It’s Been a Minute… All the Updates

Hi!! How are you all? I have been MIA for a couple weeks and that is because a LOT has been going on over here. First I will say, Baby P is still cooking and I am still very pregnant (36 weeks tomorrow).

Let me fill you guys in on the past few weeks. Up until about week 33, I was feeling really great… just thinking like wow, my body doesn’t hate being pregnant and besides a little heartburn, most days I feel just fine. I think I should have knocked on wood. At around 33 weeks I started getting a little itchy all over my body. It was really strange, but would come and go and there was no rash. But I actually had heard of the condition called Cholestasis when I was reading about pregnancy issues/conditions a while ago so I knew immediately I needed to call the doctor after a completely sleepless night (it is much worse at night).

My doctor advised me to come in to the office to do a blood test to see if I had Cholestasis and since the test would take almost a week to come back, he started treating me right away. Cholestasis is a liver condition that stops or slows the flow of bile from the gallbladder. This condition causes bile to leak into your bloodstream, which causes the itchy feeling. Less than a week later, I was diagnosed. My doctor referred me to a high risk OB so I have been seeing her for a couple weeks in addition to my doctor. With this condition it is recommended to induce at 37 weeks so that is our plan now – that means we are having a baby in just about a week! So crazy. My levels are just at the cutoff, which my new OB told me is better than having super elevated test results with this condition.

The doctor prescribed me meds that help reduce the bile (reduce the itchiness too) and a stronger antihistamine so I have been taking both of those religiously, but I will say, I am still very uncomfortable and it is getting worse by the day. I read that the itchiness can increase as you get closer to birth because your hormones are rising exponentially. Without the medications, the itchiness was unbearable – like I almost went to the ER twice kind of unbearable. The meds kept the itching at bay for about two weeks with little flare ups about every third night, but now it is bad every night and even some days. It has been almost a week since I have been able to get to sleep before 3 or 4am. Very miserable. The good news is that this condition does disappear right after birth. I asked my doctor if there was something I could have done to prevent this or is this genetic and he said “it’s honestly just pregnancy.”

So for now, I am just trying to keep myself distracted and make it to the finish line, which is getting closer and closer.

We have been working on getting the nursery ready for Baby P and we are slowly but surely getting there. How cute are these sheets my mom and sister got me?

I washed a lot of baby clothes and started organizing them.

Stocking up on diapers and wipes. 🙂

The closet in the nursery has nice built ins so I am slowly filling those up!

The latest baby bump picture. 🙂

Besides the Cholestasis, I am still feeling really good and have been able to continue working out and walking daily. It is starting to get HOT in San Antonio and I am just thankful I won’t be pregnant all summer long. We have actually had quite a few storms lately and the one last weekend knocked out our power overnight. It was only out for about 8 hours and it was cool outside, but this pregnant lady likes it COLD at night. 🙂

My husband sleeping peacefully while I stare at the ceiling and try to fall asleep. 😉

Little Riley got 4 teeth pulled last week… they were old and rotten and needed to go. He did so great and was back to acting completely normal the next day. He’s gotten a lot of extra attention, special food and lots of treats so he is as happy as can be.

I am off to two doctor appointments today for Baby P (the high risk OB and my regular OB) and then my bestie from Nashville comes into town! We are having a girls weekend with the girls in my family, which includes a baby shower for Baby P and a couple bridal showers for my sister! It is quite an eventful year for our family.

The planner in me is really happy to have an induction date so I am able to plan (our families are thankful for this too so they can all be in town at the right time). I have been busy wrapping up work stuff to get ready for my leave (I will take 12 weeks), getting things situated around the house, and working ahead to get tasks done that will be harder once Baby P arrives. People keep asking me what my birth plan is…. The latest question I answered in my pregnancy journal explains the extent of my birth plan…. 😉 I just want a healthy baby (and momma) so however the baby comes, I will just go with the flow.

Our families are both coming into town for the birth so we are really excited to see them all as well. I hope to post once more next week with a recap of our special weekend, but that will probably be my last post until Baby P decides to join us! I can’t wait to share all the details and pictures with you all. 🙂

I hope you have an amazing rest of your week!!! XOXOXO

One thought on “It’s Been a Minute… All the Updates

  1. Oh my, CONGRATS, almost-momma! I can’t believe how fast Baby P is coming. I’m sad to hear about the cholestasis, but sounds like you did an amazing job figuring out what it was and when you needed medical help, and that you’re taking it in stride. This isn’t the first medical hardship I’ve seen you triumph through!

    I really cannot believe you’re about to have a baby! He’s going to be so perfect, and what a treat to get to have both sides of the family in town to welcome him into the world with love!

    Stay safe and happy, and as always, sending positive thoughts and looking forward to the next update!


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