Recovering and Catching Up

Hi friends!! It has been a minute! I had all intentions of blogging after my surgery, but life just got in the way.  We have been so busy with work, obligations, and I have been trying (key word.. trying) to rest and take it easy after my surgery.  That is hard for me.  I was ready to go go go the day I got out of the hospital and learned my lesson the hard way when I was so exhausted and in so much pain a couple days later.  I realized quickly that I was going to actually have to rest up and chill out so that my body could heal.  

All in all I am doing well.  This recovery has been hard .  I kept telling my husband and parents that I feel like this recovery was harder than the last one, but really I think it just seemed that way because I was so happy to be out of the hospital last time after surgery (after spending 7 straight weeks in there) that I completely blocked out the pain and recovery time.  It is funny how our minds block out the negative… it is almost hard to remember my whole hospital stay last year and now it just feels like a distance memory (we can thank the morphine for some of this memory loss…).

After my first bowel resection last year, I was out of the hospital a day and a half later.  This time was a little different.  I had my surgery Wednesday evening and didn’t go home until Saturday, which was definitely longer than we anticipated to be there.  My mom flew in Wednesday morning so she could be there to help take care of me (my husband was there too, but ya know… we all just need our mommas sometimes).  My husband had a previous commitment out of town that weekend that I didn’t want him to cancel.

We got to the hospital around noon on the day of my surgery and got all prepped.


Nurses have always had a tough time getting an IV in me (hence why I ended up with a central line last year) and this time was no different.  It took 4 nurses and 4 sticks to get an IV in me.  They always feel so bad and I’m like…. just get it done, I am fine!


The surgery went really well and the doctor determined that the blockage was at the same spot as my last surgery so they just cut out a bit more of my intestines and sewed me back up.  So it was all good news but, will this problem keep continuing? UGH! b They have no way to know…We were all laughing pretty hard that I had to have a wristband on with the words, “FALL RISK.”  🙂


My mom and husband alternated nights in the hospital with me before my husband had to go out of town.  My puppies were in good hands. 🙂

My mom sent me this picture from our guest bed.  My puppies didn’t miss me too much. 😉


And this little guy…always wants to play. 24/7.  He is too funny.  He  is at least 12 years old and we keep thinking he is going to slow down and every day he wakes up with such spunk and wants to play fetch and begs for treats all day long. 🙂  He is my first baby and I am convinced he is going to live forever… please don’t tell me otherwise. 🙂

Jon and my mom keeping me company after surgery.  These two have the sweetest relationship and it makes my heart so happy.  Jon will come home from work and say, “guess who I talked to today??” “MARY” LOL.  I am so grateful  and thankful for them. 


Leaving the hospital!!! With all my bags in tow…


Sweetest surprise from my bestie, Rachael.  


My surgery really wore him out…


My momma is the best nurse.  We spent my recovery time cooking, watching murder shows and just catching up.  It was so nice.  Really makes me want to move back to Nashville stat so I can hang out with her every week.

Pecan trees are everywhere in our neighborhood here and my mom was adamant about taking a bag to collect them on our walks. 🙂  I sent her home with a TON of pecans in her suitcase. LOL. 


We walked to the local bike shop to check out some bikes!  My mom is in the market for one and so am I.  I made her do all the test riding. 🙂

I really love our neighborhood we live in now.  Jon and I were just talking about how this neighborhood is one of our favorites we have lived in because the walking paths for the pups are so beautiful.  Found this new one last week!


I was back to work on Monday (I work from home) after my surgery and was so Thankful to be back in my normal (ish) routine.  I am eating pretty much back to normal (maybe a little less quantity), which feels good.  I still can’t exercise for at least another month, which if you know me, is definitely a struggle.  I look forward to my workouts every day (honestly, it is more for my mental health than physical) so that has been tough.  This week I surprised Jon with the pups at his tennis match and we had a great time spectating.  He begs me every week to come watch him play (I usually say no because this is my me time to catch up on my shows!!) so he was so excited to see us this week.


I was dying for a haircut this week so I made an appointment at a new salon and was so happy I did.  I cut off about 3-4 inches and did a toner wash (to wash out the brassy blonde) and felt like a whole new person afterwards!! It is amazing how good a haircut can make you feel!!

Well that is all for now! I  have some fun new posts coming soon… favorite fall recipes I have been loving and a home improvement project I can’t wait to show yall!  

I hope yall had the best weekend!!! xoxoxo

2 thoughts on “Recovering and Catching Up

  1. Hi Taylor!! So happy you are on the road to recovery. You have been through SO much this last year, my heart goes out to you. You look gorgeous and your hair is stunning. Keep resting and taking good care of yourself.



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