Good morning!! How are you? We had a very relaxing weekend, which was much needed after a busy week back to work after the holidays! I got in a nice long walk with a friend, a trip to Costco, and some down time. We have been starting to make a list of baby items we need, classes we need to sign up for, and things we need to research (such as much advance notice we need to apply for a passport for a newborn – LOL). I think I told you all, but my sister is getting married in Cabo next fall and I am not sure if we will bring the baby, but the plan is to apply for a passport for the baby so we have the option. 🙂

I want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone for all your sweet messages the last few weeks about my pregnancy. They meant so much to me and it sure was fun hearing from so many of you!!

This is me last week at 15 weeks – I am growing quickly! 🙂

Oh in other news, I have been cooking so much lately and am so happy about it. I could not fathom cooking my first trimester and could only eat very bland foods, but now my appetite is back and I have been craving veggies and fruit, which is a good change to my daily 5 pieces of toast.

I saw this simple recipe on instagram and we have made these potatoes 3 times now. They are soo good. All you do is slice small potatoes REALLY thin and toss in olive oil and Everything But the Bagel Seasoning and bake at 450 for about 30 minutes (tossing frequently to avoid burning). They get soo crispy and have so much flavor from the seasoning. And the best part, you serve them with guacamole, which just takes them to the next level. I like to make my own guac, but you could definitely used store bought. I don’t measure anything but use these ingredients to taste: avocados, onion, garlic, salt, pepper, lime juice and fresh cilantro.

I told my mom I could not stop eating chocolate this pregnancy (I have always liked chocolate, but my cravings for it now are intense) and she sent me about a year supply. This box was HEAVY and when I opened it I couldn’t believe it was all chocolate. LOL. Jon has been enjoying this package too. 🙂

Tito has a cut above his eye – not quite sure how he got it, but he has to wear the cone of shame now and is not loving it. But, I will say, he hasn’t been able to get it off like Riley has done in the past.

I walked past our little bar area the other day and saw my reflection and couldn’t believe how big my tummy looked!! It is funny though, in the mornings, it almost doesn’t look like I am pregnant, but by the end of the day, I have a pretty decent size bump.

I am working on getting better about taking progress pictures this pregnancy, but it is hard when I work from home and during covid since I have no reason to do my hair or make up and look halfway decent. 😉

I saw this great deal on runners the other day and bought this one. It actually almost matches our living room rug so I thought we could spruce up our kitchen a bit. I’ll show a picture once it arrives. A 2×14 was $50 so you just can’t beat that!

Well that is all my random ramblings for today! Ready for another busy week of work, but I sometimes don’t mind the business so that the weeks and days pass by quickly!

I hope you all have a wonderful week!!! Tell me something fun you did this weekend or what you are looking forward to doing once covid has finally ended!!!

6 thoughts on “2021

  1. My fun thing is walking. Trying to get at least 10,000 steps per day. Back to the treadmill because it is so cold outside.


  2. Mostly just working on my house. I feel like new houses are a never ending project. I do hope to one day just be done and to be able to just enjoy it, but that would be boring RIGHT?
    Have you guys decided to find out the babies gender? I can’t remember? If not, do you have plans to share about the nursery decor before? I think neutral nurseries can be the best because then you can keep it for the second baby! lol! 😛

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    1. Hi Lindsay! New houses are always so much work. We are actually looking at adding onto our house right now… our projects have been never ending too.

      We decided we won’t find out the gender. I like the idea of being surprised when the baby comes. It is testing my patience for sure!! We will definitely keep the nursery very neutral and simple. I’ll be sure to share. I honestly haven’t even thought about it much, which is funny because I’m usually such a planner but with the baby, I’m been super relaxed. I will get to it soon though. 😊😊


  3. Congrats on the coming baby!! I am so excited for you and Jon, and am so happy you’re bringing us along for the journey! Glad to hear everything is going smoothly, and am selfishly really happy pregnancy is bringing you back to blogging. You’ve had so many exciting events lately (congrats to Morgan! Beach weddings are so fun, bravo to her and her fiancé for choosing a venue that can really be enjoyed by all their closest family and friends), and I’m excited to catch up and continue following.


    1. Hi Taylor!! So great to hear from you!! I hope you have been doing well!!

      Thanks so much! It will be an exciting year for our family, that is for sure!! I’m so happy they chose a destination wedding too – we all get a vacation!! And hopefully a safe one since it is far enough out. Hope you have a great rest of your week!!


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