Exciting News to Share!!! We Are Moving… to Nashville!!!!

Well friends, the secret is out!!! We are moving to Nashville!!!

We have had quite the exciting last few months over here… from having a baby, to traveling for my sister’s bachelorette party and visiting family for a month, to my sister’s wedding in Cabo, to a new job opportunity for Jon (that is taking us to Nashville), a new position at my company for me, to selling our house in San Antonio and buying a new one in Nashville. Yall, it has been a WILD ride, but it is almost over and we get to relax!!

We have been doing a LOT of this for house showings. 🙂

We actually put an offer on a house in Nashville site unseen.. eek. We had our realtor and my mom go look at it and with house crazy the market is right now, we knew we couldn’t wait or we would be living with my parents for a longgg time. LOL. So Francy and I headed to Nashville a few weeks ago to see the house!!

Francy and Grandpa!

Jon’s momma was able to meet us in Nashville to get some Francy snuggles and see the new house too!

My dad, Francy, and I went to my little brother’s hockey game! Francy was soo entertained and interested. So cute.

Francy napping on Mimi on the porch while I got some work done. 🙂 Seeing my parents and Jon’s parents become grandparents is seriously one of the best feelings in the world. It is just so special to have people love our baby girl so much.

If we do not brush Francy’s hair right away after a bath, it looks like this. 🙂 🙂 So funny.

Mimi bought Francy a new little seat for her house and she loved it. Such a big girlie!

Tito is over the chaos!!! Me too, Tito, me too.

We are officially under contract on our house in Nashville and our house in San Antonio and plan to move within the next month. We are really gonna miss San Antonio – our friends and the weather. But this has been our plan for a long time and once we had Francy we just knew it was the right move. We want her grandparents to be a big part of her life and let’s be honest, we could use the help. Raising a child takes a village and we are soo excited to be near our people!! We will be living close to both of my parents and are excited to be just 5 hour drive to Jon’s parents too. Life is so good and we sure are ready for this next phase!!


Francy is 5 Months!!

Hey friends!! How are you? Time is just flying by these days and I cannot believe Francy is already 5 months old. I just want to pause time right now. She is just so much fun right now.

We had a bit of a sleep regression this last month, but thankfully this past week has been great. She still gets up to nurse about once or twice a night, but I am not quite ready to cut those feedings because I really love our time together. 🙂 Now ask me that in another month and I may be over the middle of the night nursing sessions. 🙂

Francy as a pineapple for Halloween 🙂

Francy’s current favorites: riding in the car, taking walks in the carrier, being outside, momma singing to her, bathtime, sitting in the high chair like a big girl, music, and ofcourse, the DOGS! She is literally obsessed with them and stares at them whenever they are near. She won’t respond to me or Jon if the dogs are in the room…she just loves them. They like her too, but I don’t think the feeling is quite as mutual. 😉

A big first this month was trying food!! We have been giving Francy bites of purees and she loves it. I started with veggies and have let her have some fruits too. She is unsure about green beans, but will eat them. Her favorite right now is bananas. Yum!! I talked to her doctor about incorporating food and he was all for it so she has been getting a little bit each day. This has also helped because she isn’t chugging down bottles and I am mostly able to keep up with her demands of milk, with maybe a bottle of formula thrown in every other day.

I don’t have a specific time I will stop breastfeeding, but it is currently still going well for us. If we make it to 6 months, I will be happy, if we make it to a year, I think I deserve a nice reward from my husband. LOL. ;). It is hard work and pumping all day in between meetings is quite the accomplishment, but I know it is worth it.

Francy had a check up last week at the doctor and she is over 15lbs now (in the 65% for weight). She is growing like a weed. She has come a long way from being in the 10th percentile for weight when she was born.

She has started smiling and giggling a LOT. She is still a very happy baby. My favorite time of day is when I go to get her up in the morning and she is just smiling and as happy as can be. It starts my day off in the best way.

Francy dislikes: being put down, when the bottle is finished, and car rides when we are stopped at a red light.

My husband is the king of nicknames.. don’t ask how many we have for each of our dogs, but I thought I would share the continually growing list we have for Francy at the moment.

Francy pants, Franny, Fran, Franny girl, Angel, Angel baby, Angel face, Missy, missy girl, baby doll… there are more but I will stop. 🙂

Just enjoying every moment with our sweet girl and can’t wait to see what this month brings!!! XOXOXO