I’m Back!!!! With My New Little Sidekick!!

Hi yall!! It has been a while.  I thought I would get back on track and then quarantine happened and well, I was just not motivated to blog.  There is a lot going on in our world right now and I just needed the time and space to process it all.  I have days where I am sad, even anger at the world.  But, I have also found a lot of happiness during this time and today, I will share that with you.

I have another post coming with all that has been going on around here the past few months, but this update just deserved its own post.

A few weeks into quarantine, I brought up the idea of adding to our family to my husband… another dog LOL not a baby.  And he agreed that now was the best time, if he must give in to my constant BEGGING for one more pup.  Honestly though, if it weren’t for my husband, I’d probably never stop bringing home doggies. 🙂

We knew we were going to adopt a doggie (all of our pups have been rescues and I love the idea of saving a pup, while making room for another one in need at the shelter).  My husband has been wanting a lab/retriever puppy for a while now and I wanted a grandma/senior chihuahua…. basically we both wanted the opposite dog. LOL.  So we settled on a puppy chihuahua. HA!  It kinda cracks me up to think about.  We searched and searched the shelters (online) and every dog we called about was already adopted (one benefit of the quarantine was that so many animals were rescued and adopted).  We finally got a message that one pup we inquired about was still available for adoption.  His name was Moshi Moshi.

C6A01D6E-9573-49BC-97F2-5862B7705364 The next day we went to meet him and I about died.  He was 3.7 lbs.  We went home to sleep on it, but called the next day to tell them we would like to adopt him. 🙂

He is a ball of energy, but the good kind.  He is the cutest little thing.  He loved sleeping in baseball caps and my husband often put him in the hood of his sweatshirt or the pocket of his sweatshirt and he loved it.


He loves ALL toys and will play fetch forever.


He has that chihuahua bark, but isn’t super yippy.  He definitely is mixed with something else though because I have never seen a chihuahua love toys like he does.  When we first got him, he just loved to nuzzle up under my chin. The sweetest.


His ears are the cutest thing… way too big for him. 🙂


He is very spunky and very food motivated… like he loves watermelon and mango LOL.  He will eat anything and gets SO SO SO excited for meal time.  Our other two pups were big grazers and would just snack throughout the day, but they have quickly learned they better eat at mealtime because little man will dive in if they step one foot away from their bowls.

He loves car rides just like my other pups.  He loves to look around then take a nice long nap.


Oh, I should mention… we renamed him Tito and the name just fits him so well.  He also goes by Teeter, Teets, Teterson, and Teety. Our pups have a lot of nicknames. 🙂

It has been a fun months of a lot of firsts.  He got to take his first bike ride, try many licks of new foods, walks in new parks, and the poor baby got his first surgery – just a neuter – so no big deal.  He was back to his spunky self the next day.


He sleeps in bed with us alongside the other two pups and does great.  He slept in a crate for the first few weeks but picked up on potty training really quickly and sleeps through the night now.  He also got to go on his first trip to the lake and on the boat… he loved it!


So I won’t lie… my other two pups were not thrilled when we brought home the puppy, but that has changed for the most part.  Riley however does not acknowledge the puppy. LOL. He sits on top of him and just pretends (well he is partially blind) that he can’t see him.  Callie did NOT like Tito for the first few weeks but has done a total 180.  She and Tito play every day all day long and it is sooo darn cute.  And that is saying a LOT because Callie doesn’t really like other dogs… she’s not aggressive, she just ignores them.  I wake up every morning to Callie and Tito playing and it goes on for hours.  Needless to say, Tito has been very very good for our shy Callie girl. :). It makes my heart really happy.

Ok, I will stop rambling on about my new little baby love, but just had to share with you guys.  I really hope you are all well and staying sane in quarantine.  It is a tough time for all of us and the world in general and I am here for you.  I will be back to share more love and happiness soon because lord knows we could all use a little more. 🙂



Vegas Baby!!! 2/20-2/23/20

Happy Friday everyone!!! Woohooooo!  We made it.  The weekend is near!!  We have a few plans with our friends this weekend, but nothing too crazy and I am a-okay with that!  I’m sure this weekend will be a little less crazy than last weekend in VEGAS!!

Our college friends invited us to go out to Vegas for the weekend with them so ofcourse, we said YES!  We can’t say no to a good trip with great friends! 🙂

When we arrived, we grabbed an uber from the airport and actually got stuck in the parking garage at the airport in the uber for over an hour because they closed down the airport and all surrounding roads because Trump was in town and actually leaving on Air Force One.  While the wait was super inconvenient, we did get to see the motorcades come in and the plane take off so that was kind of cool.

But, the absolutely highlight of my trip was running into THIS guy while we were just casually walking to lunch one day.  If you don’t know (are you living under a ROCK?), this is Peter from this season of The Bachelor.  I was a total fan girl and ran right up to him, introduced myself and asked if we could take a picture together.  He could not have been nicer and so genuine.  I didn’t get any spoilers, but I am totally rooting for him! 🙂


Friday night we got to see the water fountain show at the Bellagio, which is always so fun!


Then we went to dinner at the Sugar Factory. 

It was yummy and crowded, but quick for a good meal before our evening plans!


Next, we headed over to the Mirage to see the Beatles Cirque Du Soleil show and you guys, it was SOO phenomenal.  Obviously the music was so good, but all of the acrobatic stunts were out of this world.  There was always so much going on, you didn’t know which way you should be looking.  I highly recommend seeing this show if you are ever in Vegas.  It was absolutely amazing.


The girlies with the beetle bug.


Jonny and me!


Us and our sweet friends!!!


The next morning we had brunch at Primrose.

It was super yummy and we realized Biden had breakfast here one day earlier… just missed him!!


So I am not sure if I have told you all about my new obsession with playing Texas Hold ‘Em Poker.  Like it is my favorite thing ever.  But, I have only played in games with our group of friends… never at a casino and definitely not in Vegas.  But, I figured I should give it a shot to say I tried.  Jonny and I signed up for the poker tournament starting with 34 players at 3 different tables.  Well, we both made it to the last table and placed 5th and 6th overall!  Ofcourse, only the first 4 players won money… so we were SOOO close. But I was proud of myself for being the last girl standing and making it all the way to 6th place.  I had a freaking blast and would have played in 10 more tournaments, but they last about 3 hours soo that is a long commitment. LOL.


After a little more gambling (we did not win any money… :)).  We made it to sushi for dinner.


Soo yummy! and it was happy hour so a lot of our food was half priced!

After dinner we headed over to Jimmy Kimmel’s comedy club for a stand up show.  He obviously wasn’t there, but the acts were pretty good.  Not my favorite, but it was a fun way to end the night.

After the show we headed back to the hotel, Tropicana  to call it a night.  The hotel was actually very nice and not as pricey as the big resorts (we have stayed at the MGM and the Venetian before which are both nice, but can be pricey).  My lovely husband booked us a 6am flight home Sunday morning, which was great in theory. LOL.  We did get to bed at a decent hour, but when we were walking through the hotel at 4am with our luggage to get to the uber pick up spot, I was AMAZED at the amount of people who were still up gambling and partying.  I am too old for those kind of late nights and lack of sleep these days. 😉

We had a blast touring Vegas, losing all our money, and hanging with our sweet friends!!

After Europe, Arizona, and Vegas, I need a traveling break…for a bit. We have a couple trips planned to Georgia, Chicago, and Austin, possibly Denver, but… where should we go next?  I am dreaming of a tropical vacation on a beach somewhere… but like not too far because I am tired of plane rides. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Tell me what trips you have taken recently, or are coming up soon, or tell me what your dream vacation destination would be if you could go anywhere right now!!!

Scottsdale, AZ Trip 1/30-2/3/20

Hi friends!! Lots of catching up to do around here!!  It has been a crazy couple of months with a lot of trips in 2020 already – Europe, Arizona, and Vegas!

Backing up a bit, we went to Arizona a few weeks ago to visit our good friends and have some fun!  We had been meaning to make it out there for quite a while so I was so happy we got to fit this trip in!

Up, up and away!


On Friday we got to grab lunch with an old friend who moved away from Nashville so it was great catching up!  Friday evening our friend scored us some sweet seats at the Suns game Friday night!


We had a blast!


Me and Jonny!


Saturday morning we were up bright and early for some pickle ball with friends and some play time outside!


Then we grabbed a quick lunch before heading back to the house to hang out for the afternoon! Salad of my dreams!


This is what my Saturday afternoon looked like.  I told our friends I’m moving in. 😉


Our friends have these awesome walking paths in their neighborhood so I got plenty of walks/runs in while I was there.  The weather was so perfect.


Saturday night some of our other good friends came over for a grill out and some ping pong!


They made salmon, steaks, veggies and a salad.  Our sweet friend brought this beautiful cake she made.  How pretty is it?

Sunday we made it out to the Waste Management Open golf tournament for a few hours.  My husband was in his happy place. 🙂 . We had so much fun!


Sunday night we just hung out with our friends and caught up and our friend made these delicious quinoa taco bowls.  They were SOO good.


Time to get to work! Tomorrow is Friday and I am ready for a nice, relaxing weekend at home!!!  Tell me what your plans are for this weekend!!

Europe Trip January 2020 Video

Hi friends!! I hope you all had a nice weekend (maybe even a long one if you were lucky enough to get yesterday off… not me).  I have been working on a few blog posts, but my domain doesn’t renew for another week and a couple days and I have used up all my storage because I posted too many pictures. 🙂 Sooo while you are waiting for some more posts, my husband compiled some videos and pictures of our Europe trip to Munich, Innsbruck and Prague.  The link to my youtube page where the video is posted is below!!


Check it out if you want.. just don’t laugh too hard at me skiing for the first time in probably 5 years down wayyy steeper slopes than I would prefer. 😉

Talk to you guys soon!!

Creamy Chocolate Smoothie… My Latest Obsession

Hey friends!! It has been busy and crazy as ever over here, but life is good! I’m still working on organizing all our pictures and videos from Europe, but I’ll be sure to share those soon! Last weekend we visited some friends in Scottsdale, Arizona and had the best time!! We fit in lots of fun activities and friend time so I’ll share some pictures from that trip soon too!

Life has been crazy lately with our travel and still dealing with some pretty bad neck pain which has been causing intense migraines so my days around here have been a little hectic.  I am getting a nerve ablation (they go in and literally burn the nerve in my neck) later this week and I am hoping that eases some of the pain and migraines (i’ve done it once before and I think it seemed to help).

One thing that has been brightening my days lately is this new smoothie combination I have been making on the daily.  It is soooo good – I crave it just thinking about it!!  It is so tasty, it belongs in a fancy glass – preferably a martini glass. 😉 . Give it a try if chocolate milkshake tasting smoothies are your thing!!! 🙂


Creamy Chocolate Smoothie

1/2 Banana

2-4 dates (depending on how sweet you like it)

1 scoop of vanilla protein powder (you can use chocolate and any kind you like – I just had vanilla on hand – I love the SunWarrior brand)

1 teaspoon of cinnamon (optional)

1-2 teaspoons of cacao powder (can use cocoa instead – I like mine really chocolately so I use 2)

1 teaspoon almond butter

1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk (can use any milk/substitute or even water)

1 teaspoon L glutamine (optional, but I always add after a workout as it aids in muscle recovery)

5 drops liquid trace mineral drops (optional)

1-2 cups of ice

1-2 teaspoons of unsweetened shredded coconut (I usually add one in the smoothie and sprinkle the rest on top)

ADD all ingredients to the blender and top with shredded coconut!!!


I hope you give it a try and love it as much as I do!!!



I’ve been making this daily after my workout and it fills me up and satisfies my sweet tooth!

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday and a great week!!!!


The Holidays – a Time of Joy and Laughter and …. Lots Going On

Hi guys! I made it back before we leave for Europe so I would call this a win.  I am really trying to get better about prioritizing my time.  There’s a million other things I could be doing, but blogging is such a fun hobby for me and I really want to make the time for it.

So after Thanksgiving we were home for a few weeks before packing up and hitting the road for Dallas.

Side note: I am really curious how other families/couples handle holidays.  Since even before Jon and I were married or even engaged, we have always alternated Thanksgiving with his family one year and Christmas with my family that year and then the next year is opposite.  My sister and her boyfriend are on our same schedule too, which is nice so we know we will see them at whatever holiday falls on our families time that particular year.  It gets a little more complicated with my parents being divorced and my dad being divorced from my little brother’s mom and alternating their custody agreement in the mix too.  It always works out, but sometimes it takes a LOT of planning,  I am waiting for the day we have kids and I tell everyone they have to travel to us instead of us traveling for Thanksgiving and Christmas every year…. because quite frankly, it.is.a.lot.  And I’m tired just thinking about all our traveling plans this past holiday season.  So this year for Christmas it was our turn to be in Nashville with my family.  So the plan was for me to drive (with the dogs) to Dallas and then drive to Nashville with my sister and her bf and their two dogs for Christmas.  It was going to be a lot of driving, but just kinda made sense with the 4 pups in tow.

Well, my sister realized she just couldn’t make the trip to Nashville due to her strenuous work schedule, which we all totally understand.  My mom volunteered to come down to Dallas for a long weekend before Christmas so I was happy I wasn’t going to have to make the trip to Nashville.  Well… my husband already had his flight booked (he is a diva and would not do the 10 hour drive with us ;)) and he had plans to hang out with the boy he mentored while we were in Nashville through Big Brothers Big Sisters and he did not want to cancel on him.  So long story short (although it is not short at this point…) my mom came down to Dallas for a few days and then I flew to Nashville with her to meet up with Jon.  We spent time with family and friends and then flew back to Dallas (my sister and her bf watched our dogs and when we got back to their house in Dallas, they were getting ready to leave for a wedding in New Orleans so we watched their dogs that weekend.  See, I told you it gets complicated.  A couple days later they returned and then my Dad and little brother flew in for New Years week! 2 weeks later we drove home and I was never so happy to sleep in my own bed. 🙂

So here are just a few pictures from our crazy holidays this year!

My momma (aka Mimi) is the favorite among the pups.  Riley always has to be near her at all times when she is around.


Riley LOVES other dogs toys.  I mean he has a few favorites at our house, but he loves going through other dogs toys and testing out each one… and their beds too, I guess!


Just cooking in the kitchen in our jammies with my baby Murphy.  He was really cuddly and clingy to me this trip and it just made me so happy.  Jon, can we please get a third dog now????


We did lots of cooking!  My mom found this recipe for a festive appetizer.  All it is is sliced apples, chopped pecans, goat cheese and a drizzle of honey.  SOOO delicious.


We went out to dinner at a new restaurant in Dallas and shared some yummy drinks and appetizers and all enjoyed our meals! It was fun to get out for the night!

My momma treated us to massages one day and I felt like a whole new woman.  I ended up getting another one the next week.  I just love a good massage.


Alllll the yummies for sharing!


These photos were all taken on separate days.  Riley and Otis made themselves right at home in our suitcases.  Too funny!!

My dad took me and Jon to a Predators game while we were in town. And they won!!


So we hit a few honkeytonks before heading home (my dad and I may or may not have sang karaoke that night.  🙂


My dad lives right near the park and with the unseasonably warm weather, we got in quite a few hikes!


So we always laugh because my dad is not super handy and saves a lot of his projects for when Jon comes to town (Jon is not only super handy, but literally LOVES a project).  It makes my dad happy and drives me crazy because I find a new amazon prime box at my doorstep daily with some new gadget or tool. LOL.  One of the projects was setting up this lifesize chess board for my brother for Christmas. 🙂 How long do you think it took the three of us to figure out the directions?  Actually… don’t answer that! 😉


Their next project was rearranging the bonus room so there was room to play pingpong!  My dad got a ping pong table topper for his pool table for Jacob for Christmas.


My sweet Jeanne!  Jeanne and her husband, Harry, are our close family friends and I always make sure to fit in time to see them when I am in town.  They are both 95ish and still living independently.  Jeanne is the absolute sweetest and she reminds me so much of my granny, who I miss so dearly.


Jon and I had a delicious Christmas dinner at my mom and stepdad’s house before heading back to Dallas to meet up with the rest of the crew.


On New Year’s Eve, Jon’s brother, Chris, and his gf Lindsey were in town too.  We took a carriage ride through Highland Park after dinner and got to see all the beautiful homes and lights!


We rang in the new year with champagne and games at my sister and Max’s house.  New Year’s Day we had plans to attend the Winter Classic game (an outdoor hockey game), which just happened to be the Dallas Stars against the Nashville Predators.


Let’s go Preds!


They lost, but we still had fun.


While we waited for the crowds to die down, we rode a little ride wayyyy up high an d got a pretty neat view of the stadium.


The next day, Jon and I loaded up our pups, presents, and luggage and hit the road back to San Antonio!  We had a wonderful 2 weeks with the family, but man, were we exhausted!!!

Tell me all about your holidays!! Did you travel or stay home?  Do you have to switch off between families for holidays if you are married?  If you have kids, did you continue to travel each holiday or make the family come to you?

Love you all!!!!! xoxoxox I will be back after our Europe travels!!!

Where The Heck Have I Been? 2020 Year of Getting it Together… Maybe :)

Hi friends!  It has been a minute.  Well actually it has been over a month and for that, I am sorry.  I’m sure you all felt the craziness of the holidays with work, travel, plans and all the above.  And over here, let me just tell you, it has been a *hit show.  I had all these great posts planned for the holidays, but time just got away from me.  So moving forward in 2020, I am going to start scheduling my blogging time like I schedule any other meeting or workout or appointment.  Because if I don’t… it just won’t happen.

There is just so much to fill you all in on so let’s just start by reviewing the holidays and closing out 2019.  More to come on this in a post soon (it is already written, I just have to clear a few things by the hubby – I may overshare just a bit), but 2019 was one hell of a year for me…. and not in a good way.  I tend to think I am generally an optimist, but yall, 2019 got me down.  It hit me hard in the face and I am still trying to recover.  It was a year of lots of changes, good and bad, and just not a lot of consistency or normalcy (something I REALLY crave 90% of the time).

We spent Thanksgiving in Indianapolis with my in-laws.  It was really low key and a nice time to just relax.

A little work before our flight to Indy.  My coworker is not exactly the most motivating.  Yes, he climbed up on the bench then onto my dining room table (I change up my location when I work from home or I get so BORED) and proceeded to just stare at me and whine until I gave him a treat.  He is so BAD, but he is my baby so I let it slide. 😉


Another picture of proof that Riley is the baby aka the king of our household.  He is such a diva and we love it.  Callie girl is still over here being weird as ever and we love her for it. 🙂


So since we had so much going on before the holidays with work and such, this was the first year I did not send out Christmas cards…I am very disappointed in myself and will get my act together in 2020.  But, if you need to see a potential…this is what it would have looked like.  Me smiling, Riley not sure about it, and Jon not taking his eyes off the tv for some sports game or something.  We are a hot mess.


Us with my husband’s family. 🙂


We had a new addition this year (brother-in-law’s gf) so I had to document. 🙂


We ran the Turkey Trot Thanksgiving morning and it was way warmer than most previous years which was nice!


Me and my half blind side kick!


We cooked so many yummy meals including steak, lobster and scallops for Thanksgiving dinner.  And I took zero pictures. 🙂

We went to see the lights at the Museum of Art, which is quickly becoming a favorite tradition of ours!


And we had a nice family dinner at Ambrosia.

I always get one of their yummy salads and the salmon because it is just so darn good!

Me and the grinch… and his fro. hahahah!


I know I have shared a lot about my bowel resection surgeries and my back/neck pain over the years.  I am happy to report that my tummy is still feeling GREAT after my latest surgery in October 2019.  My head/neck pain (it is chronic at this point lasting about 7 years) came back ROARING in December and has had me down for the count more days than I would like to admit.  I’ve seen a few more doctors with not much more news.  We do think most of my pain is stemming from my jaw.  Long story short, I had a VERY expensive mouthguard made to readjust my jaw to alleviate the pain.  Well… a VERY hungry doggies (ahem… RILEY) decided to open the case and EAT it… I mean he actually chewed the entire thing into small pieces (dog for sale… anyone want him???).  Just kidding!  But we realized this jaw pain came back in full force a few weeks after this incident.  So I am currently trying to find a new jaw specialist in San Antonio (I had this guard made in Nashville) to get a new one made.  Jon has made me approximately 10 dentist appointments and while I know they can make me a night guard to helping with teeth grinding, I know I need a jaw specialist that will make another guard that literally repositions my jaw to alleviate the pressure causing the pain to my neck and down my back.  So… here we go.. I know this is all temporary, but can I just say that being an adult sometimes just SUCKS??  It is just plain hard trying to keep up with life amidst all the pain, appointments and frustration. I will get it all figured out soon, but thanks for sticking with me during this trying time.

In other news, our Christmas/New Years was really fun! I have lots of pictures to show yall!! Hoping I can get my act together and get a post ready for this week before Thursday… because we leave for Europe on Thursday night.

One of our friends is studying abroad and a couple of our other friends planned to go over to visit and travel while he is there.  We originally said no, we can’t make it.  But then, one game night and 2 glasses of wine later, we had two tickets to Europe. 🙂 🙂 🙂 LOL.  We found tickets so cheap that we could NOT pass up the opportunity.  My husband and I have been all over Europe a few times (my dad lived in Switzerland for 4 years so we took total advantage of visiting every chance we got), but we haven’t been to 2 of the 3 places we are going.  We are going to Munich (have been to Germany, but not Munich), Innsbruck (I have been for a day or two when my sister was studying abroad there) and Prague (we both have never been!).  If you have any suggestions for these cities, send them my way!! I will be sure to take lots of pictures and share when I get back.

Happy New Year to all my blog family and friends!! 2020 is going to be a great year!!! (this is what I was telling myself before I fell 2 nights ago and ended up in the ER with 2 staples in my head….).  My friends all told me they are going to bubble wrap me up tight.  I honestly think this may be the best course of action….

Till next time, friends!!

Fill me in on all you have been up to!! How were your holidays?  New yEars? Any intentions or resolutions?



The Last of our Cabo Trip!!! Part 4

Hey friends!! Ok this is the last Cabo post, I swear!  The resort we stayed at was Pueblo Bonito Pacifica and it was fantastic.  Adults only and all inclusive and secluded from all other resorts, which was so peaceful and private.  The food and drinks were amazing too!!  We went to a few different restaurants (and our resort and sister resorts) and ordered lunch by the pool most days.   Ahh the good life! 🙂

The last of my pictures are all from our nights before/at dinner.  It was fun to get dressed up and have nice dinners each night. 


My girls.


I am the luckiest!


This one is for you, Morg. 😉  I love ya!!


Me and Rach… I swear we will live in the same state again one day!


Surprises at my birthday dinner on the beach!!


All the kids.


And the girls. 


The one and only picture I can post from our night our in downtown Cabo.  There may or may not have been a lot of karaoke going on… that I do not want documented. LOL 🙂  If you pay my sister. she may share videos… but I am warning you, Rach and I’s singing voices were a little rough that night….. 😉


Me and the “adults.” 🙂


The whole gang!!! I love you all!!


Daddy and his girlies!!


The four pictures of food I took from the entire trip…. LOL.  It was alllll soo yummy.

The last night Rach and I stayed up chatting WAYYY too late, but ya know, you just have to when you don’t live in the same city anymore.  Jon was fast asleep.


And now it is officially time to go home.  We ate (all the food), drank (all the booze), bronzed (all the bodies), and most of all we just soaked up our time away with each other.  I couldn’t think of a better group to be with celebrating my 30th.  I am super excited for this next year as I just know it’s going to be a great one!!


And if you are still reading and made it all this way, thank you!! I love you all too!!!

Will be back soon for more fun updates! But if I don’t post before Thursday, I really hope you all enjoy your Thanksgiving with your family and friends!!! xoxoxo


  1. Are you staying home or traveling for Thanksgiving?
  2. How many Thanksgiving meals do you have? (We had a Friendsgiving at our house last weekend then just one celebration with my in-laws this week.)
  3. Favorite Thanksgiving dessert besides pumpkin pie?

More Fun in the Sun… at the Pool and Beach and Sunset Cruise… Cabo Part 3

Eeeek!! It’s Friday!!! Yayy!! Anyone else excited that the weekend is right around the corner?  I’m looking forward to a relaxing weekend with just a couple plans on the books with our friends.  Other than that I am hoping to get some Christmas shopping done and maybe even a little work since next week will be a little crazy with the holiday travel.  

For now, let’s all just pretend we are somewhere warm, on a beach, with a nice cold drink in our hand. ; )

The girlies on the beach!

UHUQ9689 (1)

I just get so memorized by the ocean.  It’s just so beautiful. 


My girls at the pool!


Just soaking up the beautiful Mexico sun!


On our last full day in Cabo, we took a couple busses to town to go to our resort’s sister resort, where the ocean was much calmer and we could actually get in.  


We enjoyed a nice lunch on the patio before hanging at the beach the rest of the afternoon. 




Saturday my dad offered to take us all on a sunset boat cruise.  It was so beautiful and fun!


Clinging to dear life as the boat was rocking. 😉



Eric and Jonny!


The most beautiful sunset.


Can’t get enough!


Two of the couples!! My sister and her boyfriend, Max and me and Jonny.

My best friend and sistaaaa.


What an amazing trip we had!! I still have one more Mexico post for ya!  I hope yall like seeing my trip recaps because I sure enjoy reminiscing on the fun times we had while I compile my blog posts.  

We are already planning a few trips for next year!! Our locations so far are: Florida with friends, Arizona to visit friends, and international travel to Italy and Greece.  Anyone wanna join? 😉


  1. Do you get seasick? (I usually do, but thankfully didn’t on this sunset cruise).  
  2. What is one international destination you would love to visit?
  3. How many states have you been to?  (I can count 27 right now…)

Cabo Birthday Trip Part 2!!

Hey yall!!! I’m back!!  I don’t know about you guys but this week seems to be dragging on forever.  All day I thought yesterday was Thursday. Whoops!!  Guess I am just looking forward to a relaxing weekend before traveling for the holidays.  

Back to the good stuff. 🙂 

We spent most of our days lounging by the pool and soaking up the sun!  … Where’s Eric???? (Everyone frantically calling Eric to get in the picture!!)


Don’t worry, yall.  He made it….for the picture. 🙂


My peeps at the pool!! We had the most amazing weather the entire time we were there… it was high 80s and sunny every day!


Oh ya know… just being a little diva by the pool.  Rachael gave me this sleep mask that says, “damn right I’m good in bed…I can sleep for days.”  And if you know me, you know this is so true.  I treasure my weekends when I get to sleep in and my husband is playing golf all morning so he’s not home to wake me up.  Who’s with me??


Me, Jon and Morgan and Max.


Me and Rach at the swim-up bar… definitely one of our favorite places. 😉


Love this sweet man!


Soaking in vaca…


Presents at the pool!!  My dad, brother, and his gf got me some new jewelry and my sister and Rach got me new sports bras, panties, the cutest tank that says “I’m not going if my dogs can’t go” (which is very accurate for me), workout leggings, and even more jewelry.  What a treat!! They sure know how to spoil me!


Just hanging with my peeps!


Oh you want me to strike a pose? Sure thing, no problem.  … trips over own foot 5 seconds later and faceplants into the sand… 🙂 


More lounging while watching the sunset.


Jonny stealing all my kisses in Cabo!


We watched so many beautiful sunsets at the beach, which was so nice and relaxing.


One morning the girlies (+Eric) went to the spa for massages.  



My sweet girls!!!! I just love them to pieces!!


At the spa there is a room with a sauna, hot tub, and freezing cold tub.  The cold tub was absolutely arctic COLDDDD but we would go in there then jump in the hottub.  Highly recommend after a night of drinking.  LOL.  It is so rejuvenating and refreshing.  I felt like a whole new woman.  My massage was the best one I have ever had in my life… and I have had a LOT.  The woman was so amazing and used SO much pressure, which is what I prefer. 


Another wonderful day in Cabo!  More pictures are coming… 🙂


  1. Do you like massages (I am obsessed and my husband HATES them)
  2. What do you do for self-care?  (I like to get massages, stretch, go on long walks, listen to music, cook, get my nails or hair done)
  3. Have you ever been in a COLD tub (and I mean ICE COLD FREEZING)??