Wedding in Nashville Part 3!

Hi friends!!! How are you guys doing today?  I am back into the swing of things and happy this week is flying by! We are looking forward to a Poker night with all our friends on Friday night and a charity walk with our pups on Saturday! I can’t wait! I am hoping the weather is just as great as it was last weekend because it has been a little rainy here this week.

Back to the wedding fun… The reception was held at the same location as the ceremony, which was so convenient and nice not to have to change locations.  If you remember any of my wedding recaps, our wedding ceremony was in my in-laws backyard followed by our reception in downtown Indianapolis.  I wouldn’t change a thing because it was so special for us to get married in my in-laws backyard, but it sure was a challenge transporting all our guests to different locations. 🙂

The wedding and reception was held at Riverwood Mansion just outside of Nashville.  The venue was so beautiful (and a huge plus because it is an all-inclusive place so they take care of almost everything!) and spacious.  

The beautiful couple having their first dance!


They chose white assorted flowers with a lot of greenery and it was perfection!!  The mother/son dance was so beautiful and the father/daughter dance had us all in tears! 


The newly weds cutting their fabulous cake! Ahh it was stunning!!


I forgot to snag a picture, but the bride and groom opted for a buffet/stations for dinner with a huge salad station (with ALLLL the toppings), a pasta bar, and a taco station (which was my favorite!!).

My sister and I at the reception.


My sister, mom and I at the reception. 


Us with the boys and me with the groom’s sister outside the reception.  I loved the strung lights outside! So beautiful!


Me and my hubs!


Love this sweet guy!


Me and my sister taking a million selfies on my step-dad’s phone… we may have set this one as his background. 🙂


My husband and I upstairs by the bridal suite visiting, Cooper the tired pup!


The girls again!


The whole gang! 


I’m pretty jealous my husband snuck this selfie with the beautiful bride!!! 


The couple had a DJ for the music and it was so fun requesting songs and dancing with all our friends all night.  We tore up the dance floor. 😉

Nashville girlfriends!


At the end of the reception, the couple did an exit outside and as we were waiting for the newlyweds to exit, I couldn’t find my husband.  My friend sent me these three pictures and I was dying laughing.  Caught ya sneaking another piece of cake, Jonny!!!! 🙂

After the reception we all went to a bar then a club for a bit to celebrate with the couple.  It was torrential down-pouring at this point. Ahhh!  After a little while, my sister, her bf, me and Jonny headed back to my dad’s house for the night.  

Saturday my husband went to hang out with his little brother (from Big Brothers Big Sisters in Nashville) while I went to my mom’s for lunch and some pool time!  


After a couple hours I headed to pick up my little brother to hang out with us for a bit.  The boys wanted to play basketball and wanted me to join so we played HORSE.  Can you guess who was eliminated first? 😉

Since we wanted to spend some time with my family on Sunday, we took the 7pm flight back to San Antonio… that turned into a midnight flight!!  We thought it was because of the weather, but no.. it was a mechanical issue.  Fortunately since the delay was not weather, we both got $200 vouchers so that (kinda) made up for arriving home after 3am!!! 


All in all, it was a fabulous weekend celebrating the most amazing couple ever!  We are sooo happy for our friends!  Jon asked me if we could go on the honeymoon with them… no, Jonny, we cannot tag along on their honeymoon. 😉 We wish! That wraps up our amazing weekend in Nashville for our besties wedding!!!  I can’t wait to share more pics when they get the professional ones back!  

I hope you guys have an amazing day!!! XOXOXO


  1. Do you prefer early morning or late flights?
  2. DJ or Band?
  3. What is your favorite type of flower? 

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