Francy is 1!!!

Hi friends!! I have a one year old baby and I am still not sure how time has flown by so quickly. We have had a really busy, but fun, month and I am just now sitting down to soak it all in. Francy turned one on June 12th and I’m still in disbelief that a whole year has gone by since I had her. The old saying is so true – the days are long, but the years are short. This has been the best and most challenging year of my life. We are just so incredibly blessed to get to be this sweet girl’s parents. She is a firecracker and we just love her so so much.

I feel like she has just grown up so much this past month. She is a real little toddler now with a whole big personality which is just so much fun. Francy has been in swim lessons for a couple months and while she can’t swim on her own quite yet, it has really helped her become very comfortable in the water, which is the goal. We spend a lot of time on the weekends at my mom’s pool and I am so glad she just loves the water. My mom’s pool has a little ledge that is perfect for her to stand. She loves to walk back and forth all around the edge of the pool.

Francy continues to be a great eater. Francy eats what we eat, I’m not cooking twice. 😉 Her favorite meals are salmon, any fruit, and pasta with pesto. Yummy, although very messy. 🙂 We are still breastfeeding and have no plans to give it up.. we both love it. We also just switched from supplementing with formula to pea milk which she seems to like. She is very easy going with any food/milk.

Francy’s favorite things currently include: music (this girl loves any and all music – if you put on music she immediately starts swaying – it is SOO adorable), the doggies, water, bath time, clapping and her most favorite right now is her Mimi (my mom). She will not go to anyone else (including me) when my mom is in the room. Her eyes just LIGHT up when she sees my mom. I’m a little jealous 😉 but this just solidifies our reasoning for moving back to Nashville. It is SO great to see Francy love our families. My mom and dad each watch her once a week and the other 3 days we have our beloved nanny watch her, who Francy also just absolutely adores. Her nanny got her this cute new swimsuit for her birthday. 🙂

Francy has just started giving kisses and it is my absolute favorite thing ever. She has also started pointing when we say “where is momma, where is dada.” She is babbling nonstop these days and says apple, momma and dada, but doesn’t know exactly what they mean so we haven’t claimed a certain word as her first quite yet. She is on the verge of walking. She crawls sooo fast, can climb the stairs by herself (reminder to order a baby gate!!), and holds on to the couch and coffee table and goes around and around all day long.

This past month we went to my husband’s family reunion at the lake in Georgia and Francy had a blast. She was a little skeptical of the boat, but didn’t hate it so I will take it.

We also took a trip to Rosemary beach in Florida for Francy’s birthday and my sister’s 30th birthday.

My sister, me and Francy had matching swimsuits. Francy loved it even though this picture does not look like it. 🙂

We took lots of walks, played at the beach and the pool and played lots of games.

My cousin gave Francy her very first jean jacket that says her name on the back and Francy was very excited!!

Francy also got to go see daddy play tennis last week and she was very very interested. We will be going more often!

And oh yes, Francy girl has a LOT of hair… enough for pigtails… my dream!

For her first birthday we had a party with friends and family with the theme FRANCYLAND (a play on Candyland)!

My mom and I made those lifesize suckers out of pool noodles. 🙂

We had tons of balloons and a candyland pathway.

We also played pin-the-bow-on-Francy. 🙂

It was the most wonderful day celebrating our sweet baby doll.

Francy did not understand the cake smash assignment. LOL. 🙂

This is what she looked like after Jon tried to help her smash the cake with her hand. 😉 Like WHY DAD!!!!

This little girlie keeps us on our toes and we wouldn’t have it any other way. My husband is known for giving everyone a million nicknames so I thought I would share all our current ones for Francy: missy, missy moo, moo moo, angel, angel face, little missy… I am probably forgetting some. 😉

We are just beyond blessed to have this sweet girl in our lives. She is fun, sassy, and knows what she wants. My hope for Francy is that she always stays true to herself, never stops shining her bright light, and becomes anyone and anything she wants to be. Francy girl – the world is yours (we are just living in it). We love you more than you will ever know sweet baby doll. XOXOXO … okay I have to wrap it up now, I’m crying 🙂

Will end on a picture of Francy with her favorite person in the world. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Francy is 1!!!

  1. Happy Birthday sweet precious Francy. I know how much joy she has brought to all of your hearts and it makes me absolutely thrilled for all of you.


  2. Happy birthday to Francy, and happy one year of being a mama to you! Bravo on the pool noodle lollipops, they look amazing! And Francy’s pigtails are so, so cute!!


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