Visit with my Mother-in-Law… all the Fun Last Weekend… Is It Really Fall??

Hi Friends!! Happy Friday! wooo!! I am ready for the weekend!  I had a pretty good, but packed week!  Between my husband getting his identity stolen (!!!) and a delivery truck hitting one of our trees out front.. it has been a pretty interesting week over here. 

The guy literally took a huge branch off our tree and headed down the road.  All is good, but it was a pretty eventful day talking to the police, firemen, and the driver. 🙂

But let’s back up to last weekend, which was such a good one!! Friday night me and some of my girlfriends watched the boys play in their softball league, which was also quite entertaining… LOL.

On Saturday afternoon we went to visit the San Jose mission in San Antonio (there are 5 missions here including the Alamo.


Made him do this… why does he listen to me?? LOL


This one was really pretty!


We walked around for about an hour before watching a short film on the history. 





After exploring for a bit, we headed to Cappys.

We had a beautiful dinner outside with some crispy brussels and I got the fish special.  It was divine!!

Sunday we took a walk with the pups before my mother-in-law and I headed to Home Goods for a little fall shopping.  I just needed ALL the pumpkins.. and we got them!!

New fall décor!

Sunday afternoon after we shopped, I made up a little snack plate while we watched some football before heading out for dinner. Sharing some favorite Trader Joes and Costco finds next week!


It was a beautiful night so we decided to take the convertible out to dinner.  Riding in the back seat was fun… should have braided my hair!


We went to Ocho.


I love this sweet man so much.


Me, Jon, and his momma.  




We had some cocktails and I got the salmon with quinoa, which was SOO good!


Me and Cathy! I got soooo lucky in the mother-in-law department. 🙂


Why you so cute, boy??


After dinner, we headed home to relax!  

Ahh … my favorite human in the world.  


Monday night we made some homemade pizzas… and even though they may look a little toasty.. they were sooo good!! Sharing the crusts we used next week from Trader Joes! 

My mother-in-law left Tuesday and we are still sad over here.  Such a great visit with her!!


  1. How was your week?
  2. What are you looking forward to this weekend?
  3. Do you ever do charity fun runs? (We have one this weekend… the charity is for the humane society… I am hoping to convince Jon to let me get one more doggie..)

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