2020 Isn’t So Bad After All … an Engagement and Dress Shopping

Hi friends!!! I hope you are all doing well as we finished up with what seems like the hardest year ever. I’m sure you feel the same, but I am just ready for a new year (and hopefully an end in site for covid). What.a.year. It feels like it has been long and short at the same time. While I miss the normalcy of traveling, seeing friends and family regularly, and just having routine, I will say I still have quite a lot to be thankful for this year.

One of the biggest events that happened this year for our family was my sister getting engaged this fall to her boyfriend Max. They have been together since college and we have all been waiting for this moment for a long time. They snuck away to Cabo and he planned the perfect proposal on the beach. Everyone says this looks like a scene from the bachelor!! 🙂

They quickly got to planning and will have a destination wedding in 2021 (covid permitting).

Close family all got to surprise them in Dallas upon their arrival home from their trip and we had a blast celebrating the happy couple all weekend!!

So happy for these lovebirds!!

My mom, sister, and I got in a full day of dress shopping for the bride to be! It was so fun and exhausting. It was soo hard to choose because honestly, my sister looked good in every dress.

Neither of these were “the one” but once the day comes, I’ll be sure to show you the dress she picked!!

After a day full of shopping, we headed to dinner with one of my sister’s best friends and her mom to one of our favorite restaurants in Dallas. It was a night full of good food with good friends!

Riley got to tag along on this girls trip and he was thrilled to be the only child for the weekend. ;). He found himself a little throne at my sister’s house.

I have decided I am coming back to blogging regularly. I needed a break this year during covid and I am glad I took it. I didn’t have much to blog about for quite some time, but after a much needed break, I am feeling inspired and have lots to share! I am thinking of you all and hope you are doing well during these crazy times. My husband and I are both so thankful to still have our jobs (although he has been working from home since March and I think it is time they let him come back to the office ;)). We have been spending a lot of time at home with our 3 pups (Tito is doing well!) and made a few long road trips to my in-law’s lakehouse in Georgia this summer since we are both working remotely so it was a nice change of scenery.

I have a few fun posts coming up soon so don’t worry, this time I will actually be back soon!!!!

XOXOXO Thinking of you all!!!


4 thoughts on “2020 Isn’t So Bad After All … an Engagement and Dress Shopping

  1. Congrats to your sister, Taylor!
    Welcome back to the blog world. Can’t wait to hear about your random musings from the past year. How has it been being in Texas? Honestly, if I could live there right now I would. The joys (not really) of living in a democrat run state is that the covid restrictions are going STRONG right now. Blah!


    1. Thanks Lindsay! So great to hear from you! The cases are pretty bad here but I really haven’t left my house much at all and I’m still not minding it too much… I’m such a homebody :). I will say, having warm weather right now is great so I can still get out and walk the pups which has been my saving grace. Hope you are doing well!!! Xoxo


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