Weekend Recap 9.29.19 Girls Night, Champagne Taste Test and Relaxing

Hey friends! Happy Monday! Another weekend has come and gone and I can’t believe it.  Life is just going by so fast these days, it is hard to keep up!  

We had a nice, relaxing weekend at home, which was so very needed.  Not many plans and we got a bunch of stuff done around the house so that is a win in my book!

Friday night I went over to my girlfriend’s house for a girls night in (our husbands play on a softball league on Friday nights).  We made salmon, roasted broccoli with parmesean and I made a Mexican quinoa dish.  It was all so yummy! 


Saturday morning we woke up bright and early for a 5k event with our pups!  Jonny crossing the finish line with my sweet Riley. All the proceeds from the race go to helping homeless/shelter doggies in SA so this was right up my alley.


We walk/jogged the whole 5k with our pups (can you believe Riley used to run 5 miles with me multiple times a week??), and they were so tired by the end. 🙂 There were adoptable puppies at the event and I came home with zero (my husband was not having it…. send me your tips on how I can convince him to let us get one more pup ;)). 


After a big of lounging around after the race, I powerwashed our front walkway and this old rug.  Is this how you clean rugs?  Please tell me I am not crazy.  We got a new rug delivered last week for our living room so I thought I would try to clean our old one so we could donate it.  Not sure if this was a good idea?


Saturday afternoon our friends came over and we had some snacks while we did a beer/champagne taste testing!


The boys picked out 4 beers and the girls picked out 4 different brands of champagne to do a blind taste test.  


We had Andre, La Marca, Kirkland/Costco brand, and some fancy brand.  


And the winner was the Kirkland/Costco brand!  Our husbands were so happy. 😉


Then we made a big dinner with a salad, quinoa salad with guacamole, grilled veggies and salmon.  It was all so yummy!


We ended the night with an ice cream run. yum!  Sunday was spent working around the house, relaxing and watching football.  Then me and my girlfriend went and got mani/pedis.  Such a nice treat!

We both chose black for fall/Halloween.  I like it! 


Spent a little time hanging outside with my girl.


She is so snuggly these days and I love it.


Ended the night with dinner at home with Jonny when he got back from golfing. 🙂


And we are all exhausted thinking about tomorrow being Monday…. 🙂


I am off to Oregon for the week for a business trip so I will check back in soon!! Hope you all had a great weekend!!!


  1. What was the highlight of your weekend?
  2. Do you watch football every Sunday? What team do you like?
  3. Any fall traditions in your house? (It is still in the 90s here sooo it still feels like summer over here…)

Visit with my Mother-in-Law… all the Fun Last Weekend… Is It Really Fall??

Hi Friends!! Happy Friday! wooo!! I am ready for the weekend!  I had a pretty good, but packed week!  Between my husband getting his identity stolen (!!!) and a delivery truck hitting one of our trees out front.. it has been a pretty interesting week over here. 

The guy literally took a huge branch off our tree and headed down the road.  All is good, but it was a pretty eventful day talking to the police, firemen, and the driver. 🙂

But let’s back up to last weekend, which was such a good one!! Friday night me and some of my girlfriends watched the boys play in their softball league, which was also quite entertaining… LOL.

On Saturday afternoon we went to visit the San Jose mission in San Antonio (there are 5 missions here including the Alamo.


Made him do this… why does he listen to me?? LOL


This one was really pretty!


We walked around for about an hour before watching a short film on the history. 





After exploring for a bit, we headed to Cappys.

We had a beautiful dinner outside with some crispy brussels and I got the fish special.  It was divine!!

Sunday we took a walk with the pups before my mother-in-law and I headed to Home Goods for a little fall shopping.  I just needed ALL the pumpkins.. and we got them!!

New fall décor!

Sunday afternoon after we shopped, I made up a little snack plate while we watched some football before heading out for dinner. Sharing some favorite Trader Joes and Costco finds next week!


It was a beautiful night so we decided to take the convertible out to dinner.  Riding in the back seat was fun… should have braided my hair!


We went to Ocho.


I love this sweet man so much.


Me, Jon, and his momma.  




We had some cocktails and I got the salmon with quinoa, which was SOO good!


Me and Cathy! I got soooo lucky in the mother-in-law department. 🙂


Why you so cute, boy??


After dinner, we headed home to relax!  

Ahh … my favorite human in the world.  


Monday night we made some homemade pizzas… and even though they may look a little toasty.. they were sooo good!! Sharing the crusts we used next week from Trader Joes! 

My mother-in-law left Tuesday and we are still sad over here.  Such a great visit with her!!


  1. How was your week?
  2. What are you looking forward to this weekend?
  3. Do you ever do charity fun runs? (We have one this weekend… the charity is for the humane society… I am hoping to convince Jon to let me get one more doggie..)

A Much Needed Health Update and Sometimes Even Adults Need Their Momma

Hey Friends!! I hope your week is going better than mine.  In the field I work in in healthcare, the fall is our busy season.  When I say busy I mean BUSY.  Can’t.Keep.My.Eyes.Open.Busy.  I have been working a lot, but I am lucky to work from home so I will survive.  

The last few months have been hard… to say the least.  Ever since February, I have been having nausea and pain in my stomach about every 3-6 weeks.  I have seen a couple new doctors down here in San Antonio and finally found one (thanks to my husband) that I feel like really gets my situation and understands I can live this way.  Each month I get sick, it lasts about 5-10 days.  5-10 days of no eating, minimal Popsicles and sips of water. It is awful.  After a day or 2 I get used to it, and my stomach doesn’t hurt as badly, but the bigger issue is what a week or two of not eating/hydrating enough does to my body.  I am mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausted all of the time.  This was definitely a huge stressor in my last office job as it was hard to even get into the office when I had these flare ups.  I am fortunate enough to work from home now, but work has not slowed done or become easier.  And typically, this is how I like my work life to be.  I like to be busy and productive every single day.  Which is hard when I just feel like crap all the time.  Thankfully on these really bad days, Jon will set up an office in my bed for me with multiple computer screens (how do people work with just one??).  

I also spend a lot of time (and money) at hydration spas getting pumped full of saline and vitamins.  These seem to help on the days I really can’t eat or drink anything without feeling horrible.  


But I usually spend at least $150 per treatment… out of pocket.  Eek!  My new doctor hooked me up with an at-home health program and they will come to me during my next issue with my stomach and come every day I request to give me some hydration, which is really really nice.  (Haven’t used it yet since my stomach has been ok since I got connected with this company.  But the way this week is going, I might be getting one tomorrow.   

I don’t know if I have shared this with you all or not, but one of the medications I take for my back makes me have night sweats like crazy.  I will wake up 3 to 4 times a night drenched.  I told my husband I want to wean off this medicine, but until then I told my husband we had to find a solution because it is gross and highly affects my sleep.  So a couple weeks ago I came home to find this on my side of the bed.  It is a mat that goes under the sheet that is hooked up to a water system tank that pumps cold water in throughout the night.  It is amazing… well it was until it got a leak.  But my husband said he is going to return it and get me a new one. Yay!!


After the last time I was super sick, my husband had to leave on a business trip so my momma booked a flight that day and came to take care of me for the week.  I literally am the luckiest.


Finally started to feel a little better so we got to have dinner and lunch at two of my favorite spots (Bird Bakery and Down on Grayson).


I haven’t been able to exercise much with all my stomach stuff so i have been taking plenty of walks with the pups (no, Jon did not let me get a third yet.. we were just watching our friends’ pup).


So my new surgeon had me to an MRI Enterography (had to drink 3 bottles of contrast and get an IV contrast) to see if she could tell if it was the old surgery spot that was causing the issue.  And ofcourse, she said they still couldn’t really tell…. and yall I almost projectile vomited the contrast in the MRI machine… it was bad. 

But anyway, we met with her to discuss our options and she didn’t think any more testing was necessary (thank the lord because my doctors from last year wanted to do 500 of every test available… and they all showed nothing) because there just isn’t a test that can accurately see where they need to.

All of this said, my doctor thinks an exploratory laparoscopy is the best course of action (basically what they finally ended up doing to me for my last surgery). It is scheduled in early October.  But if I am having pain before then, the doctor said she could try to move me up.  Best case scenario is that the issue is scar tissue and she will be able to remove it without an incision.  More than likely the last surgery where they sewed up my intestines did not heal properly and she will have to redo it (cut me open, cut out more intestine, and sew me back up again.  The worst case scenario is that there is a new stricture or blockage that will have to be removed.  It would be removed the same way as the 2nd option, but the issue here is that they still would not have answers to why strictures are forming.  My last surgeon did take a biopsy to be tested, but they basically said it was genetics and just got worse over time, which my new doctor 100% fully does not believe this is the case.  She said if I were born with a stricture I would have noticed by age 5 so to be almost 30 and this just happened last year, there usually is some medical cause.  They will biopsy again in October procedure.  

So for now, I am hanging in there. 🙂  It has been hard and I am tired.  My family and my dogs and my husband are tired.  Tired of hearing about it, tired of not getting the full me, tired of seeing my suffer.  

In most things in life, I am a glass half full kind of girl so I am just moving along with my daily life as best as I can.  We have done a lot of fun things lately and I want to keep living that way.  

I promise to update you all more soon.  Thanks for sticking by me during this difficult time.  Your support, messages, thoughts, and love do not go unnoticed. 

Have a very wonderful Wednesday, friends!!!


Labor Day Weekend at Lake Burton

Hey friends!! Long time no talk.  It has been busy busy busy around here.  I can’t believe it is already September.  This summer just flew by.  

I hope you all had a nice relaxing weekend.  We sure did.  Lots to update yall on soon so hoping I can get another post in this week, so fingers crossed.  

Backing up a bit, we had a wonderful long weekend at the lake with some friends and family.  Jon and I were able to stay for 6 days, which was very much needed.  

We had beautiful weather the entire time so we got really lucky.  

Me and my sweet siblings and Riley boy. 


The boys hanging. 🙂


Cooper was just a little tired after lots of activities at the lake. 😉


My peeps. 


Lots of pingpong tournaments happened… as you can guess, I didn’t make it very far. 🙂



I found Riley like this almost every night we were at the lake.  This doggie just goes and goes and goes at the lake then inevitably, he ends up putting himself to bed before everyone at the end of the night. 


I don’t know why he kept laying in my suitcase but it was the cutest thing ever.  He usually just jumps up in our bed (oh yes, our pups sleep with us…my husband kicks them out of the bed every night and they just come right back up), but at the lake he is a little ore cautious. 


Hey mom. 


Just lounging around.


Jacob and sweet Riley. 


My two favorite boys just having a chat.


Riley played fetch forever at this little island.  He loves the water, but likes to be able to walk in and out… he won’t just jump off the boat. 


Beautiful sunsets. 


My sweet little bro. 


Little cooper getting some sweet snuggles from Max.


Always good time at the lake.  Can’t believe summer is already over.  There is no sign of fall over here in San Antonio… it is still in the 90s every day.  I’m hoping by next month it warms up a bit!! 


Tell me what is new with you!!!