Francy Girl is 9 Months Old!

Hi there! Here we are again. Another wonderful month with our sweet baby girl and this month has just been the best. I say it each month but it really is true, watching your baby grow and learn and be curious about the world is just so cool. She is interested in everything and it is so fun to see her zest for life. She is such a happy baby and I am so grateful to be her momma.

The monthly pictures are getting harder and harder to do since this girl is moving constantly. Wiggly worm. And everything goes straight into her mouth. 😉

She truly is just so precious and happy all the time.

This last month was the first for quite a few things for miss Francy. Francy got her first tooth a couple weeks ago! I looked in her mouth one day and there it was… I would have not known otherwise. I was ready for the teething trouble – cranky baby and fever and she had no signs at all so I was quite surprised when I saw it one day!! LOL

Francy has also started to high five and clap! It is soo cute!! She is very giggly and still thinks the doggies are the funniest ever.
Francy does this hilarious thing where if you are holding her and you say “meow meow” she immediately lays her head down on your chest. No idea how she learned that but it is quite funny and so sweet.
I joke all the time and say I work so I can afford to buy Francy clothes. LOL. I just love little baby clothes and can’t help myself. My mom is the same way. I hardly ever buy new clothes for myself, but for Francy, I can’t stop. 🙂
Francy currently loves: the doggies, the jolly jumper, going on walks, bathtime, reading books, nursing, babbling at bedtime, momma singing to her, eating and trying new foods, our phones, the tv remote and smiling.

Francy dislikes: getting in her sleep suit, doing any activity for more than 10 minutes (besides the jolly jumper), and laying or sitting too long (girlfriend likes to be up on her feet!).

Still loves the ball pit!

Francy went to her first SEC Women’s basketball game this month.

And her first Mardi Gras party!
Another amazing month with my sweet sweet girlie!! I just love her to pieces

We got to see my in-laws and my husband’s family this past weekend in Indy which was so much fun!

Her one year birthday will be here before we know it and this momma is not ready!! LOL. Soaking up every moment with our sweet girl. We are beyond blessed. XOXOXO