Francy is 8 months old!

Hi friends!! I know I say this every month, but I really cannot believe another month has gone by and I have an 8 month old! I’m just trying to savor every moment with my girl because time passes too quickly and I know one day I will want these moments back… even the sleep deprived ones. 😉

This has been a BIG month for our sweet girl. She has become so animated and interactive and she is definitely keeping us on our toes. She is still the sweetest little girl and has fallen asleep in my arms a few times this month (something that hasn’t happened in quite a few months!).

The biggest change this month has been with her sleep. Francy was consistently going to bed between 8-9pm and waking between 8-9am, but she was still waking up to nurse around 11pm, 3am and/or 6am. Needless to say, we were all exhausted. My husband and I were both hoping she would cut out one of the 2-3 night feedings soon, and you guys, the craziest thing happened. Francy would very randomly sleep through the entire night, but it was always so random. Well last week, she slept through from 8pm to 9am on Monday and then again on Tuesday and so on… and has been sleeping through the night for over a week now. She cut out all night feedings all at once. The first couple nights we were like, oh this is definitely a fluke and won’t last. Knock on wood, she has been sleeping through the night since. It just kind of goes to show that babies do things when they are ready and on their own time. She has been a great napper since we moved to Nashville and takes a morning and afternoon nap each day… typically one is 2 hours and the other is 1 hour.

Reality of taking pictures with an 8 month old. 😉

The other hilarious new thing in regards to her sleep is that she moves A LOT. Every night I put her in her crib with her head pointed to the right of her crib and after just a little while, she is completely vertical in her crib and by morning her head is pointing towards the complete opposite direction of when I put her down. It cracks me up. Girlfriend likes to move.

Francy is also loving all the food!! She has tried about 35 different types of food… our goal is 100 by her 1st birthday! Honestly she hasn’t found anything she doesn’t really like yet! She loves the little puffs for babies and those are definitely her favorite snack, but she loves peanut butter, yogurt and all fruit. She loves to feed herself too. She’s a big girl now. 🙂

Mimi gives her all the yummy foods when momma isn’t looking. 😉

She still loves her milk the most though. She is still nursing and I pump a few times a day and we supplement with formula. I keep thinking we are going to wean soon, but Francy still has interest in breastmilk and nursing and my supply has stayed up so we will keep going as long as we can.

Francy spent lots of time with Aunt Morgan and Uncle Max this month which was so much fun!

Francy is very interested in books now. She loves to turn the pages and has a few favorites already.
Francy’s current loves: bathtime (splashing!!), walks, musics, the jolly jumper, books, eating, momma’s milk, the doggies, and our phones (Francy got a phone from my sister and from my dad and she is enamored).

Francy and her new ball pit!! That gummy smile just makes me so happy. Still no signs of any teeth coming soon. Her hair… is wild. 🙂

Francy dislikes: being put down in her crib, being bored/not doing anything, tummy time (unless she has something distracting to play with), and putting on her sleep suit/sack (because she knows that means it is time for bed).

Francy and her cute friend, Reese!!

It has been such a fun month with my little angel. She is just the most precious gift and I am so lucky to be her momma.

I am taking my first trip away from Francy this weekend and am looking forward to some girl time, but also already looking forward to seeing my babydoll when I get back. I know the time apart is good for both of us and it will be good for Jon and Francy to have some time too!

Will be back soon! Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!! I’m off to warmer weather. 🙂 XOXO

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