Francy is 11 Months!!

Hi!! Hope you all are doing well!! This past Thursday Francy girl turned 11 months old!! I can’t believe she is almost 1 year old. Time is flying by, but we are just loving every day with our girlie right now. She is so interactive and has such a fun little personality. I love watching her explore the world and get excited about trying new foods and new activities. She has such a fun zest for life!

Francy is growing so fast – she is over 24lbs of pure love now!! She is now crawling and crawling FAST. You can’t turn your head or she will be gone! LOL. The below blue and white polka dot outfit was my sister’s when she was little!! Isn’t it darling? I love seeing Francy in our old outfits.

She loves sitting in her little chair that is just her size. 🙂 Francy loves to clap and high five! We are still breastfeeding and supplementing with formula.. I honestly never thought I would be breastfeeding at 11 months but I’m proud of us. I love our special time together.

Francy likes to be entertained most of the time, but every once in a while, she likes to be left alone to play independently and explore all of her toys.

My mom and I always laugh because Francy has this mean-muggin look she gives you and it just cracks us up. She loves to be outside – on walks or just lounging. We recently got a porch swing and are out there swinging multiple times each day.

Francy thoroughly enjoyed her first Easter at Mimi’s house. Any excuse to put this girlie in a cute dress…

Francy loves any outing… especially riding in the grocery cart. 🙂

Francy currently loves: bath time, pool water (basically anything that involves water), eating (she is such a great eater and is not picky at all), being outside, car rides, nursing, swings, seeing how fast she can get to the dog’s food bowls before momma catches her, music (she sways back and forth and her face just lights up when you sing or play music for her) and babbling on and on and on. She loves crawling, but likes holding onto our hands and walking too. I have a feeling she will be walking in no time. The baby proofing has begun. 😉 She still has just 2 teeth on the bottom, but her 2 top teeth are about to pop through any day now. Her hair is growing SO fast – she gets compliments on it everywhere we go.

My mom’s pool has a little standing ledge that is just perfect for Francy so she can stand up in the pool.

My little watermelon.

Francy dislikes being put down for a nap or bedtime, being contained (girlfriend wants to explore!!), waiting for her food (when she is hungry, you will know it), and when mimi leaves (mimi is currently the favorite and I have been demoted to 2nd place :().

Truly just so in love with our sweet girlie. Her facial expressions are so funny. You all should hear her chatting – she just talks and talks and talks and gets loud and wants to make sure you are listening at all times. 🙂

We have 2 family reunions and a family beach birthday trip for my sister and Francy coming up so it will be so fun to see Francy with all of her extended family. I am also so excited to see if she is going to like the sand.. I think she will but who knows!!

One more month and my angel baby will be 1! I cannot believe it! We have been busy planning her first birthday party and I will be sure to share pictures afterwards. It is a candyland theme – Francyland!!! XOXOXO

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