Weekend Recap 9.29.19 Girls Night, Champagne Taste Test and Relaxing

Hey friends! Happy Monday! Another weekend has come and gone and I can’t believe it.  Life is just going by so fast these days, it is hard to keep up!  

We had a nice, relaxing weekend at home, which was so very needed.  Not many plans and we got a bunch of stuff done around the house so that is a win in my book!

Friday night I went over to my girlfriend’s house for a girls night in (our husbands play on a softball league on Friday nights).  We made salmon, roasted broccoli with parmesean and I made a Mexican quinoa dish.  It was all so yummy! 


Saturday morning we woke up bright and early for a 5k event with our pups!  Jonny crossing the finish line with my sweet Riley. All the proceeds from the race go to helping homeless/shelter doggies in SA so this was right up my alley.


We walk/jogged the whole 5k with our pups (can you believe Riley used to run 5 miles with me multiple times a week??), and they were so tired by the end. 🙂 There were adoptable puppies at the event and I came home with zero (my husband was not having it…. send me your tips on how I can convince him to let us get one more pup ;)). 


After a big of lounging around after the race, I powerwashed our front walkway and this old rug.  Is this how you clean rugs?  Please tell me I am not crazy.  We got a new rug delivered last week for our living room so I thought I would try to clean our old one so we could donate it.  Not sure if this was a good idea?


Saturday afternoon our friends came over and we had some snacks while we did a beer/champagne taste testing!


The boys picked out 4 beers and the girls picked out 4 different brands of champagne to do a blind taste test.  


We had Andre, La Marca, Kirkland/Costco brand, and some fancy brand.  


And the winner was the Kirkland/Costco brand!  Our husbands were so happy. 😉


Then we made a big dinner with a salad, quinoa salad with guacamole, grilled veggies and salmon.  It was all so yummy!


We ended the night with an ice cream run. yum!  Sunday was spent working around the house, relaxing and watching football.  Then me and my girlfriend went and got mani/pedis.  Such a nice treat!

We both chose black for fall/Halloween.  I like it! 


Spent a little time hanging outside with my girl.


She is so snuggly these days and I love it.


Ended the night with dinner at home with Jonny when he got back from golfing. 🙂


And we are all exhausted thinking about tomorrow being Monday…. 🙂


I am off to Oregon for the week for a business trip so I will check back in soon!! Hope you all had a great weekend!!!


  1. What was the highlight of your weekend?
  2. Do you watch football every Sunday? What team do you like?
  3. Any fall traditions in your house? (It is still in the 90s here sooo it still feels like summer over here…)

2 thoughts on “Weekend Recap 9.29.19 Girls Night, Champagne Taste Test and Relaxing

  1. Looks like my perfect weekend — time with friends, lots of time at home, and some exercise outside! Also, I love your black nails! I’m pretty boring, I always stick to pink/red shades, but I love seeing other colors on others. I especially love dark colors (black, gray, purple) during the transition to fall, so yours are right up my ally. Your rings are beautiful, too!

    Your appetizer tray looks to die for, but I’m not surprised, since your food always looks delicious. My favorite snack to provide when guests come over is guacamole with chips, but you’re making me want to try a charcuterie board. I saw a beautiful one on Design Love Fest years ago — maybe I’ll go look that up and try to copy a mix of yours/that one for inspiration. Sounds like a great excuse to raid the cheese sections at Central Market and Whole Foods 😀

    Glad that it seems like your stomach problems have subsided for now. You were in my thoughts when you posted about it being bad — I’m impressed with your support system and always sending prayers that the worst of everything is over. You have a great attitude about it all!


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