CABO for my 30th!!!!

Good morning!!!  

I have been soaking in all the fun we had on my birthday trip to Cabo a few weeks ago.  It was honestly the best trip ever and I’m just so grateful to my friends and family who made it so so so special.  Speaking of special…. when we got to our room… it was alllll decked out.  I asked my husband if he told the resort it was my birthday.  LOL.  I was in for a big surprise.  


Originally my husband had invited our closest friends and family, but only our two besties (my best friend, Rachael from high school and her husband, Eric) were able to come.  We thought it was just going to be a small, couples trip, but we were wrong!!  We got into our room and were admiring all the decorations and when I turned around….


My sister and her boyfriend were standing in our room!  To say I was SHOCKED is an understatement.  My sister told me early on that she didn’t think she could make it due to work and I told her not to worry about it at all.  She then went the extra mile to send me a work email showing a deal she was closing that Monday so she couldn’t even book a last minute flight.  This definitely convinced me she really couldn’t come.  I will have to share the video of them surprising me because I was just so excited and surprised.  I am hard to surprise… they didn’t even tell my husband so he was surprised too!

They decorated my entire room including the bathroom… LOL.  

The banner is me recently and an old and SUPER embarrassing picture of me as an awkward middle school girl with crimped hair. 🙂


The decorations just kept on coming… so so so thoughtful.


We quickly changed and met our friends at the bar for happy hour on the beach!  

More fun surprises!!  My sister had all these cute hats made for us!!


Mine said Established 1989.


Everyone else’s said Vintage 1989. 🙂


A close up of these awesome tumblers my sister had made for us!! SO FUN!


My sister brought a Polaroid camera and lots of film and a little book for me to put all the pictures in.  She is seriously the best.  It is FULL of the best pictures from the trip, which is such a fun thing to look back on all the fun memories. 


A couple days later she pulled out THIS swimsuit she got for me.  🙂  How fun!


Oh and they made me bring the balloons to the beach for pictures. LOL.  I may have popped the 3 accidentally halfway into our photoshoot… 


Granny panties because I’m officially OLD. LOL.  My sister’s boyfriend hand-glued all of these rhinestones on the underwear.  HA!


Just a little poolside birthday celebration. 🙂


I’ll share more pictures of our fun nights, but Friday night they decorated our table at dinner…. meaning my sister and Rachael.  I tried to get them to both get ready with me and they lied and said they didn’t feel good.  Little did I know they were working with the resort to set up our dinner decor!!


These girls know my love for champagne so well. 😉



OH! and one more huge surprise… we were walking to my birthday dinner on Friday night and someone tapped me on the shoulder… I turned around and it was my dad and his girlfriend!!!! What the heck!! I was so shocked… they had great excuses for why they couldn’t come too.  So much fun. 


I have so many more photos to share… I had over 500 between everyone to sort through so I am trying to get my act together and get them on the blog. 🙂 

Also, if you would like my sister to plan your next party, just let me know and I’ll share her information with you. 😉  She is seriously the best planner ever and we were so happy she showed up to make plans for us everyday.  I have never felt so loved by all my peeps!!  

Oh and our resort was a DREAM so I can’t wait to share more!!!


  1. Any fun plans for Thanksgiving next week?
  2. If you could take a vacation now, where would you go?  (We always pick Mexico even though my mom and MIL tell us it’s too dangerous and are so worried I will get sick again… I didn’t this time or earlier this year when I went!)
  3. What is your favorite food at Thanksgiving?


2 thoughts on “CABO for my 30th!!!!

  1. OMG! Everything they planned was EPIC. So happy for you. Memories made to last a lifetime and more……Your sister and Rachel were amazing at everything they chose for gifts and decorations. Happy Birthday. May your 30s be filled with much joy, love and happiness. AND GREAT HEALTH!


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