Two Months With Francy

Hey friends!! It has been a crazy past month… we are tired. :). We have been going nonstop and time is just moving so quickly.

Wearing Jon’s mom’s romper as a baby. Soo sweet and sentimental.

This is how we all feel. LOL.

This little girl keeps us on our toes and constantly laughing from all her funny faces. My favorite is when she looks like she is judging me. 🙂 She’s like REALLY MOM?? ANOTHER PICTURE??

Francy currently loves: bathtime, snuggles with mom and dad, her snoo, splashing in the tub, walks in the carrier, boat rides, Grammy’s bucket seat, fans (!!!!) and car rides.

Falls asleep .1 second after we put her in the carrier every single time. I have loved using this for our walks so I can take Francy and all the dogs. 🙂

Jon’s aunt and cousin came to visit for a day too! And some family friends… Francy is doing her world tour so she can meet everyone!

Jon’s mom saved this little bucket seat from when Jon was a baby (and this is the blanket from the hospital when he was born!!) and it has been a huge hit with Francy at the lake.

There’s not much this little girl doesn’t like. She is a really happy baby – we are so lucky. But if I had to name a few things she dislikes: not being in motion (this girl likes to be moving at all times), the split second after I get her out of the tub before I wrap in the towel (too cold!!!), and waiting for a bottle to be warmed up.

This month has been fun getting to see her little personality show more. She has started smiling and getting giddy when she hears my voice or sees me and it just melts my heart.

This was a big month for Francy. She got to go to her first bachelorette party. 😉 My sister’s bachelorette party was in Destin earlier this month so we got a little family beach time in too.

She got lots of family time too!

Mimi and Francy.

My dad and Francy.

My mom and aunt Beth came to Destin to watch Francy so I could be with my sister and her bridal party. 🙂

And beach time too. She loved her afternoon naps on the beach.

After Destin we drove to Georgia for a couple weeks of relaxing at the lake with Jon’s parents.

This was Jon’s dad’s first time meeting Francy so it was super special.

Jon’s parents babysat so we could get in a date night!! It was much needed!

Our next stop is Tennessee for the next week before we finally head back home to Texas. Soaking up these last few weeks before I start working again. We just love our little girlie so so so much and each day really does just keep getting better (she is starting to sleep 5-6 hour stretches at night so this mama is happy!!).

Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend, friends!!!! XOXOXOXO