picture of mine, but you get the idea.


The whole trip was so thoughtfully planned and it made for such an amazing time.  We went out to dinner, we went on a private boat, went to a drag queen show, went to a pool party, and more.  

The boat day was so fun.  Our captain for the day was Captain Vegas and he was amazing!  So inviting and let us be loud and obnoxious 😉  He even had his doggy on the boat, who we all loved!

Sweet friends.

My girlfriends are the best! I just love them so much.


We also played a million games all weekend.  The girls had so many fun games for me that had us all laughing the entire weekend.  This one in particular was hilarious.  While on the boat, my sister asked me a series of questions she had previously asked Jon.  If I got it wrong, I had to take a dare out of the pile (below of some of them) and if I got it right, I had to pick a dare for one of the girls.  Then, when we went out at night, we had to complete our dares.  I can’t even explain how funny it was.  Some of my favorites were: convince someone you are a sex therapist, convince someone you are a celebrity, slow dance with a guy at the bar, convince a cute guy you just got out of prison… the list goes on an on.  Definitely a highlight of the trip and made it really fun to have something to do when we were out at night.


More from our fun nights out.

My sister even planned a bridal bootcamp for us one morning because she knows I love working out.  The girls were troopers… the matching monogrammed tanks definitely helped!

I could not have asked for a better trip with better friends.  It was the best trip of my life with my best girlfriends.  I was so overcome with joy and happiness the whole weekend because of the level of thought and planning my sister put into making this trip so memorable for me.  It was truly so special.  I may have come home without a voice 🙂

I love these girls more than anything! They are the best!


Disclaimer: There are so many more funny pictures from our trip to New Orleans, but they aren’t quite blog appropriate 😉 

New Orleans is such a fun city that I would definitely recommend to anyone planning a bachelorette trip.  If you are looking for a tame, relaxing getaway, look elsewhere! lol  New Orleans is loud and fun at all hours of the night.  The people are super friendly and the food is yummy too! 

Have a great Tuesday!!

Questions for You: Answer in the comments! 

  1. Did you have a bachelorette trip?  Where did you go?  If not married, where would you go if you got engaged?
  2. How many bridesmaids did you have/do you want?
  3. Have you ever been to New Orleans?


St. Thomas Honeymoon Recap

Happy Friday! I am looking forward to a relaxing and fun-filled weekend!  We have plans for a basketball game tonight with friends and an early Thanksgiving celebration with a few relatives that live near us.  

My plan is to recap my wedding and the whole planning process from beginning to end (proposal, engagement, bachelor/bachelorette parties, couples shower, bridal shower, dress shopping, venue and vendor hunting, rehearsal dinner, ceremony, and reception.  We had quite the year from our engagement to our wedding (lost my grandmother, lost our dog, moved from Cincinnati to Dallas, planned a wedding long distance, quit jobs, started new jobs, and the list goes on) so it will be fun to see our year recapped.  It was quite crazy and stressful at times, but it was one of the best years of my life.  

When wedding planning got intense and stressful, there is one thing I always kept in mind (besides that I get to marry my sweet man)… our honeymoon!  We started thinking about our honeymoon early and did a lot of research on the best destinations for what we wanted to spend.  I originally wanted and all-inclusive, but my husband was against the idea.  He wanted something more exclusive and less crowded.  I eventually obliged.  We soon decided on St. Thomas (Ritz Carlton) for a few reasons.  Number one was that it was not too difficult to get there and we wouldn’t have to spend an entire day traveling to get to our destination.  Number two was that it is a pretty exclusive resort that is mostly adults.  We also went during hurricane season (could have been a bad idea) so there weren’t many people there.  We never had to wait for a chair on the beach or at the pool and we never had to wait for a drink.  It was amazing.  

Now on to the good stuff!

Our beautiful resort in St Thomas–>Ritz Carlton


Beach at the resort (not crowded at all !!!)


Our wedding bands and my engagement ring

*Funny story: My husband was swimming in the ocean on the fourth day of our honeymoon and it slipped and fell into the ocean.  Even though the water was so clear, it was heavy and got pulled under the sand pretty quickly.  We looked for it for a long time and my husband even recruited some children to “search for the treasure.”


My husband and his new friends searching for his wedding band. 


They never did find it, but my husband has a pretty neat story behind his new ring (we bought him a new one in St. Thomas (pictured below)). 


The beautiful beach we could not get enough of.


My dad bought us a cocktail cruise to St. John one night and bought us dinner at a delicious restaurant overlooking the ocean.  Definitely a highlight of our trip (picture of my husband and I that night).


My beautiful rings!


One cloudy day we hiked up the only trail on the island of St. Thomas.  It was worth the hike.  The views at the top were stunning.  


We spent the majority of our days lounging at the pool or beach with a few fun drinks.  The resort also provided an amazing gym, paddle boards, snorkeling gear and kayaks that we utilized daily.  


It was such an amazing trip and we definitely want to go back.  It was a great way to unwind from all the craziness that occurs during wedding planning and the actual wedding weekend.  I can’t wait to share more from our amazing year!


  1. Where did you get married? Destination or local wedding?
  2. How big was your wedding? Ours was about 150.
  3. Did you go on a honeymoon?  If so, where did you go?