More Fun in the Sun… at the Pool and Beach and Sunset Cruise… Cabo Part 3

Eeeek!! It’s Friday!!! Yayy!! Anyone else excited that the weekend is right around the corner?  I’m looking forward to a relaxing weekend with just a couple plans on the books with our friends.  Other than that I am hoping to get some Christmas shopping done and maybe even a little work since next week will be a little crazy with the holiday travel.  

For now, let’s all just pretend we are somewhere warm, on a beach, with a nice cold drink in our hand. ; )

The girlies on the beach!

UHUQ9689 (1)

I just get so memorized by the ocean.  It’s just so beautiful. 


My girls at the pool!


Just soaking up the beautiful Mexico sun!


On our last full day in Cabo, we took a couple busses to town to go to our resort’s sister resort, where the ocean was much calmer and we could actually get in.  


We enjoyed a nice lunch on the patio before hanging at the beach the rest of the afternoon. 




Saturday my dad offered to take us all on a sunset boat cruise.  It was so beautiful and fun!


Clinging to dear life as the boat was rocking. 😉



Eric and Jonny!


The most beautiful sunset.


Can’t get enough!


Two of the couples!! My sister and her boyfriend, Max and me and Jonny.

My best friend and sistaaaa.


What an amazing trip we had!! I still have one more Mexico post for ya!  I hope yall like seeing my trip recaps because I sure enjoy reminiscing on the fun times we had while I compile my blog posts.  

We are already planning a few trips for next year!! Our locations so far are: Florida with friends, Arizona to visit friends, and international travel to Italy and Greece.  Anyone wanna join? 😉


  1. Do you get seasick? (I usually do, but thankfully didn’t on this sunset cruise).  
  2. What is one international destination you would love to visit?
  3. How many states have you been to?  (I can count 27 right now…)

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