Friends Wedding in Cleveland, OH

Good morning friends!!  I hope you all are having a great week so far!  I have been busy busy busy, but what else is new?  I am looking forward to a day off this week.  We have some fun plans with friends for the 4th so I am looking forward to that.  

On Saturday, June 22nd, we headed up to Cleveland, OH for our friends’ wedding.


It was quite the adventure because there were some severe storms in our path.  We had a layover in Nashville on Saturday and Sunday.  We had to do a quick in and out trip so we didn’t have any time to spare.  Our first flight was on time, but about halfway into the flight, the pilot announced that we were going to have to make a detour to Memphis.  This would mean we were going to miss our connecting flight and there were no other flights to Cleveland that day.  So ultimately we thought we were going to miss the whole wedding so we were looking for flights back home from Memphis.


The pilot let us know that we were making circles in the air trying to wait out the storm because they were not allowing any planes to land in Nashville.  


Lovely. 😉  The pilot announced that we would only be able to wait it out about 10 more minutes before we would be low on fuel.  Somehow we got lucky and a few minutes later, the pilot announced we were going to land in Nashville!!! We were so happy!!  It was a bumpy landing, but we made it!  We hopped on our next flight and made it to Cleveland just in time to get ready for the wedding.  

It was a beautiful ceremony and such a fun reception that I didn’t take many pictures at all.  The wedding was for my husband’s best friend from college so a bunch of our friends were there, which made it ever more fun!


We had a great time celebrating the newly weds and catching up with our friends!!


Weddings are just so much fun!  We have one more later this year for my husband’s cousin and I can’t wait!


On Sunday morning we headed back to San Antonio!  A very quick 24 hour trip, but so worth it and so much fun!


  1. Have you been to any weddings this year?
  2. What is your favorite part of weddings?
  3. If you are married and went on a honeymoon, where did you go?

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