Week Before Vacation… Time to Catch Up!!

Hi friends!! I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend.  Thank you to all who have served so that we can be free.  I am forever grateful for your service.  

We had a long weekend in Georgia at the lake with family and I’ll have some recaps up later this week!  Before we left we had a great week at home with the pups.  These pups and my hubby are my favorites.  The pups end up on my side of the bed ever night, but we have a nightly cuddle sesh before falling asleep.  🙂 I just love them so much. 


This is the usual scene.  Both pups on top of me and me trying to sleep. 🙂 


Two weeks ago I had another tummy scare and ended up having soups and smoothies all week.  Thankfully a few days of taking it easy on the eating really helped and I was back to feeling well in no time.  One of my favorite smoothies: ice, vanilla protein powder, frozen banana, magnesium, L-glutamine, cold brew coffee, unsweetened vanilla almond milk and a little almond butter.  It always hits the spot. 


Riley boy always on momma’s lap.  


I never got into Grey’s Anatomy so my husband and I recently started it from the beginning and we are loving it.  We just finished Dexter, Dead to Me and Killing Eve.  I would recommend all of them!!  Have you watched them? 


Sweet Cal girl always nearby. 


My sweet husband took a tumble off a motorized scooter last weekend in Austin when he was there for a bachelor party.  I made him keep ice on his face the whole week.  He was really happy about it. 😉


Cuddling with this sweet boy.  He will literally sleep anywhere.. it is so cute.

You all know my love for salads.  I have been switching them up a bit to keep them interesting and my latest favorite combination is mixed greens, a broccoli slaw mix, cucumbers, beets, chickpeas, pumpkin seeds, dried cherries, goat cheese and sauteed shrimp.  Try this combo.. its delish!!!


My husband was in the middle of a show the other night so I decided to eat dinner at the dining room table and it made me realize how much I love our dining room.  It’s so homey and cozy. 


I caught up on the bachelorette while enjoying my yummy salad!  Is anyone else watching this season?


I make enough salads for the week on Sunday to enjoy for lunch/dinner throughout the week.  Makes for such an easy and yummy meal without much thought, which is right up my alley. 


Recaps our of lake trip to come!! I hope you all have a great (short) week ahead!!


  1. Favorite lunch you eat often?
  2. Any new shows you are loving?
  3. How was your Memorial Day Weekend? 

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