Puerto Vallarta with the Girls!

Hey guys! I’m back!! It has been a busy few weeks around here.  I went to Mexico with my girlfriends, Cleveland for a wedding, and work has been busier than ever so I have not had a moment to sit down and blog.  Hopefully this week will be a little slower with the holiday coming up.

But I’ve got to show you pics from our trip to Mexico.  It was a blast!  We left on a Friday to head to Puerto Vallarta.  After a long afternoon of traveling, we were pretty excited to finally be there!  View from our room.


The first night we went out to a late dinner on the 4th floor of this building.  It was the most gorgeous view.


We could even see the fireworks from down at the ocean.


The restaurant was a tapas restaurant so we all split a LOT of dishes.  I like trying everything so it was fun.  The food was phenomenal!  Something else quite hilarious happened while we were at dinner at 10:30pm… I got stun by a bee!!! I had to pull the stinger out and ask for a bag of ice at the restaurant. LOL…


The next day I hit the gym bright and early.  I know most people take vacation as a time to relax and not workout, but I love working out in new places.  And the gym at our hotel was super nice.


After breakfast, a couple of us headed to the beach while the others went shopping.


I finished two books while we were in Mexico and it was amazing.  I don’t get to read that often anymore because of our busy schedules, so this was such a treat. 


We had lots of pool time.  The weather was amazing the whole time we were there. 


Ready for another girls dinner!


Our friend took us to this beautiful restaurant on the beach!  We got front row so we had a great view of the sun setting while we ate. 


We shared a few salads and appetizers to start.


So pretty. 


I had this delicious seafood dish with quinoa and it was sooo good. 


Doesn’t get much better than this.


The girlies!


After dinner we walked around for a bit… then I saw this and just about died.  This dog at the bar… it looked like he was just there by himself living life.  So cute!


Puerto Vallarta!


We ended up at this bar with a huge swing out front.  That’s my friend up there.


Too funny. 


A perfect first two nights in Mexico!

I am off to get ready for work, but I’ll be back with part 2 soon!! 


  1. How was your weekend?
  2. Have you taken any great trips lately?
  3. Any plans for the 4th? 

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