Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays… Enjoying a Slow Week at Home

Good morning!!! Merry Christmas to you all (who celebrate)!! Jon and I have had a relaxing week off work tackling some home projects and just moving at a slower pace. It has been wonderful.

But, we both are too great at sitting still for too long so by Monday morning we were at Home Depot gathering supplies to paint our guest bedrooms. LOL. When we moved into our house in San Antonio 2 years ago, you might remember, my mom and I painted our whole house in 2 days… all except for our 2 guest rooms. They were a medium/darker grey and I just figured now is the time to touch them up a bit. I wanted to do a light off white, but I think with the lighting in the rooms it looks like there is a blue tint. Not exactly what I was going for, but they look better than before! I was able to get both of the rooms all painted by Wednesday so it was a pretty quick project.

I wasn’t going to bake cookies this year, but I had the urge to do some baking last week so decided I would pick 3 and do some chocolate covered pretzels too. Fun, but not too overwhelming. Usually when my mom and I bake Christmas cookies, we make at least 7 or 8 different kinds. I didn’t have that kind of enthusiasm baking by myself. 🙂

I thought these little white chocolate covered pretzels turned out so cute!

Instead of making icing and icing all the sugar cookies this year, my mom suggested just dipping them in melted chocolate, which was a great idea because it was so simple and they were a huge hit. I made a few boxes, which we dropped off for friends this week and Jon has been enjoying the rest. 🙂

I told you all that my sister and her long term boyfriend, Max got engaged this past fall. I got a surprise package in the mail this past week from my sister asking me to be her matron of honor!! I am soo excited!! They are getting married in Cabo next year an I can’t wait!! She gave all the girls these cute personalized travel bags with all the goodies – chapstick, dry shampoo, face masks, body scrubs, sunscreen, hand sanitizer, soap, hair ties, eye patches and scrunches. So thoughtful and such a fun gift to receive.

Her boyfriend, Max, sent Jon a special package too. He asked him to be a groomsmen with a cute bottle of tequilla that he dressed up for the Mexican theme. 🙂

Oh I also need to mention this delicious soup I made this week. It was so easy and most of the ingredients I already had at home. This will definitely be in my rotation and next time I am making a double batch to freeze half!

I had to show you all this hilarious gift I got for Jon – he opened it early. 😉 If you follow me on instagram, you know the running joke that I call my husband the King. Well my friend Meganne started her own small business making custom doormats and I just couldn’t resist customizing one for Jon aka the King. 😉

That’s all for today. We have a few skype calls scheduled with our family today and some presents to open and then we are making a special dinner of scallops tonight!! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday, even if it looks a little different this year!!! XOXOXOXO

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