Family Reunion at the Lake Part 2

Sunday night a few of us went for a sunset cruise on the boat! 


Brothers and cousin!


Riley and I just chillin on the boat and loving life!

Ahhh… the sunset on the water is just the prettiest!

I just love being out on the water.  There is something so calming and peaceful about being at the lake. 


Isn’t nature so beautiful? 


The prettiest sunset ever!


Sunset cruises on the lake make me want to live near the lake again!! It never gets old. 


So stunning.


Back to the house we go.


All the cousins!


We played a few games on Sunday night including one of our favorites, CatchPhrase!  It is always a blast!

Family Pictures in our Family Reunion Shirts!


The whole crew!

whole crew

Thank you to all our family for traveling to be together for this wonderful tradition.  It is always a trip we look forward to each year!! Until next year!!!


  1. Does your family have family reunions?
  2. Are you a lake or beach or mountain person?
  3. Tell me something that is going on in your world this week!

4 thoughts on “Family Reunion at the Lake Part 2

  1. There is nothing better than being out on the lake! Looks like a wonderful time! I don’t know if I could choose between lake, mountain or beach.. but I’d probably choose beach if I absolutely had to!


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