Memorial Day Weekend Family Reunion in Georgia at the Lake Part 1!

Hi guys!! Who else is loving that this is a 4 day work week?  It is nice that it’s already Wednesday!!  Already looking forward to the weekend. 🙂 

Let’s back up a bit… last Friday we woke up super early for our 6:30am flight.  Once we checked in and checked our bags, we got the news that our flight had been cancelled. 😦  Ugh!!  We quickly spoke to customer service and got rescheduled on the next flight, but unfortunately we didn’t get a direct flight.  We had to fly through Orlando.  Here’s our little boy hanging out at the airport being such a good pup while we waited for our final flight to Atlanta.  Because it was a mechanical issue, we both got flight vounchers so that kinda made up for the inconvenience of arriving later and having a layover.  

Once we arrived in Atlanta we were a little worried about our bags.  Our flight options were to fly through Orlando or Nashville so we picked the one that got us there earlier (Orlando).  They told us our bags would get redirected so we looked and looked for them when we arrive with no luck.  Finally a worker found them on an arriving flight from Dallas.   So random, but we were really happy to have our belongings.   I was so happy to have my clothes and my husband was more excited that his golf clubs made the flight. 😉

We headed to the lake, about an hour and a half from the airport, to meet up with my husband’s side of the family for our annual cousin fest!  

Family pictures at the lake!  


My sweet, sweet boys. 🙂


Every year our aunt gets t-shirts made and this is the 6th annual cousin fest.  We had our shirts on for the big group picture, but managed to sneak them off for our individual family picture. 🙂


Meanwhile back in San Antonio, Callie was loving on our friends and their pup.  It is always so nice knowing she is in great hands when we are away.  

We spent the weekend playing with the kiddos, taking boat rides, reading, podcasting, taking long walks, and eating a LOT.  


This little monkey enjoys being in the sun just like his momma. 


Always somewhere nearby me and I don’t mind it one bit. 🙂


Beautiful views from the house.


We just love being at the lake.


Sweet little cousin playing lots and lots of games with me and the rest of the kiddos.  


Lots of work to make food for a crowd and every meal was delish!


Salad and veggies galore!


Saturday night we played poker and guess who won?? 😉


This is Riley’s favorite spot at the lake.  


On more than one occasion we found him basking in the sun here.


Not a care in the world. 


He likes this spot because he can walk into the water to fetch sticks from here.  Riley LOVES swimming, but he doesn’t like jumping in the water so as long as he can walk in… he is not getting out for hours.  The little kids had a blast throwing sticks for Riley to fetch.  


Love this sweet hubby of mine!! 


One more recap of our family reunion lake trip coming soon!! I hope you all have the best day!! 


  1. Any Memorial Day traditions?
  2. Do you have regular family reunions?  If so, how often?
  3. If you have a pup, does he/she like the water/swimming?

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