I’m Back!! Weekend Recap…Easter Weekend At Home!

Hi friends!!! I hope you all had a fantastic Easter weekend.  We kept it super low key and hung out with friends and accomplished some tasks on our to-do list around the house this weekend, which was just what we needed.  I’ll share a few pictures from our weekend today, but the rest of the week is dedicated to recapping the best weekend ever in Nashville (last weekend) celebrating two of our best friends getting married.  It was the.best.ever.  

My husband had off work on Friday for Good Friday and my office closed a little early so my husband asked if I would go golfing with him late Friday afternoon.  Being the great wife that I am, I agreed to ride in the cart with him. 😉  Golfing is just so not my thing… although I do love a good miniature golf outing.  My husband plays with his friends a couple times a week, but Friday I was the plus one.  And I brought my little sidekick, Riley, along for the ride. 🙂


He was loving life just riding in the cart and watching his daddy play some golf. 


The weather was absolutely beautiful!



I meant to show yall these in my post with my in-laws, but how cute is this tea towel and cookbook my mother-in-law brought me??  This book has the most amazing recipes and pictures that will leave you craving everything.  I have at least 20 recipes marked to make soon!!

Saturday my husband played golf with a friend and his wife and I laid out by the pool all afternoon.  The boys joined us after golf then we headed back to their place to grill out for dinner.  We played a few rounds of cornhole then called it a night.

Sunday was spent meal prepping, doing laundry, and taking a walk with the pups.


We also got in a little yard work, a haircut for the pups and did a little shopping for new cowboy boots for my husband.  It’s his birthday today!! 


My dad sent me this picture of my husband helping my little brother like 7 years ago when we were in Arizona for Spring Training one year.   Boy, time sure does go fast!


We didn’t do anything special for Easter this year since it was just us, but I would love to hear all about your Easter celebrations!!!


  1. Highlight of your weekend?
  2. If you celebrate Easter, what is one tradition you have?
  3. Do you have any favorite Easter recipes or candy?  

Weekend Recap 4.7.19 In-Laws Visit San Antonio!

Good morning!! I hope you are having a great week so far! Mine has been busy busy busy because I am trying to get everything done before we head to Nashville tomorrow for my best friend’s wedding this weekend!  We are SOO excited! 

 More to come on that… but until then… back to last weekend.  It was definitely one for the books.  My in-laws were in town visiting for the first time since we moved in late last fall.  It was so great to have them in town.  I love having visitors because it forces us to get out and do touristy things in our town that we wouldn’t normally do by ourselves.  

Friday night we had reservations at Bistro 9.  



We started with some drinks and mussels that were so yummy.  I got the grouper special and it was soo delicious!!  

We all wanted a little something sweet after dinner so we walked to TCBY for a little froyo! 


I got the vanilla and chocolate swirl and it was soo tasty!


Saturday morning after a run I got cleaned up and we headed out for tacos for an early lunch at Betos.  Someone help me, I am addicted to their fish tacos.  


Afterwards we headed down to the Riverwalk!


We booked a Riverboat cruise so we could see more of the Riverwalk. 


They actually drain the river every five years to clean it and have a huge celebration with a mud festival with a lot of activities.  They next one is next January!!!! I am saving the date for this event!  Anyone wanna come visit??


It was actually really neat!  On one section of the tour, their are love locks like in Paris, which I thought was so cool!


Afterwards we walked up to the Alamo so my in-laws could see it.  They didn’t want to go in so we just took some pictures outside… honestly, it isn’t very exciting. 🙂


My in-laws took an Uber home, but my husband insisted we ride scooters home.  We only live about 6 miles away, but yall it was the funniest experience ever.  My husband’s scooter was so much faster than mine and the scooter I had only went so far then it turned to like 2 miles per hour because it was out of the certain zone.  I kept yelling to my husband that I thought mine was dying and he was like “no, it’s just a slow zone, it will speed up soon.”  Famous last words.  We were about a mile from home and hopped in an Uber to finish up our trip. 🙂  


Sunday we went to brunch at Twin Sisters Bakery and Cafe. I got the vegetarian omelette and it was soo good.  It had avocado in it, which speaks my love language. 🙂  My husband and I both got the red eye (or something like that) which was coffee with a shot of espresso which was so delicious! 


It was a rainy Sunday morning, but it cleared up just in time for us to do some yardwork!  We put our guests to work… anyone wanna come visit? 😉 

I was on the pick-up crew (picking up all the leaves and weeds) and then I got to work on powerwashing the fence.  Here is a shot of the before.  


Ahh… I love powerwashing… it is about the only “yardwork” I enjoy.  Now I just have 2 more  sides of the fence to complete. 🙂


My mother-in-law, father-in-law (he was the blower operator) and my husband mulched and planted a bunch of new bushes, flowers, and rose bushes!! 


It was sooo needed and our yard looks so much better now.  Yes, that is fake grass in the front… weird, but actually nice because we never have to cut it!


More mulch!


My mother-in-law found an aloe plant in our front yard that needed more sun so she dug it up and planted it in a pot so we could put it out back in direct sunlight.  This may come in handy when I get a sunburn down here. 🙂


Sunday night we watched the ACM’s and ordered in thai food, which was the perfect way to end a fabulous weekend!!! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!! Tell me what you have planned in the comments!! xoxoxo


  1. What are your plans for the weekend?
  2. Did you watch the ACM awards?
  3. What is your favorite genre of music? 

Friends Weekend in San Antonio for Some Basketball Games and Fun

Hey there friends!! How are you all?  I am feeling so great and well rested after a wonderful weekend at home with my in-laws in town.  I have lots to share from our weekend, but first, last back it up.  In true Taylor fashion, I am a week behind with the blog so here we go. 

Last weekend we had 6 friends in town for March Madness… the boys planned this reunion weekend around March Madness because they are all obsessed (even though I should mention that this is my first year filling out a bracket and I am beating my husband so badly.. I love it ;)). The girls decided to tag along and I was so happy because I would have had to get.out.of.town if it would have just been me and the boys.  🙂

Some friends arrived Thursday and by the time I got off work on Friday evening, they were all at the Pearl having some drinks and food so I went straight there to meet up with them.  We all met up and walked to Down on Grayson for a drink.  

The girls 🙂


The boys!  My husband in the pink, my brother-in-law to the left of him and their 3 friends from high school.


Me and my sweet Hailey sharing some rose.  I missed her and her husband’s wedding (my husband’s best friend from high school) when I was in the hospital last year so we had lots to catch up on. 


We grabbed some tacos on Friday night then headed back to our house for some ping pong.  Saturday morning we headed down to the Riverwalk. 


Me, Anna and Hailey on the Riverwalk. 


Me and my sweet hubs. 🙂


The whole crew. 


We grabbed a quick lunch then wandered around for a bit before stumbling upon a little deck overlooking the Riverwalk where we grabbed a couple drinks. 

All the boys.


Saturday night we grilled out at the house and had a few friends over for some basketball watching, ping pong playing, and hanging by the fire.


It was a fun and exhausting weekend with all our old buddies.  It was so nice to catch up and we were so grateful everyone made the trip down to San Antonio! 


  1. What did you do this weekend?
  2. Do you stay in touch with friends from high school?
  3. How often do you get to see your out-of-town friends?

Bachelorette Party Part 3.. Our Final Day in Miami!

Good morning!! Happy Monday friends!! Eeeek I can’t believe the weekend is already over, but I am looking forward to getting back into my routine and having a productive week ahead.  Plus, my in-laws are coming to visit us this weekend so I am really excited to see them!  

Our last day in Miami for my bestie’s bachelorette party was one for the books!  We lounged around on Saturday morning and sat outside for a bit before getting ready for a fun brunch!


We had reservations at R House for brunch on Saturday afternoon.  The 3 non-sister bridemaids with the beautiful bride!


This place is known for their drag queen brunch and it did not disappoint! 


I got a yummy quinoa veggie bowl that was super yummy!


Some of the girls with our new friend. 😉


The girls with the queens. 🙂


Me and my sweet Rachael.


Our beautiful bride-to-be just soaking up the moment…before she got called up to bust a move in front of the whole restaurant.  She killed it! 🙂


While we enjoyed our mimosas and the show, at one point we were all in a line circling the restaurant singing Shania Twain’s “Man I Feel Like a Woman” having the best time!


After brunch we went back to the condos to get ready for a couple hours of relaxing at the beach!


Hanging at the beach!


We had a blast just chatting away and looking at the beautiful ocean. 


My girls!


Ahh… it never gets old. 


After a couple hours at the beach a few of us headed back to the condos to get ready for a fun night in while the others grabbed some drinks at a bar near the beach.  We were all ready for a calm night in on Saturday night so we ordered tacos from Bodega for an easy and delicious dinner.


We wrapped up the night with a fun lingerie shower for our girl.  She had to guess which piece was from which girl which was hilarious.  I think she did get a couple right. 😉  


After a few hours of chatting, we all packed up our bags and headed to bed.  It was such a great weekend in Miami celebrating our girl and such a fun time toasting her single days goodbye!!  I cannot wait for the wedding, which is quickly approaching!!!!!! 

I hope you all had a nice weekend!! I will share our weekend soon!!  xoxo


  1. What did you do this weekend?
  2. Favorite bachelorette party game?
  3. Did you watch as many basketball game this weekend as I did? 

Bachelorette Party in Miami Part 2

Hey friends!! I’m back with the second part of my trip to Miami for my bestie’s bachelorette party.  I had only been to Miami once before for a quick trip so I never really got to see the city and wow, it sure is pretty!! I stole some beautiful pictures from the girls so we will start with those!!


View from the pool level at our condo. 


View from our condo balcony. 


The sunsets from our balcony were breathtaking.  


So pretty!


Liz, the maid of honor (and bride’s sister) bought a Polaroid to snap pictures throughout the weekend, which was so fun.  She also came prepared with a cute little scrapbook to fill with the polaroid pictures from the weekend for the bride-to-be.  Such a fun idea! 


Just loving life in Miami!  Happy as can be! 🙂


Me, the bride-to-be and the groom’s sister.  Fun story: All 3 of us went to high school together and I actually ran cross country and was on the swim team with the groom’s sister in high school so we go way back.  It was so fun to have her there and to catch up with her!


Me and my sweet bestie.  She deserves the world and her groom is the most amazing guy and just so perfect for her.  (I may have played cupid in high school and set up this perfect pair. ;).)


We went to dinner at Mignonette for a nice dinner out on Friday night.  


I got the mahi with roasted cauliflower which was so delicious!!! 


All the girls with our bride at dinner!! 


A bunch of the girls went out afterwards, but I’m a grandma and had to call it an early night. 🙂 I can’t hang like I used to! 😉

One more recap is on its way and it is probably my favorite post from our Miami trip!  We had such a fun day on Saturday so I can’t wait to share soon!!

I hope you all have the best weekend!! We have 7 friends in town this weekend (the boys organized this weekend to watch March Madness) so I am going to soak up all the friend time and enjoy a slower paced weekend and I hope you all are able to do the same! XOXOXO


  1. Any fun plans for the weekend? 
  2. Do you watch March Madness?  Do a bracket?
  3. Have you ever been to Miami?

Bachelorette Party in Miami Part 1

Hi friends!!  I hope your week is off to a good start.  I am pretty exhausted from a long weekend in Miami celebrating my best friend’s upcoming wedding.  On Thursday afternoon I headed to the airport for my flight to Miami (flew into Ft. Lauderdale) to meet up with all the other girls.  There were 10 of us that made the trip to Miami to celebrate bachelorette style! A bunch of us flew into Ft. Lauderdale around the same time, which was nice so we could coordinate and share rides to our condos in Miami (we had two right next to each other).  

My bestie, Rachael’s family hosted a toasting party for the soon-to-be newlyweds a couple weekends ago in Nashville and I wasn’t able to attend, but my momma did and I got this cute picture.  I’m so happy my friends love my family as much as I do.


Rachael’s sister is the maid of honor (I’m a bridesmaid), but she asked a couple of us for a little help planning out the bachelorette weekend for Rachael.  I made an itinerary for the girls when they arrived so they would have a little bit of an idea of what we were doing all weekend (and when to be ready).  Getting 10 girls out the door on time is quite the task. 😉 


Thursday night we arrived at the condos and had groceries delivered (huge timesaver!) while we all changed and got ready for dinner.  We originally planned to get tacos, but the place was packed so we opted for sushi a few doors down.  

Girls after dinner!


The sushi was good, but the service was horrible (the worst ever!!) so I won’t name the spot.  After dinner we headed to a small night club, Bodega for a few drinks and some dancing. 



We stayed out way too late and were pretty excited to come back to these cute kits that the maid of honor had waiting for us. 🙂


Yall, all 10 of us girls are obsessed with doggies.  We saw more dogs on this trip than I have seen in a long time.  We made friends with this frenchie puppy on the elevator.  Her name was Felony. 🙂  She kept biting my nose… I wanted to take her home with me.  


After a few hours of sleep, I hit the gym to sweat it out before beginning our pool day.  Myself and a couple of the bridesmaids had beach bags full of goodies for the girlies when they woke up.


My husband kept sending me pics of the dogs all weekend.  I think they missed me.  


He had to go to an event in Austin on Saturday and took the dogs and sent me this snap.  Riley will go to anyone… Callie will warm up, it just takes a little while.  


Friday after brunch we all got ready to head to Hyde Beach pool party.  


We spent the afternoon hanging out poolside in the beautiful sunshine!

57497062376__C6D0160C-461C-443B-9DE0-54BB539974E9 - Copy

Thankfully we arrive early and bought some chairs so we had a spot to sit because yall, this place filled up quickly!


Just helping the bride with her grey hairs. 😉


We had a blast!


All the girlies!


After hours in the sun, we headed back to our condos to get ready for a nice dinner out.  Lots more to share, but I will break this into a couple posts.  I will be back soon!!! Hope you all have a wonderful day!


  1. What did you do this past weekend?
  2. Have you ever been on a bachelor or bachelorette party?
  3. Have you ever been to Miami?

Weekend Recap 3.17.19…Recovering, Sunshine, and Date Night

Hey friends!! Happy Monday! I hope you guys had a nice St. Patrick’s Day weekend and were able to take part in the festivities (or at least more than we were!).  My husband was sick all last week and ofcourse I woke up sick on Friday.  We just hung out at the house on Friday night and most of Saturday trying to recover and feel a little better.  Being sick is the worst.   And knock on wood, I haven’t been sick in quite some time so hoping it passes quickly.  I was feeling a bit better yesterday, but still woke up super congested and my cough seems to have gotten worse. Ugh!! 

I am taking in all the vitamin C and resting because this is a short week for me.  On Thursday I am heading to Miami to celebrate my best friend, Rachael’s, bachelorette party! I am soo excited (and cannot afford to be sick!).  

We did happen to sneak in a yummy taco night last week.  Riley was not amused.  


When you’re sick, you stock up on all the essentials.  🙂 


We were lounging on the couch the other day and I looked over to see this.  Riley did not mind one bit.  


Saturday was spent hanging around at the house and by Sunday I needed to get out.  I was able to get some things done on my to do list in the morning so I ran to get my nails done Sunday afternoon while my husband was out golfing.  I had given my nails a break for a bit so didn’t have to pay for the removal of the past coat, but nail prices in San Antonio are SO cheap compared to anywhere else I have lived.  I never used to get them done regularly because it was so expensive, but I get the powder dip here and it is only $35.   It was at least $50-$60 everywhere else I have lived.  🙂


Since I wasn’t feeling  so hot on Friday night we had to cancel our dinner plans.  Thankfully by Sunday afternoon I was feeling a bit better so we decided to reschedule our date night and head to an early dinner.  We love a good date night for no reason at all, but I told my husband we had to celebrate our 10 year anniversary together since it is coming up in a couple weeks.  It is crazy to think we have been together for 10 years!  We met when I was just 19 years old and a freshman in college.  Boy, time sure does fly! 


We sat outside on the patio overlooking the riverwalk at Supper in the Pearl.  


It was a beautiful evening outside and we enjoyed people watching as we ate.


We got the brussels and risotto to start and both were super yummy!  If brussels are on the menu, I am getting them.  


I love this guy so much.  ❤ 


My husband was convinced by the waiter to get the Quail.  He ate every bite. 🙂


The waiter convinced me to get the Trout and it did not disappoint.  Oh my gosh, sooo delicious. 


I like my chocolate, but I’ve never been big on desserts at restaurants.  My husband doesn’t usually get one either, but after one look at the menu, he had to get this dish.  It was some sort of churro cookie with ice cream and toasted marshmellow with chocolate sauce and strawberries.  He gobbled it up so fast and said it was the best dessert ever. 


We were home in bed with the pups by 7:30pm… just how we like it. 😉  


Send me all the healing vibes so I can kick this sickness it the butt before my trip to Miami!  I hope everyone had an amazing weekend!!! xoxo


  1. Did you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?
  2. Tell my the highlight of your weekend. 
  3. Do you typically get dessert when dining out?