Beginning of Quarantine

Since it has been a while since I blogged I thought I would back up and fill you in on all of my quarantine. The beginning was actually not too bad…more time at home, more roadtrips, and more projects around the house.

Thankfully since my husband and I are both working from home (I was before covid and him since March), we were able to take a few long road trips (16 hours…ugh!) to my in-law’s lakehouse in Georgia. We could both work from anywhere, we didn’t want to fly and we knew we want to take all the dogs so this just worked best for us. Each time we split the drive into 2 long days and it really wasn’t too bad… well I say that, but my husband did 90% of the driving so maybe he has a different answer.

Since it was summer, it was nice to escape the sweltering San Antonio heat and get a little break in Georgia.

We were able to take even boat rides, have some new scenery and see both of our families.

Although we spent Thanksgiving and will spend Christmas alone this year – just me and my husband – I am thankful we were able to see our families quite a bit over the summer.

We made the trip to my mom’s new lakehouse too. My bestie Rachael came up for the weekend!!

I got to see my aunts too! They were all laughing at the size of my water bottle. I will admit, it was good in theory, but it is so heavy and a lot to carry around so i have since gotten a new smaller water bottle. LOL

Dinner with a lake view!!

These pups have sure enjoyed having us around a lot more. They are so spoiled as we are with them 24/7, I don’t know what they will do when life eventually gets back to normal.

If you have been around here long enough, you probably remember my extensive stay in the hospital back in 2018 that ended in bowel resectioning surgery. My friend Lissa sent me this picture the other day. It was about a week after I got out of the hospital – my momma got us all matching jammies and we had a girls night at my house. I remember just being soo happy and thankful I was home after all that time in the hospital.

That’s all for now!! I hope you all have the best week!! I just have a couple more weeks of work before I get a nice long break for the holidays and I can’t wait!!

3 thoughts on “Beginning of Quarantine

  1. Hey Taylor! So good to see this update from you and to hear all is well 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful Christmas, even though it may look differently this year! Also I lovee your hair- it is making me want to chop mine!


  2. Love these updates! Can’t wait to hear about all of your “adventures” during these crazy crazy times. Honestly can’t wait till we’re back in the spring so that the virus numbers start going down again!!!

    So jealous of all of the lake houses that you have access to. Any plans for Christmas this year??


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