Thank You for all the Love!!

Hi friends!! Happy Monday!! This Monday is quite a happy one compared to the previous one.  I’ll keep this post short and sweet and save some fun ones for later this week.  

If you didn’t know (I say this because I feel like my husband let the whole world know with all the sweet messages and cards and flowers I received), last Sunday night I ended up in the ER with constant vomiting and sharp, stabbing stomach pains a little before midnight.  We went to a nearby ER (which is affiliated with a hospital, but not attached) and they ended up admitting me to the hospital so I took my first ever ride in an ambulance. Ahh… didn’t think that would ever happen.  

My husband posted this picture from my long hospital stay last year a couple of weeks ago and we have been thanking the lord for all the progress I have made and how happy we are to be home and healthy.  This particular hospital stay was 6 weeks, which was quite unusual and draining.  At the end of this stay I had a bowel resection surgery and left two days later and have been pretty healthy since.  


Well I suppose we spoke too soon because those same symptoms came back last week and we couldn’t get the pain, vomiting, and nausea to stop so back to the hospital we went.  This time was pretty scary since we are now far away from family and friends in San Antonio.  We also aren’t familiar with many doctors or hospitals here so knowing that I may end up in surgery again in a new town was quite alarming.  

I got a CT scan in the ER and the doctor said they could see the blockage clearly.  We never really know what this means because my last stay I had over 15 CT scans and they said they could never really see if it was a blockage or where it was… that is until they finally decided to do exploratory surgery and were able to see the blockage, remove it, and sew me back up.  


I spent Sunday night, Monday and Monday night, Tuesday and Tuesday night in the hospital.  I did a lot of this while my poor husband worried his heart out.  


Our sweet friends took our doggies for a few days.  We are beyond blessed to have such amazing friends in San Antonio that dropped everything to help us.  Our puppies didn’t know anything was wrong and had a blast hanging with our friends and their sweet pup. 

My momma booked a flight to arrive Wednesday night to be with me, but thankfully I was released and able to go home on Wednesday so she decided to stay in Nashville in case I ended up back in the hospital and needed her help later.  I received so many calls, texts, cards, and flowers, I was beyond emotional.  You truly know who your true friends are during the hard, tough times. 🙂 

After my husband showered me and I felt like a human again!  A shower makes all the difference after a few days in the hospital.  


The real MVP.  I do not know what I would do without this man.  He is truly my best friend and he would do absolutely anything for me.  Could you ask for more??  He spent every day and night by my side…all while working too.  We definitely realized how nice it was having so many friends and family in Nashville (and my mother-in-law coming to be with me) last year in the hospital.  This guy did not get a break this time..and he took it like a champ.  I just love him so much. 🙂


After a couple days of bowel rest (aka not eating or drinking anything), I was feeling much better.  After a bowel surgery, this is a common thing that can happen because of scar tissue and adhesions that build up and form from doing any type of surgery on the intestines.  Some people never have issues, some have occasional issues, and some people have to have multiple surgeries (my nurse in the ER told me he had 4 of the same bowel surgeries).  


I am very grateful that this did not end up in another surgery.  I was back to work (from home) Wednesday afternoon and was able to work from home Thursday and Friday so I could rest if needed.  I actually felt much better pretty quickly and was back to feeling like myself by Friday.  I came home to so many flowers I was completely overwhelmed with happiness.  I am one lucky girl. 🙂

I just want to say thank you to everyone who called, texted, emailed, sent flowers, cards, well wishes, and prayed for me.  You will never know how much that meant to me.  I love you all so much and am so grateful for all the beautiful, caring people in my life.  

I hope you all have a wonderful start to your week and I’ll be back soon!! 

Stay happy and healthy!!!!! XOXOXO

3 thoughts on “Thank You for all the Love!!

  1. I am so so so so so so sorry you went through all of this AGAIN! My heart is hurting over here in California Taylor. I am happy to hear you did not have to have surgery. What are they going to do about the blockage if they could clearly see it? I hope you are still home, working from home if need be and resting your body. You know I had my surgery in February for the ovarian tumor I told you about and I am telling you once you have surgery in the stomach area and they are cutting, etc….. you just aren’t quite the same or the body just takes a long time to fully recover.

    I am praying for you to be healthy and heal quickly. It makes me so happy that you have so many wonderful and loving people who care about you. I am sure that means the world to you.

    YES your husband is a keeper for SURE!!!!!! We are lucky that we have such incredible husbands! Truly a huge blessing especially during life’s hard times.

    Sending you hugs and love,


  2. Glad you’re back at home, and that your husband is taking such good care loving on you! So sorry about the pain and the unpredictability of it all. Sending best wishes!


  3. Oh wow!! So scary. 😭 I’m glad you didn’t have to have any more surgeries & that you’re doing okay now. Your husband sounds like the very best!!


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