Coffee Station Project

Good morning!!! I hope you week is going well. I’m just cruising along and looking forward to another productive and relaxing weekend. :). After this coming weekend we have something on the calendar each weekend for a while so I’m hoping to just slow down this week and catch up on a few books!!

These two… always up to something. šŸ˜‰

I think I told yall we got a new Nespresso machine a few weeks ago and in our current house in San Antonio, we are lacking kitchen counter space. Well, maybe not lacking, but between the toaster, toaster oven, blender, air fryer and waffle maker that seem to be staples on our counters, there is not much room left! LOL. So I started looking into making a little coffee station and between the crazy prices online and my husband’s constant need for a new project, I decided to find a design I like and send it on over to my husband to construct. šŸ™‚ I promise, he really does love a good project. So the below picture is what I found online and told my husband I either wanted doors on top or a drawer (so I could have a place to hide all the coffee pods).

Last Saturday we did some measuring and headed to Home Depot for the supplies. My husband loves a good excuse to use his tools. Boys and their tools…. LOL.

By Sunday we were in business!!

So far I have done two coats of primer and that took quite some time… this thing is rather large. I’m hoping to find some cute knobs for the drawer and the big question is what color should I paint it? It is going to go next to a big black shelving unit thing we use for storage and our bar area in our dining room and my dining room table is like a medium/dark grey wash. So at first I thought white or more of a distressed white/wood look, but then my mind just instantly went to a pop of color. I am thinking almost a teal/aqua then I would do a white wash over it so it was more muted. What do yall think? Is that too crazy and will I regret it?

I just had to show yall that Tito loves my pregnancy pillow just as much as me so I have to share every night. šŸ™‚

I just finished this book! It was good, but not my favorite of hers. I am about halfway through Colleen Hoover’s “Someday Maybe” and really like it so far.

That’s all I’ve got for today!!!! Tell me in the comments what color/design I should do to this coffee station.. I need your help!!! šŸ™‚

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