A Little Colorado Getaway

Good morning!! How was your weekend? We spent the last week visiting a few friends in Colorado, which turned out to be a bigger blessing than we realized. We were able to avoid the big snowstorm in Texas and thankfully everything was fine at our house. We had a few friends stay at our house last week since they were without power, but miraculously our house never lost power or water. We had a little water damage to our bathroom cabinets, but we are just so grateful it wasn’t anything worse. We are letting them dry out and will be able to fix them up so no big deal! My sister in Dallas also had power the whole week and didn’t have any pipes burst or any damage either. So thankful! We are thinking of all of those affected in Texas… what a crazy week.

We stopped by the grocery store yesterday and the shelves are still bare. Hoping they will be restocked soon or there will be a lot of takeout in our near future. 🙂

Our friends from AZ invited us our to their parent’s house in Colorado for the week and with covid still going on, we all decided to drive to be extra safe. Yes, TX is a LONGGG drive from CO. LOL. It took us about 19 hours to get there and 16 to get back. We left on the morning (2 Friday’s ago) the snow started in TX and we had to drive SO slow for about the first 3 hours and then it was a pretty uneventful drive until the last 30 minutes. It started snowing soo hard in CO and we had to pull over and put snow chains on our car. Fun times. :). But we made it!

Riley was the lucky one and got to go with us and meanwhile Callie and Riley both stayed with some of our friends in TX. They had a blast with their puppy friends. Callie, ofcourse, was the most excited to see me and Tito was more excited to see Callie than me or Jon. 🙂

It was COLD in Colorado… like single digits cold. We were able to get in a few good walks, but Riley preferred to be carried. LOL. About halfway through the week, we realized he liked being outside, but preferred to be zipped up in my jacket for long walks. I told Jon I should have brought a baby carrier to carry Riley to prepare for carrying the baby in a few months. 😉

Even though he prefers the heat and sun, he was a good sport and had a good time. 🙂

Our friends have two big dogs and their sweet daughter just loved Riley. Aren’t they just so cute together?

The boys did a lot of skiing and the girls did a lot of hanging inside and cooking. :). When you go on a trip pregnant, it helps to have another pregnant friend there too. No skiing or hottubs for us. 🙂

We had a lot of practice preparing us for parenthood with our friends’ little girlie.

I am ready and I think Jon is exhausted. 🙂

We brave the cold for 1.5 seconds to get a cute pic! Love my sweet Riley.

Last week marks 21 weeks! I am getting very anxious and excited to meet our little baby, but I am also just trying to enjoy the moment right now. I am still feeling really good – I honestly have no big complaints right now so I am just appreciating that. Before we left for our trip I had a really bad headache for about a week (a few days into our trip), but it seems to be gone now, thankfully!! I also am still sleeping pretty well so I am soaking that up since I know that won’t be the case soon. We have another check up in about 3 weeks so hoping it is still smooth sailing until then.

Time to get this week started! Tell me the highlight of your weekend! Did you get hit with a lot of snow last week?

Halfway, Trader Joes Finds, and Pregnancy Cravings/Aversions

Hey Friends!! Happy freaking Friday!! We are currently on a road trip out west with a couple close friends for the next week. This is our first trip (besides Dallas) since covid and we are more than ready for a little change of scenery. It was the perfect time too because you know how I had been bragging about the lovely 70 degree weather we have had lately in San Antonio? Well a cold front is coming through so time to get out of town.

My husband and I popped into Trader Joes the other day for a few things and ofcourse ended up buying soo many things. What can I say, Trader Joes is my vice. ;). We grocery shop weekly at our local HEB, but will occasionally stop into TJs for our favorite select items or new fun seasonal items there. I would love to hear from you guys on what your favorite TJ products are or what specialty grocery stores you love. I’m a fan of Whole Foods and Central Market too. 🙂

I saw several people post on these plantain croutons over the last few weeks so I will admit these were my main reason for wanting to stop by TJs. :). I am obsessed with their plantain chips and cannot keep them in the house. LOL. I snagged 2 bags of these croutons and one is almost gone. 🙂 But hey, I am proud I have been eating more salads lately so there’s the plus side. I also had these on top of lentil soup – SO good for a nice crunch!! They are really little so you can add a bunch for not a ton of calories.

I have also been wanting to try these chips made with cassava and coconut. They were good, but nothing to rave about. But the ingredient list is good and a nice alternative to corn chips.

Now these chips were right up my alley. A little healthier and really tasty.

See, I told yall I liked the plantain chips so ofcourse I had to grab a bag of the dark chocolate drizzled plantain chips. I should have grabbed a few more bags because Jon and I ate almost the whole bag in one sitting. The sweet and salty combo is my jam!

I love beets especially on a salad, but the fresh kind are just way too high maintenance for me. :). I usually use the canned kind, but saw these in vinaigrette and grabbed a jar. So yummy and I love that you can just twist the top back on and store in the fridge for later.

Ofcourse I had to grab another bottle to add to my inventory. I love this seasoning on almost everything – eggs, salads, veggies, and especially roasted potatoes. I always keep at least one extra bottle in my spice cupboard – I can’t run out, that would be sad. 🙂

Ok, let’s talk pregnancy cravings and aversions. It is so funny because this is the number one question I am asked by people and I usually have the most boring answer, “I’m not really craving anything and after the first trimester, I am back to eating my normal diet.” In the first trimester I certainly couldn’t fathom eating a salad or salmon (or any seafood for that matter), but I didn’t really crave anything. Well things have quickly changed. I have always been a vinaigrette kind of girl, but y’all, I cannot get over my current craving for Caesar salad/dressing. We ordered takeout a few weeks ago and my husband asked for my order and it included a Caesar salad and his jaw dropped. LOL. I don’t think he’s ever heard me order one before. But I grabbed this bottle up at TJs because I don’t see this craving going anywhere anytime soon. 🙂

Another pregnancy craving of mine has been chocolate. I’ve always loved chocolate, but I typically prefer dark chocolate over milk chocolate. Well not anymore. I always pick up these dark/milk chocolate covered almonds at TJs (they are soo good) and it usually works out well because I like the dark ones and my husband likes the milk chocolate ones. Well ya’ll I ate all the milk chocolate covered almonds. The dark ones taste really bitter to me right now so here we are. 🙂

Our little super bowl spread. We watched with Jon’s brother and his girlfriend so it was very low-key. I was there for the food and commercials, as always. 🙂

Halfway there people!! Last time I told you we were heading to our 20 week anatomy scan and I can report that all went well!! Little baby P was sucking his/her thumb and had the hiccups!! sooo cute!! But all measurements were right on track and we are officially halfway to meeting our baby!! At the beginning the halfway point felt like such a big milestone and I cannot believe it is here already!! I have been working hard on our registry and figuring out plans for when the baby arrives and our parental leaves from work. I’ll do another post on all this coming soon! (PS – Thank you SO much to my dear blog friend, Taylor. You know what you did. ;)).

A few meals I have been loving lately.

In the mid-morning I have been having greek or coconut yogurt with fresh fruit, dates and some peanut butter. This holds me over until mid afternoon. I usually try to sneak in a quick workout at lunch so I like to have something in my tummy before then.

I have been on a smoothie kick lately too. I was loving more fruit/green smoothies, but lately I have been liking more chocolatey tasting smoothies like this one. Frozen banana, dates, cocoa powder, vanilla protein powder, ice, almond butter and unsweetened almond milk and I top it with unsweetened shredded coconut. My husband loves this combo too so it has been on repeat in our household lately. I prefer eating my smoothies out of a bowl with a spoon. Do you prefer it in a cup with a straw?

I made the best salad for lunch the other day so I just had to share. It was chopped romaine, cucumber, beets, hearts of palm (I always forget about these, but they are so delicious in a salad), hard boiled egg, plantain croutons, left over grilled salmon, and the TJ Caesar salad dressing. So yummy!

One last picture before I leave you. My daddy bought us our baby stroller and it arrived the other day so I put Jon straight to work assembling it. 🙂 He refuses to use the directions and likes to just “figure it out” so eventually he got it all put together. The baby things are starting to pile up in the nursery!!!

I hope you all have a fantastic Friday and a wonderful weekend!! I will try to check in next week while we are away, but I will just play it by ear. Tell me what you are all up to this weekend!! XOXOXO

19 Weeks, The Weather and Baby Class

Hi friends!!

Happy Monday! Usually I dread Mondays, but this morning we have our anatomy scan for baby P and we are both very excited. Since this is a regularly scheduled ultrasound Jon gets to go with me. Hoping for all good news, but I will be sure to fill you in later.

This weekend was a busy one. We had a newborn (virtual) class for a couple hours on Saturday morning. My husband said, “How am I supposed to remember all this stuff?” I told him he should be taking notes. 😉 We still need to sign up for some birthing classes so hopefully I will get around to that soon. If the next few months are anything like the last couple, this baby is going to be here in no time.

I also went and picked out my bridesmaids dress for my sister’s wedding in October… not a fun task when pregnant. ;). I ordered a few sizes up and will just get it altered a few weeks before the wedding.

Last Thursday marked 19 weeks pregnant! The first few months seemed to drag on, but now time seems to be going by so quickly. I started our registry and have added quite a few things so I feel like slowly but surely we are knocking things off our baby to do list.

Did you guys watch the SuperBowl this weekend? I’m not big into football, but I watched for the commercials and the snacks. 🙂

I finally picked the first lemon off our tree in the backyard and had some lemon water with it. :). The dogs were very intrigued.

The lemon was tasty, but I am just confused why there is only one other lemon on the tree. I thought there would be a ton?!?!

If you know my pup Riley, you know that he is not fond of Tito. He puts up with him, but Tito is a hyper puppy, which is soo opposite of nap-loving Riley. But every day I work at our dining room table, I look down at this view. It is the closest Riley has ever allowed Tito. 🙂

How is the weather where you are? It has been sooo beautiful in San Antonio this last week. I sat in the backyard and read my book at lunch this week and actually got a little sunburned. So crazy in February. I finished the next book by Colleen Hoover and I think I might have even liked this one better than the last.

Off to our appointment for baby P!! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and have a great week ahead!!