Getaway to South Padre

Hi friends!! Wow, it has been a week! How are you all? Between my work picking up and being in the third trimester, I am just beyond exhausted all the time now. It doesn’t help that I haven’t been sleeping well either, but what can you do. I had plans to type this up last weekend, but just got around to it last night since this week has been soo busy. But hey, it is Friday!! And I am ready for the weekend!!

Let’s rewind to last week when Jon and I got to sneak away for a little babymoon/birthday trip for him. When we booked the trip we both were still not comfortable flying so we just decided on South Padre since it is a quick 4 hour drive from San Antonio and I love any destination with a beach!! Since then, we have both been vaccinated so we definitely felt very comfortable traveling and the resort had a mask mandate so it felt pretty safe. I will say that a lot of the amenities at the resort were closed or modified due to covid (like the gym and certain restaurants), but overall we still had a great time relaxing before the baby comes. 62 more days… eeek!

We spent most of our time hanging by the pool reading our books, which was so nice.

I was a really nice wife on Friday morning and went to play golf with Jon.

I walked the course while he played. And you guys I slipped in a huge mud pile and my poor white shoes were covered. 🙂

We took a lot of long walks on the beach and I even tricked Jon into walking 2 miles to brunch one day. ;). We had a lot of really yummy seafood while we were there.

Most nights we opted to sit outside by the water which was so fun. We never had to wait long for a table… probably because I made us go to dinner at 5pm… between my heartburn and constant hunger, I have to eat dinner really early these days. We joked that we were always at dinner with the older folks and people with kids, but it was nice because we could be back in our PJs by 7pm. 🙂

Still rocking all non maternity, but very flow-y clothes. 🙂

Yesterday marked 31 weeks!

My brother in law and his girlfriend watched our 3 pups while we were away… no easy task!! We are so thankful for their help and to have family nearby. 🙂

Jon installed this new net in our car so the dogs would stay in the back and Tito was not having it… 😉

Riley got to lay in the sun while we were away so I am not sure he missed us all that much! 🙂

I am off to get some work done and then go enjoy a relaxing and lazy weekend at home! What are your weekend plans? Anything fun?

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